SAAB Talk: Saab happiness & Saab nightmare and more ...

The Saab 9-3 Griffin model 2012 would have been tighter, more modern and cooler rolled to us. The wheel design would have been refreshed. The Saab Parts AB offers in an international action Original Saab rims including, for the first time Alus of the vintage 2012.

Saab 9-3 Aero Coupe and 17 ″ Alu 88 rim

How good the “Alu 88” rim looks on a Saab can be seen on Marcos Saab 9-3 Aero Coupe. Hardly delivered - already on the Saab. The rim design is perfect for a Saab, and “Alu 88” takes on the design of a turbocharger. Who believes in these pictures that the Aero is already 12 years old? The design is timeless, and the 9-3 drives like a new car. A test report from Marco will follow in the next few days!

Alu 88 - typical Saab rim design

Member of the 1st German Saab Club…

In Germany, about 60.000 Saabs are on the way. Of the 1. German Saab Club but has only a few hundred members. Actually a pity and incomprehensible. Because in the difficult time that our brand is going through, it would be good to be organized.

It cannot be because of the “Welcome Package”. Now that my friend Marco has two Saabs in the family, it was time to join the club. The welcome package came today! Saab stickers in all variants and several issues of the club magazine “SAABine” were there. Reading material for several evenings. Incidentally, “SAABine” is published three times a year with the latest Saab news. We will soon report in detail on the club, its new 1st chairman, the activities and future plans. Marco and his family's entry is a good thing and recommended for imitation.

Saab Club "Welcome Package"

The inevitable view of Trollhättan ...

Little is happening in Trollhättan. The Swedes are on their well-deserved summer break ... and it is still going on for a few weeks. NEVS introduced the announced HR manager. Birgitta Jäghem Löfving has her roots at Volvo, everything else would have been a surprise, and specific positions will be advertised from August. In an interview with the local newspaper, she expressed her joy at the challenge ahead. New technology, new product with a lot of technology and knowledge from Japan and China.

In the future, Birgitta Jäghem Löfving will move into an office in the Stallbacka. However, only if you have paid the purchase price completely. Before there is no access to factory premises. According to NEVS, this process should be completed during the summer.

Still open is the use of trademark rights. Negotiations are ongoing in Sweden and neither Scania nor Saab AB wants to comment on progress. If NEVS, or whoever, builds the Saab 9-3 in Trollhättan in the future, then the brand name would be extremely important.

And a sad loss ...

While my friend Marco is happy about his coupe, Horst has to complain about a loss. A nightmare, as he says. A few weeks ago, he emailed me pictures of his Saab 9-5 in top condition. On Sunday, a vehicle coming from a dirt road gave Horst and his Saab 9-5 the right of way. The result can be seen in the photo ...

Saab 9-5 after accident

Sad ! But the Saab passengers survived the accident without damage. OK then ! Only, it seems, in future we will have a Saab less that rolls over our streets.

Horst wrote: "... because of such people we drive SAAB drivers permanently with lights - but it's useless." That's the way it is. I keep my fingers crossed that everything will be fine with Horst and his passion for automobiles!

Keep on saabing and take care!



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  • Hallo,

    was at the TÜV today and wanted to have the rims tarred. Examiner's comment: “What do you want? The rims are original and approved for your car with the tire size. It can stay that way ”. I didn't get it, but when the gods in blue don't mind. It should be fine with me.

    Have a nice week!



  • Maybe a SAAB friend still has some in stock and logs?

  • ok thanks Tom, then I'll stop the panic again until September and keep hoping and being good

  • Congratulations, Marco!

    I wanted the rim too, but it was sold out….

    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth

  • that's a really good question someone should answer

  • We also drive two 9-5, sedan 2003 2,2 TiD linear silver and combi 2002 also 2,2 TiD Vector with full equipment, which are constantly in use. Then we have a 9-3 2,2 TiD sedan silver from 2002 as backup and for short-haul, as well as a white 9-3 2,0i coupe from 1999, but is hardly moved, if only in the summer.

    We hope that we will come so over the next few years. Otherwise used Saabs. If we do not find anything, we'll switch to Jaguar, a Teutone will not let us in, we have style

  • Thank you Alexandros

    Will be!

