SAAB News: PhoeniX platform, Lotus-Youngman, NEVS, Volvo

We have a summer hole, or do not we have a summer hole? The Swedish press has reconquered the Saab theme and as announced, the economic news of the last days comes in a summary. That the Saab affair is not over yet and that absolutely nothing is in the famous dry towels is getting clearer and clearer. Everything is open, but it will not be good. The story will not end until the administrators close the books. But still it is not so far. The thriller continues.


Who owns the PhoeniX platform?

There are currently two or three parties in dispute over the rights to the PhoeniX platform. NEVS claims the rights for itself and also Lotus Youngman. In return for a payment of 650 million crowns, Victor Muller transferred in September the rights of the platform, which has not yet been completed, to the Chinese. But not completely, so countered Muller, because Youngman did not pay the full amount. But for Youngman attorney Nylèn the matter is clear. Youngman is the owner of the platform.

A Saab insider thinks he can remember that the agreements were about “non-exclusive rights”. Which could be true. Because Muller also wanted to sell the rights to Turkish investors. This means that both NEVS and Youngman could be in possession of the unfinished platform. And maybe a third party soon. Mahindra is still or is already in discussion and the platform is also the topic for the Indians in general.

Youngman is looking for employees

Youngman himself has not yet buried his ambitions and is looking for both Volvo in Gothenburg and Trollhättan for development engineers to bring the PhoeniX platform to series maturity. The told Youngman lawyer Johan Nylèn yesterday the Gothenburg post. The vehicle is to be finished in Sweden and then produced somewhere in the world, maybe in China, maybe not. Moreover, according to Nylèn, the contracts with NEVS are only provisional. You never know what will happen in the next few weeks.

Notes on NEVS

NEVS has now become known to have a law firm familiar with the Saab Act as its legal advisor. Lars-Henrik Andersson from the law firm Lindahl, who acted for a short time as the successor to the hapless administrator Lofalk, works for NEVS. Among other things, the law firm specializes in the use of naming rights. So far it seemed clear that Saab AB did not want to allow the use of the “Saab” brand. Meanwhile, a new variant is circulating in Sweden. As a licensee, NEVS would pay the rights holders a decent million amount over a period of 10 years.

Kai Johan Jiang himself does not seem to be able to believe that he was awarded the Saab estate. In an interview with the Caixin media group in Beijing, he said that “13 multinational corporations” had offered for Saab. Even his, as he says, low bid, has surprised him. In 10 years he could make Saab a profitable electric car manufacturer, he says.

It is not good for vehicle construction in Sweden. Saab has disappeared from the scene, the work has been quiet for more than a year. In neighboring Göteborg, nothing works out which would be good. Swedish friends see drama pull 2.0 up.

Gloomy prospects for Volvo

The other Swedish car brand feels the breath of the pursuers on the neck - on the home market. In June the Swedish market fell 7%, but Volvo lost almost twice as much as its competitor at 12%. Contrary to the trend, Volkswagen grew by 31% and sold 4.393 new cars. With 4.625 vehicles, Gothenburg was able to maintain a very narrow lead.

A look back: 10 years ago, VW sold 23.752 cars a year in Sweden. Volvo, however, 68.779. Today Volvo has a market share of 18,7% and the Wolfsburg-based company is close at 15,34%. Volkswagen understood and played a clever niche policy in Sweden. Ethanol and LPG models that we do not get in Germany - because Wolfsburg believes that we have to burn fossil fuels - are attractively priced and promoted as an environmental car. With an all-wheel drive offensive you meet domestic needs and Volvo has little to counter that. The Swedes' driving force, the V70, is already 5 years old.

At Volvo the world still seems fine, but only at first sight. But the engineering licenses with Ford are phased out and the EIB loan is due by the end of the year. The need for capital is enormous and investment in China could prove to be a flop for political reasons. In the boardroom is ice age between Sweden and Chinese. Volvo is facing a problem that is becoming acute. The Volvo press department has now, at odds, announced that the belts in Gent and Torslanda will be stopped. They want to produce 8000 cars less than planned.

Chaos in the remnants of Saab, bad prospects for Volvo. Not a good future for a region dependent on vehicle construction. Let's hope for better times.



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  • I have always argued that Saab should not be alive or revived. All avoidable rescuers have only used Saab to generate write-downs for their businesses. Saab has been dead for years! Unfortunately!!!

  • Dear Michael. As an exception, I quote a Swedish interlocutor who answered my question whether Mahindra is still there: “i hope so…”

  • Hello Tom

    What about Mahindra?
    It was once in the conversation that brings NEVS Mahindra into the boat so for the time being cars (SAAB) can run with normal drive from the tape.

  • Dear Joachim. Of course I know what you want to know. I get that. If there was something resilient, it would be here on the blog. Except for rumors and unconfirmed reports, it's very quiet and commenting on these things every day doesn't help the brand. In the worst case, we will have to be patient until after the summer break ...

  • Hi all,

    As you can clearly guess, the current topics - NEVS and things attached to it (for example the thing with trademark rights) as well as electromobility in general - come first for the majority of blog visitors. There are significantly more comments here than on other topics.

    Also our bran SAAB group here in Hamburg is looking forward to positive news from Trollhättan.

    Tom, how is the Swedish press doing now with regard to the administrators - don't you want to finally know how these people came across the dwarf investor NEVS? What do your very good Swedish friends say about this topic?

