Photo competition summer - sun - Saab: reader photos part 2

The travel season has just really started, and we continue with our Saab holiday pictures. After Part 1 of the readers' pictures today come from Austria, Germany, Italy and of course from Sweden. Because the Saab community is all over the world, and the photos make you wanderlust! Pictures with alpine motifs come from Austria. Martin has brought his Saab 9-3 to the Alm in Pinzgau. With at least 1.600 meters of altitude it is pretty decent, at least for me as a low mountain dweller. Great pictures!

Saab 9-3 sports car in front of dreamlike panorama. Photo of Martin

It continues with Helmut. The mountains are beautiful, but the coastal regions too. From Sierksdorf on the Baltic Sea are pictures of the 9-3 sports combination. The rape fields and the dark clouds in the background give an interesting play of colors. Nice pictures from the north!

Holidays do not always have to take place in distant countries. The Saab 9-3 Aero TTiD motif comes from Lemgo. A very “saabiges” and successful photo by Uwe. Several pictures come from Udo. One of his photos, called “Saab meets Saab”, captures the encounter between two Saab Cabriolet generations. Without question, every Saab has its own special charm and everyone is beautiful. He also came up with the suggestion to produce a Saab calendar for 2013 from the best entries. A very good idea. ! Mark and I think about it!

I know Renato from the last Saab meeting in Frankfurt. He is one of the fans who live Saab every day. Where a Saab meeting takes place at a reasonable distance, there is also Renato with his Saab 900 or Saab 9-5. My friend Marco was traveling in Sweden and visited the plant in Trollhättan with his son. The Saab 9-5 sports suit was allowed to visit its home. Marco currently owns two Saab 9-3s, but the 9-5 issue doesn't seem to let go of him completely. The only third-party make in Marco's large family seems to be replaced by a Saab soon, so that the vehicle fleet would be completely in Swedish hands.

The jury, which has to make the preselection in September, will have a difficult job. That can already be guessed today. The final selection of the best pictures, and thus the winners, will be selected by our readers. Until then we are waiting eagerly for more great Saab pictures for ours Photo competition.