SAAB SID repair at the car dealership Muckelbauer in Bamberg

by Philipp Bohr, Völklingen

My SAAB would like to tell me something. He wants that for quite some time - in fact for two years. But he can not. This is not because of language difficulties, in addition to German he speaks perfect English, French, Italian, Spanish and Finnish, but not Swedish. It is due to a mangled issue, technically correct and without humanization one must realize that the SID, the SAAB Information Display, a display that informs me next to date about consumption, remaining range, average speed. It also warns me about too little water in the windscreen wiper system, due inspection or overheated gear oil.

Saab 9-5 Brabus at Saab Muckelbauer
SAAB 9-5 2.3t SE Brabus by the author, shortly before the fatal diagnosis: Ölleck in the power steering

With the repair I hesitated for a long time, with my first home workshop I had bad experiences. There one knows only one kind of the repair: the exchange. "Mr. Bohr, you have left your SAAB with us because of a defective SID. We have installed a new one, now it's time again. "- so I imagined the dialogue with the always very friendly staff. But what do I have if a newly installed SID works again? So much audacity, to install a broken, I do not trust the workshop.

So the project was first on heap again. After all, the car drives without SID, at the beginning were only two columns and two lines, and occasionally a segment of the clock, failed. As with painting by numbers, the rest of the display was complemented in spirit, the SAAB remained understandable. Then, by and by, more and more rows and columns passed. The remainder of the clock display shows the same time in remaining segments on day 144. And what's in the text output, can not even be guessed.

So I went in search of a new workshop. The free, which I look for disappointments at the dealer for the annual inspections, could not do anything with the problem. Electronics engineers are not employed, the brother of the owner is one, but was not used. Somebody else recommended a Völklingen-based electronics workshop, which wanted to keep the car but to look at the display - and only by appointment. Over the further procedure I would be informed by telephone whether repair or exchange are the solution. And technically savvy customers were the lady on the phone anyway skeptical, my comments seemed to interest them a bit.

The nice thing about being a SAAB driver is that you are buying into a family, and the solidarity among the SAAB drivers who have undergone crisis-proofing is great. Tom, who runs a German SAAB blog on the Internet, took care of my problem. And indeed, in the second approach, he recommended the car dealership Muckelbauer in Bamberg.

This is a long journey. Despite good consumption alone 110 Euro for gasoline, apart from the fact that arrival and departure each last four hours. And all this for a repair that should take at most an hour? According to Ralf Muckelbauer, owner of the same car dealership, I cost the repair about 170 Euro. Together we would then be at 280 Euro, or generously rounded 300 Euro. Short recalculate - A krachneues SID would cost the cheapest dealer in the network 280 Euro, this would then probably a moon price of the workshop, which should install it. So I agree, on 27. June should be so far.

But due to illness, I did not get to 05 until then. July made the departure for Bamberg. I do not think I should say a lot about the traveling qualities of the 9-5 among SAAB friends. To make it short: The approximately 400 km from Saarbrücken to Bamberg I put back in exactly four hours without stopping. Although disturbing on long highway driving the missing sixth gear, but rather because of the very long translation of the fifth gear. The engine noise is quite tolerable at about 3.000 rpm and 140 km / h.

I am very satisfied with the workshop and the service at Ralf Muckelbauer. The workshop is located in the midst of a collection of old artisan houses, now under the generic term "screw" firmieren and a number of vintage and other vehicles specialized workshops (coachbuilders, mechanics, saddlers, vehicle maintenance, to a model shop, a restaurant "Ölkännla" and a Vespa rental and sale with Italian café, all very appealing to the car lover.

The repair of the SID is no big deal. The replacement unit was already ready and installed within a very short time. Longer takes the work-up of the front page, on the occasion, I experience a detail from the past of my SAAB, which I knew about but I have never talked much, because I did not know the exacting background.

Apparently, at SAAB Germany 1998 / 99 someone came up with the idea of ​​launching a special model in short run, which was not refined as usual by the SAAB tuner Hirsch, but by the Mercedes tuning company Brabus. This is mentioned in the purchase contract, but I did not know the background and therefore never mentioned it. The refinement is expressed in stainless steel pedals, chrome-plated handbrake and shift lever, as well as in brushed aluminum panels over the plastic of radio, air conditioning unit, light switch and SID. Also deviating from the standard equipment is the oval stainless steel tailpipe.

The larger chunk comes after - Ralf Muckelbauer offers me because of the mileage (100.000 km) nor a control. I agree - and above all because my SAAB is nothing to worry about, nothing that squeaks, wobbles or produces any other weird sounds. Nevertheless, there are a few minor flaws in the visual inspection: a jammed bearing bush on the lower rear left wishbone. A rusted weld on the underbody (anti-rust treatment is now on my list). And - an oil leak.

Hydraulic oil sticks to a rubber sleeve on the front right. Leak detection ... the culprit is a worn hose that conveys the hydraulic oil from the pump to a cooling coil, from where it continues into the steering gear. Cost point: 750 euros. Plus wages for the mechanic. I hadn't expected such an expense - and not that much money available either. Ralf Muckelbauer is still very helpful, in the end we quickly agree on a deal, and I can go home with a feeling of security.

