SAAB weekend: Beijing car C60 EV and Trollmania

At the weekend a good friend celebrated the wedding, we had a lot of fun and the night was short or long. That's why my Saab weekend is a bit more compact because the family and the blogger are struggling with the aftermath. What is it about today? We note rebirth times two. Once for our Saab troll, which not only inspires the fans. And for the Saab 9-3, which is making its rounds as an electric car in China.

Troll Camper!

On Monday, the stickers go into production and more troll ideas are already waiting for us. The traditional Saab sticker enjoys many sympathies and it seems like the community has been waiting for it. Over the weekend, many mails came to the subject and key fobs, shirts and USB sticks were proposed. An oversized troll has conjured up Guy on his RV, which looks very cool, and our in-house printing developed the Troll disk 🙂. So it remains an exciting topic.

For our Saab photo competition "Summer sun-Saab”Came the first pictures that we will publish in the next few days. Participation is worthwhile because the prices are attractive. We do not yet reveal exactly what the winners will expect. But we're going to lift the curtain a little bit this week and reveal some details.

In China meanwhile the Saab 9-3, pardon BAIC C60EV, turns its rounds. As a pure electric car and 1: 1 a Saab. What is the show and if it is one of the cars BAIC bought in Sweden, that would be interesting to know. The range is now expected to be increased to 200 kilometers, in the spring of 150 kilometers was still the speech. If the car is a reality then the question is why NEVS should follow the same concept on the same basis. But on the subject of NEVS, there are several theories in Sweden and come on Monday in detail in the economic news.

In any case, the BAIC C60 EV is an image project that the company, which is owned by the city of Beijing, will continue to advance. The fact that pure electric cars are politically wanted in China, but difficult or currently impossible to sell due to a lack of infrastructure Car News China firmly. There are also all spy shots, the Saab 9 3 drivers are very familiar to us.



3 thoughts on "SAAB weekend: Beijing car C60 EV and Trollmania"

  • I think it would be difficult for BAIC to win such a trial against NEVS, these are apparently in possession of the rights ...

  • BAIC does not have the rights to this car (Post 2008 9-3), and even less the tools to build it. It shows again what Chinese people hold about trademark rights, nothing and even less.

    These cars have a YS3 VIN and are the highest safety A-cars (2010). It is interesting to photograph something as simple as the VIN is not shown in any of these BAIC C60 pictures.

    And the article from CNC is a joke, I guess the guys from CNC have never seen a 9-3 live otherwise you would write such a crap.

  • If the BAIC C60 EV is officially on the streets of China, this may also mean that BAIC has the model rights from the last Saab 9-3 model ??? Question after question….
    Saabiges rest weekend!

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