Photo competition: summer - sun - SAAB!

Summer time is travel time. The best time of year. Pack your bags and go on holiday. A special treat with a Saab. With the Saab 900 Turbo 16S over the route Napoleon off to the south of France. With the Saab 9-3 sports trolley, packed with family and jetbag on the roof, off to Norway. Or with the Saab 9000 and camping equipment on the way to the Adriatic Sea. The possibilities are unlimited, is allowed, which gives us pleasure and promises recovery.

Saab 900 Billund

A Saab is at home on long journeys, one of the good old advertising slogans from the 90s. A saying that is still valid, because the qualities of a Saab can be experienced on long journeys. No matter where you are going, we invite readers to send us their best Saab vacation pictures. A Saab on the beach, Saab in the mountains or Saab meets Saab. The main thing is a Saab or alternatively a “Saabige motif”, taken on vacation. Let your imagination play, there are no limits to creativity and whatever you like is allowed.

Our Saab photo competition starts now. The effort to find a great design will be worth it, that's a promise! Because there are great profits! The German branch of Saab Parts AB presents presents to Saabige, and so we are giving away three Saab gift baskets among the best submitter. The handover to the lucky winners will take place at the end of September at the Saab Partner.

SAABY in Denmark. Saabig? In any case.

But, as I said, a Saab is at home on long journeys. How far are our readers and Saab fans traveling on vacation? Are you traveling through Europe or beyond? Therefore, as a challenge, there is a special price for the longest holiday trip with a Saab. As proof we need a fuel receipt or a ferry ticket and a picture of the proud Swede in the holiday country. We are curious!

All Saab drivers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are invited to participate with their Saabs of all years of construction. Excluded from the photo contest are employees of Saab Parts AB and the team. Sorry Mark, the holiday photos are great, but not in competition. The submission deadline is the 15. September 2012.

Our readers can send their vacation photos by name and phone number to: send. Have fun and good luck! We look forward to many Saab photos!



12 thoughts on "Photo competition: summer - sun - SAAB!"

  • Great idea,

    I have already sent pictures of our Andalusienurlab.

    Regards Ralf

  • Great idea! Will send DK impressions!
    Greetings from the mountain goat

  • Cool! Pictures of Sabine are made

  • Very beautiful. I'm in it

  • Cool idea! But why are the Saab drivers from Switzerland excluded from the competition?

    • Hmm, that's true, of course. The prices come from the Saab Parts AB in Eschborn, which draws for Germany and Austria. But I take the liberty: The Swiss Saab drivers are there!

      • ... and what about Saab drivers from Norway? SCNR 😉

        • The certain Saab driver in Norway then gets the special price for the furthest journey to get his gift basket 🙂

  • A nice idea. I will deliver pictures. SAAB 9-5 II in Normandy. In three weeks the time has come. 🙂
    @M850: the comment hits the mark!

  • Finally, another topic than the economic wisdom of self-proclaimed insiders. On another blog, where you know everything better anyway, today you give Kai Johan Jiang advices on public relations in an eternally long article. Is it still about cars? Or do you consider yourself the editor of the Washington Post?

    • In the current situation with SAAB automobiles, it is very important to pay attention to NEVS - if we want to continue to see something from SAAB vehicles from Trollhättan, we should all participate intensively in this topic. Only then does leisure and fun come!

      A judicial review of the way the administrators think and work is also becoming more and more urgent after the latest findings (interview with Mr. Jiang etc.) - hopefully the Swedish press hired for SAAB automobiles will tackle this topic soon!

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