Photo Contest Summer - Sun - SAAB: Reader Images

Our Photo competition has a strong start and in cooperation with the German subsidiary of Saab Parts AB attractive prices for the winners are waiting. The first Saab images of our readers have been received and it is time to publish a selection of the snapshots.

Saab 9-3 Cabriolet in front of Spanish backdrop. Photo R. Röber

Thorsten sent pictures from the north of the republic. He asks if holidays can not take place at home. Have fun with good friends and lots of Saabs. I think he's right! When Thorsten in the garden it looks so similar to my home where several Saab logos are found at various points. But this is another story.

So we stay with the topic "holiday home" and we go to the south. Horst has sent us a Saab picture, which shows in a great way how we stand by the brand. The Saab Greif in the foreground, but not only, and in the background the Schwedenhaus with flag. Taken not in Trollhättan but in southern Bavaria. Class!

R. Röber from Hannover has already traveled a very long vacation trip. With his Saab 9-3 Cabriolet, which he bought only in March, he traveled 3 kilometers in only 6.822 weeks. The vacation trip went to Andalusia and Gibraltar. So we have a very strong contender for our special price of the longest holiday trip. A Saab is just at home on long journeys.

A long vacation trip, and he will certainly enjoy every kilometer, Manfred still has in front of him. With his Saab 9-3 and caravan it will soon be on to Sweden. Spending the best days of the year in the home of our brand would be to my liking. The route should lead to the north and I hope for more good pictures. He has already sent us two motifs via e-mail in advance. Once the Saab 9-3 sports combination at the apple harvest and then with plenty of water around, recorded near Trollhättan.

Dear Manfred, you and all those who have not had any holiday wishes the blog team great and relaxing weeks. All senders our thanks for the pictures. Of the Competition is open until the 15. September, the bar is high. Enough time for all readers and Saab fans to send us more pictures!


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  • Hello Tom! I am a Saab driver from Spain and this year's holiday trip will take me to the Dolomites. Am I allowed to send in some photos for fun only? By the way, a big thank you for your work here !! Best regards

    • Hello Zsolt - we are happy about every contribution! Saab photos from the Dolomites are welcome!

      • Thank you for the positive response. On the 7. August is the time! I'll see you…

  • Hi Tom,

    nice pictures of our beautiful cars that you have published there. The image of my 9-3 convertible with the lighthouse in the background has not been taken on the coast road but on Gibraltar (Europa Point).

    Regards Ralf

  • While the rain is raging outside, I get a feeling of wanderlust when looking at the pictures.

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