SAAB News: The Saab Troll is coming back!

Some things happen by chance. Last year, I was traveling with the Saab team on the dealer tour, we were guests in Mainz. The Saab center The Scholl family welcomed us warmly, and during a tour of the building, Mr. Wiener, responsible for sales and customer service, gave me an original Troll sticker from the 60 years.

The troll is back. Reprint of the original from the 60s ...

A historical troll does not stick to the Saab. Or? After all, the sticker is already good 50 years old and thus older than the blogger. He was put aside for the next few months and kept sleeping in my desk. But he was, typical Troll, always somehow present in thought! Actually, my family thought, we would have to print new troll stickers, starting from the original.

The project started a few months ago. The reprint should be as close as possible to the original and without destroying the historical sticker. And it soon turned out that the pale troll on the Internet, surprise, has little to do with the original. The Ur-Troll from the 50s or 60s was a brightly colored fellow, and the more or less good reprints were probably made by colleagues who had been bleached from the sun.

The result of our “Saab archeology” is impressive! The troll has arrived in the digital age and can now live for many years, digitized as vector graphics. Now the way is open for many troll ideas!

And he's already haunting us in the head! Not only us ... our print shop is also enthusiastic and the offices are full of trolls. Trolls on doors, trolls on windows. There will be Troll bumper stickers, the prototypes have already been printed and the first pre-series copies are already on the way with the team. We are also working on a keychain with the troll. Trolls on mugs or shirts. Why not? The little guy is as lively as the community itself!

The story goes on. More troll messages follow!


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  • HI!

    I'm also interested in a cap, I'd like to see a picture beforehand, if not possible otherwise, I'll also buy “blind”.

    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth!

  • blank

    Thanks for the answer, Tom.

    Yes, it is a one-time and a non-profit action, at least for me.
    The idea came from a meeting with Saab friends. Now I drive, after the support of Saab by a new car purchase (no risk no fun), the Greeks support.

    When I get back I would contact Saab. Here a phone number and the name of a contact person would help me. If Saab gives the OK, it can start. If it is possible and it results, you could also ask once. You know the contact person and it would be easier for me.

    It would be great, as it is a one-time action, I will not put on a second series if I knew in advance how many caps it will be. I speak with the embroidery, if they see the possibility to finish a cap.

    A cap will be added about € 14,00. Shipping. The shipping probably takes the sticker.

    Now I am gone and get back to my return. Best regards.

    My office can give you my mobile number, if you wish. The Saabis here also read the block. That's how it should be. The caps get only a few white for that. The first 10 would be gone already.

    • blank

      Hey there!

      I would also be interested in such a cap. Would like to see a picture of the subject first. Can not you upload it somewhere?


  • blank

    Congratulations. Can the troll be embroidered on a cap? Without writing, only the troll? Greetings to the Saab world

    • blank

      Everything is possible 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion - let's see ...

      • blank

        Our Saab community wants to embroider the old SAAB logo (Saab 95), the rune-like SAAB lettering above the twin-engined plane, without a grille, on caps.

        The cap should be black, the embroidery silver. Both in proportioned size.

        Who in the Saab world would be interested in such a cap?

        Can the transaction go over you, Tom? We do not live far from each other. What about the rights? The price is requested. He is probably between € 14 and € 17 zuzügl. Shipping.

        If interested and after clarification of the questions I would like to become active. Are you interested in doing this together?

        Greeting Conturi.

        My e-mail address should be available to you.

        • blank

          I'll make the answer public, as there are now weekly inquiries in this direction. If it's a “non-profit” project within the Saab community with a unique character, then we at the blog are happy to be there. Please send us an article with pictures that we will be happy to publish. And with these projects, please always observe the trademark rights, this avoids trouble. The Saab lettering and the logo are protected. If necessary, ask Saab!
          For all other commercial project forms there are shop systems.

          • blank

            Since I am away from today, I gave yesterday all the embroidery information and made the boss on the block, so he can read along.

            Possibly. can be exchanged so timely thoughts and opportunities among you.

            Maybe a prototype will be ready until my return.

            In short: if you wish, the “Cap 95” campaign can continue without me at the moment. Then interested parties would not have to wait that long.

            The proposed logo is sensational, as it makes clear the connection of our cars with aviation. It is also used in the diploma of the new 9-5 II.

            If I have not considered something, I ask for an info.

            Until then, good time, we and our cars may be accident free.

  • blank

    My parents came by today and I took over the Saab collection from my father. Among other things, an original Troll sticker (not as faded as on the Internet and as good as new) and the sticker based on the motto “a Saab rolls over you here”. But the stickers are only accessories (unique models, special pins, ... - even things from his Volvo days are included) 😉

  • blank

    Clean .... want to have it.

  • blank

    Yes, exactly this TROLL sticker had our various old 99s from '69, '71 and '73 on the rear side window of the driver's side; I don't know whether these were already stuck on at the Trollhättan factory or by our Swiss importer at the time. Greetings Giampi

    • blank

      This funny little guy was also on my 900 GLE - at the back left of the door window (demonstration car from 1981).

      I would love to see him on future vehicles from NEVS (of course, under the brand name SAAB).

      Tom, please send in the business news early next week - you are particularly interested in whether the Swedish press would like to take a closer look at the administrators' “services” after all - there is indeed some catching up to do here!

      For my current 9-5 station wagon, I would like a new Troll sticker - also for my wife's convertible.

  • blank

    He would do well on my black troll. Then he would have the right face for his name

  • blank

    Yeah - please bring it on.
    Unfortunately I had to leave the last one on my 96er.

  • blank

    He is really cute :-)))

    Tom, a great idea ... as always :-)))

    I am happy, when can I order?

    • blank

      Hey Sam - production starts on Monday. The trolls are coming in about a week!

  • blank

    I also like idea
    When does the troll come for the bonnet - we already have Saabs that could be adorned with them.
    How positive alone would be the external impact on the other road users

    ... maybe the troll will replace the griffin 😉
    I would be for it!

    • blank

      exactly my thoughts

    • blank

      The redefinition of the term “fun car”. 🙂

  • blank

    Great this troll, when does the car come to the troll

    • blank

      I drive such a car every day

  • blank

    Great thing! Give me the troll!

  • blank

    Very nice idea! If the topic of textiles is acute, I can help you!

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