Survey result: Sell used Saab on

Some things surprise me. Actually, I thought that the majority of readers would opt for an opportunity to advertise. How to be fooled. Since the result was quite clear, we closed the vote long before the deadline and thought about the feasibility days ago.

Should used Saab be offered on

  • Yes, a good idea! (44% 224 Votes)
  • Traders and individuals should be able to advertise! (24% 122 Votes)
  • But only for private individuals! (17% 85 Votes)
  • No, there are other portals for that! (16% 82 Votes)

Total Voters: 394

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Very quickly we came to the conclusion that a manual administration of the sales ads would exceed our time possibilities. A separate database can not be realized in a short time and also requires administration.

The result can be (unfortunately) only a compromise, because the blog is not a commercial portal. About the big providers and there is the possibility to include ads. It is ensured that only the advertisements of our Swedish favorite brand appear and no third-party brands.

The decision of Mark and I was clearly in favor of The smaller of the two major portals offers private customers and fans, for that we write the blog, the better marketing opportunities. 15 images are free to set and the images are sold. From now on, therefore, the ads of used Saab sorted by the ad age, advertised by private persons and dealers in Germany at, appear on our blog.

A compromise that is based on the blog-reality and maybe less than some wishes. But a help for all the buyers looking for your Sweden. And the readers of our pages always have the latest Saab ads on in the field of view.



7 thoughts on "Survey result: Sell used Saab on"

  • Good decision, autoscout runs like a Lifeticker :-). SAAB only!

  • … .We SAAB bloggers and SAAB owners don't sell our best piece of car anyway …… But of course there are exceptions. Happy who owns a SAAB and can also drive it.

    • That's right, we only buy one more ... 🙂

  • Great thing!
    Without wanting to advertise now, it might be possible to include the ALD Caroutlet as well.
    Although there are only a handful of Saab on average, they are really attractive from the price point of view.
    We also got our 9-3SC there and saved several thousand compared to the conventional providers.

    • I was just on the side. Nothing more SAAB, only a few Volvo and VW, BMW .... All leasing returns, according to a comment on a blog page for BMW, which you can get via G .... finds

  • Hello Tom.

    Since you have also found a good compromise. So even blog readers who do not drive Saab, now always have current offers in view!

    Greetings from sunny Oldenburg


    • I think so too. It even works ;-) ... always new ads.

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