The return journey via Aschaffenburg (Hello, Tom!) And Frankfurt is as pleasant as the outward journey, except for an apocalyptic thunderstorm south of Mainz. Never before have I had zero visibility through rain. Where should I stop? I do not see the roadside. A clever advisor once said that you should switch off the radio in heavy rain and wet roads to hear (at the lack of rolling noise) when the tires are floating. But what do I do if the sound of rain and hail drowns out the normal loud radio? So I drive on, with 50 or 60 km / h. What lights on the outside of the car is switched on. Does a SAAB also protect me from an 40 truck? In any case, the driver does not launch a Harakiri action, and after a seemingly endless five minutes, the storm is over.

In the evening at 9 I'm back in Völklingen. For some money poorer - but enriched by a few automotive treasures (see picture), a new SID, a renewed power steering, and a new SAAB acquaintances. Not so bad for a day trip to Bamberg.

SID in the defective state. "Excuse me, what time is it?"
Repaired / swapped SID. "17: 53 h." The aluminum covers are optional on a limited edition of approx. 100, which has been finished by Brabus.
Other guests in the "screw connection". Left: Triumph Spitfire, not a rare sight on the local parking lot.
Other guests in the "screw connection". Left: Triumph Spitfire, not a rare sight on the local parking lot.
No, not a Trabant, but a DKW Junior (right next to it another Spitfire). Also present was an Opel captain, but made the dust before the camera was on hand. And in the sales room of Ralf Muckelbauer was a beautiful Saab 96.

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  • So with us in Emsland a sid repair costs 90 €. Because we have specialized in a workshop for pixel errors in displays. On request I can send address from the company. D

  • In the past, Skan-Import in Wuppertal has also delivered replacement SID devices at a reasonable price - we here in the north of Germany would definitely be traveling too long to Bamberg.

    One more brief comment on the SAAB-Parts website: Here another revision was made very quickly - the dealer list appears somehow more complete and the most recently discovered errors (example: Zielke in Lübeck with the wrong phone number) have been corrected!

    Tom, we are happy to receive further business news here in Hamburg - what happened to the rumor, for example, that Spyker had access to the current licenses for 9-3 + 9-5 and could continue to build these vehicles for a certain period of time - is there anything to this?

    Greetings from the Hanseatic city

    • Skandix also supplies inexpensive devices - there I found the one quoted above for 280 euros. But for installation you should still consult a specialist with SAAB Tech2 (including programming the alarm system). NeoBrothers also had some on offer, but they weren't much cheaper either. I didn't find anything at Skanimport.

      Another option: Ask the dealer you trust - or that of someone you know - whether there are outdated devices. They are then very cheap, and electronics companies give long guarantees on such overhauled devices (for me it is 7 years).

  • Beautifully written and another grateful SAAB owner listed on this blog.

  • The name Brabus is used only for Mercedes. Brabus uses different designs for other brands. Also read here:
    If I still remember correctly, there were certain problems and the partnership was not continued. Was exactly like with the Rinspeed convertible at that time or the 900R, mayflies and spare parts supply (rims Rinspeed, ..) was at that time also a problem.
    Hirsch-Performance then joined Saab as a Tuning Partner and until the end of this.

    • The special equipment is specified in the sales contract (with a SAAB dealer to prevent a common throw-in) as “Sports Package Brabus”, under the name “Brabus-SAAB” it is also known to dealers and SAAB fans, even if the work is nominally done by CRD (a Brabus subsidiary).

      Small note: The spring problem also occurred with me after about the same number of kilometers and a French motorway, road condition hand grenade practice. But changing the spring is neither a complicated nor a particularly expensive repair, so in my opinion not a problem. The supply of spare parts is not a big problem - a little research by a specialist dealer or a creative workshop usually helps quickly. For me, the aluminum decorative panels from the old SID were glued to the new, after careful removal.

      And one more note: A reliable bird told me that the new 9-5 2011, a collaboration with Startech (Chrysler Tuning subsidiary of Brabus) was considered. Why it did not matter, now everyone can think for themselves.

      • When I was in Gelsenkirchen some time ago, I drove past Brabus. Pretty show shop. That may fit the Mercedes image, but not to Saab. Whatever may be true of this rumor, with me only deer comes under the hood and the icon on the tailgate. Can not really imagine that with Brabus, who would have endangered their status with a gimmick.

        • Yes, Brabus is not exactly the epitome of understatement. On the other hand, you do not know if you have followed up your line with SAAB, or you have come up with something that suits SAAB more.

          We will probably never find out the answer - unless someone has mercy and brings his 9-5 II to Brabus for individual treatment.

  • Hallo,

    I also think that is a very interesting and beautiful report! I hope many more blog readers will share experiences with your Saab Tom and appear on the blog!

    Hopefully Tom could also be released a little ... and we will have something to read and comment on almost every day!

    Many thanks to Philipp Bohr and of course to Tom and Mark!

    From the cloudy Oldenburg


    • More reader reports from the SAAB world would really be a good idea. A great description of Philipp and I am waiting for more reading material 🙂

  • Very nice contribution! Thanks to Philipp for reporting!

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