SAAB Talk: Saab meeting Frankfurt and Saabs from USA

There is chaos behind the Saab scenes in Sweden, no other description can come to mind. But the resolution not to write and comment on business reports every day, that stands and will be persevered! Economy in summary is tomorrow's topic. Saab meeting in Frankfurt was announced on Saturday at tropical temperatures. Saab friends met on the site of the former Saab Center, which today houses Saab Service Frankfurt.

Saab meeting Frankfurt

Between 30 and 40 visitors found their way to Frankfurt at high summer temperatures of more than 30 degrees and were well-served by Gerard Ratzmann and his family. And as always, Gerard Ratzmann was more than well-employed to provide emergency relief on one or another Saab problem or to help with technical advice. Even former employees of the former branch office had come, which made me very happy. Because the brand connects, even in bad times.

From the Saab 96 to Saab Sonett to the current models, everything was represented. Saab Fan Renato took many pictures to the meeting and uploaded them. Thank you to Ansbach!

The Saab community is not happy about the events in Sweden, that came up on Saturday again and again. With NEVS and electric cars you can (still) do little. But the passion for the brand does not detract. A bigger event is planned for autumn, and the Saab flag will remain at the top in the Rhein-Main area.

The next Frankfurt meeting will take place in late July, hopefully in less tropical conditions.

In the near future it will be decided whether or not we will see US Saabs in Germany. Negotiations are taking place in New York this week, and Ally Financial intends to export most of the offer in some batches. For the US, 900 vehicles will be left over by 300 vehicles, the rest via 600 will go all over the world and certainly some to Europe. Most of them will probably be Saab 9-5 sedans. We stay tuned to the topic and report.


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  • It was a great sunny (and hot) Saturday among SAAB friends. Thank you for the warm welcome!

  • dagens nyheter 02.07/XNUMX - youngmann is looking for saab specialists for the ypsilon platform? all these constellations only allow the conclusion - sheer chaos. no line can be seen here - or -. i no longer believe that at some point we will see our good saab brand again in a new guise.

  • Was certainly a great thing. The pictures speak for themselves.
    Let's hope for the best for all of us!

  • Wow, great sonnet. Like new

  • …very beautiful pictures !!!!
    Where else can you see such happy looking
    People in and on their cars.!

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