    Likewise all the best.

  • Nevertheless, I hope that no Toyota with Saab emblem will drive around! (Nothing against Toyota, are good cars, but a Saab is just different.)

  • NEVS continues to negotiate the use of the Saab brand name. So we continue to wait

  • BJ LÖFJING's statement: new product with a lot of technology and knowledge from Japan and China can
    probably just saying, there are no more SAAB automobiles ... or we just have to talk to each other
    continue to exercise patience?

  • I forgot the UNIMOG drivers!

  • Thanks Fritz.

    Also with us, surrounded by the white-blue and the DKW drivers, I was THE SAABSPINNER.
    The last of his ART!

  • Yes MAC

    ...... that's exactly how I feel

  • My condolences to the SAAB 9-5. Is really bad, because so many do not drive around with us.

  • I think everyone understands your emotions. Unfortunately, what we hear from Sweden is very contradictory. The decision, so that the conclusion of the main proceedings, is expected from mid-August (then the Swedes are back from the holidays) and until the middle / end of September. Until then we all, including myself, have to be patient. Because much of what we hear is just speculation.

  • Moin Moin together.

    Galling, my sympathy! 🙁
    It's hard and very sad - especially the emotional bond **.
    Will you get a (used) Saab after the first shock?
    Or is a chapter with the accident car then ended?

    Marcos Saab is really a feast for the eyes - congratulations on such a beautiful car!
    And the rims look really good!

    My Saab ) is worth another € 6000 - € 7500, according to Schwacke.
    And yet I have put quite a bit in there in the last 12 months (exchange of the air conditioning display, iPhone / iPod connection including charging function and touchscreen and steering wheel control instead of CD changer in the trunk {thus also a location on the side}, deer optimization, Turbo,…).
    My acquaintances and friends almost all think I'm “crazy”.
    But when I think of it, the 9-5 would be “destroyed” by an accident, it would tear my heart apart and result in a loss that cannot be determined in terms of money.

  • PS: The SAAB 9-3 Aero and the ALU 88 are great!

  • Sorry to see that. There is and cherishes his sweetheart and then such a nightmare. I hope you find a new, just as beautiful SAAB!

  • Inside it does not look good.
    Climate completely.
    The whole intake tract.
    Charge air and engine radiator.
    Wheelhouse and main frame.
    Wheel carrier - drive shaft.
    Thousands of small parts!

  • What? So much? That seems a lot to me, is the technology damaged or “just” sheet metal? Hood, bumper, headlights, grill, fenders?

  • My heart is bleeding - but - according to the report - almost 14000 euros in repair costs I will probably have to pass.
    Everything about the car was new - or almost new.
    Accordingly, the damage for us in the value of a new car.
    The reviewer was enthusiastic about our SAAB - but it's no use to us.
    The age and the market price determines the value.
    For the emotion you get a kick !!!

  • Can not the 9-5 be repaired? Does not it look so bad if the car has a good base, but is still worth the construction?

  • For 1 1/2 years I think I've been following this wonderful blog. For that and for all the effort I would like to thank Tom, you have to hold out over time. A book would be due, but with a happy ending. In view of the silence from Sweden, I would like to hear or read a comment or speculation about the future and possible solutions and prospects. What about Saab in a year? What do the insiders and good connoisseurs like Tom think, what will happen next? Are there any signs or prospects for a newcomer who would then deal with everyday automobiles? Or are the 60.000 Saab just what there is still to be distributed. They are getting less every day and that is sad, with me now there is a fifth and then maybe another, then there are 2 of each kind! You should also have a parts carrier for the future. That was my story, it is not at all comprehensible, after all the 9-3, 9-4, 9-5II, station wagons, etc., the know-how, the skills, innovations, just go under. It seems as if they want to produce tiles in the Saabwerk now, so nothing spectacular, very average and quiet. Such a miserable Sunday as it has not been for a long time. Life goes on, new Koreans, Taiwanese, Indians and whatever else, comes with brass music, present their scrap, only the Swedes can't do it. I am very disappointed. Sorry for the emotions

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