  • I have also been wondering for some time whether the ecobalance of e-cars is actually or could be better (eg if the required electricity were generated ecologically)
    Are there any serious studies about it?



  • So now I will just express my personal opinion on the subject of E cars here.

    There are several reasons why I can not win the E cars absolutely nothing.


    The power needed to drive such a car must be generated.
    Since this is not environmentally friendly for the foreseeable future, an E car is not more environmentally friendly than a normal car with an internal combustion engine.


    Our power grids are not designed for the additional load of tens of thousands at the same time connected to the network of connected cars.


    Particularly in the battery manufacturing raw materials are used that are not unlimited available.


    The E car is driven and promoted by the automakers so much because they have the technology for decades in the drawers and therefore no longer have to invest great in the study of this technology.

    In short, it is simply cheaper for the manufacturer to slightly expand and modernize existing technology than other truly environmentally friendly propulsion technologies.


    I have considerable concerns regarding the accident safety of E cars.
    I do not want to imagine what it feels like to be stuck in the car after a serious accident and no one can help me because the electricity escapes out of the car in an uncontrolled way.

    In summary, I can only say that the E technology in the car out of place, not environmentally friendly and not sustainable.

    I am of the opinion that in the future (in the coming decades) we will move forward with hybrids, biogas, liquefied petroleum gas, ethanol and, in the very distant future, with fuel cells (hydrogen).

    So you see that I have a strong opinion on the E car and it will stay that way.
    I do not get an E car into the house

    Mobility will continue with the internal combustion engine but just no longer with gasoline and diesel.

  • ALL E-CARS WILL BE CRUSHED !!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is what the Peferdekutschen owners also said (in a similar way) about the steam locomotives 🙂 or later the railway companies about the cars / trucks? If we haven't been taught better, the world keeps turning. With or without Saab, private mobility will not continue to run on the internal combustion engine.

    A nice, sunny and relaxed day!


  • Will certainly an exciting book written about it.
    Some bidders may have been deterred by the unclear (?) Legal situation surrounding the PoeniX Platform. They want to build cars and not employ lawyers.
    One should actually assume that VM has made a written contract with Youngman in which one could read which rights were sold. In fact, one should expect Youngman to pay the full price before actually having those rights. It doesn't sound logical, like so much in the last few months. Logical is actually only to get back in the Saab tomorrow morning and drive off ...

  • So if the SAAB AB exempts the naming rights to NEVS then the theme SAAB has probably gone once and for all.
    I am getting more and more friends with the thought that I will never get to buy a new SAAB.
    I'll never accept such an e-toy car as a SAAB or as a real car.

    I just hope that NEVS actually brings Mahindra into the boat and that the dan decent SAAB with internal combustion engines (from me also build a hybrid).
    I continue to stick to my motto.

    ALL E-CARS WILL BE CRUSHED !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It's just a shame, what has expired here and still runs off. Too many have their sheep in the dry brought (saying). Everything at our expense and the Saab staff.
    I just can not find words for such a mess!

  • I have nothing against the DFG, but I like DFB better

  • I'm curious about two things.
    1. The end result and I hope Tom still holds on for so long.
    2. The backgrounds. What has been going on in Sweden over the last few months should be enough for a whole TV series. Will we ever know the truth?

  • I agree. You always have to send in as many optimistic declarations of intent as possible, in return you get money for three more years.

  • Since I read this blog here, I have always wondered what a model country of transparency of this Sweden must be. If it is even possible in Sweden that my neighbor can see if and how much taxes I pay, why in the world obliged there no one Administrators finally get down to business. It would be extremely exciting times to find out why these people from 13 international corporations just looked out for NEVS and what should be so much better with NEVS than with the others. Incidentally, it would also be very interesting to find out who the other bidders were. It would also be very interesting to know what the others would have intended with Saab. I think with the knowledge that we would like, the administrators have very much need to explain themselves. Would be nice if a mole would be the times chatting.

  • DFG = German Research Foundation

  • With declarations of intent, confident formulations and an optimistic smile.

    Colleagues have been convincing a lot of money from the DFG for years.

  • Horrible, Garausig. One can only hope that the lawyers know what they are doing. In my opinion, NEVS is a bluff to gain time or straw man for any other group.

  • Just sad, what's going on around this 60 year old car manufacturer from Sweden. How should the trust of dealers and future car owners be won by SAAB?

  • Creepy!
    It can't be that Mr. Jiang is so clueless. But apparently he will be "burned" by the administrators in my opinion. Who is getting involved in provisional contracts? Let's see if it's going well? Trying makes you smart? Or what?
    Only an alliance of gasoline engines and e-technology makes sense to bridge the start-up phase and to keep the plant and the dealers alive and “in mind”. And that quickly.
    Otherwise there is another “shift in the shaft”. And that for good.

  • If it really is true what Mr. Jiang told the media group in China (13 multinational corporations bid for SAAB), then the administrators have finally lost their craft!

    Here it is the task of the Swedish media, who are on the road for SAAB, to uncover the faulty activities of the administrators - at Bergqvist + Co. you could otherwise almost assume freedom from fools when it comes to SAAB automobiles - then there are the millions for this group to.

    It's outrageous - you've installed a “dwarf” (similar to GM with Spyker before) as a buyer. That is a bit lazy here, must unfortunately be stated after the additional findings.

    The only glimmer of hope in my eyes is that the contracts with Jiang are only provisional.

    Greetings from Hamburg

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