SAAB News: Hunting for engineers in Sweden and deer performance accessories

BAIC or SAAB - electric travel in Beijing. Image: China Car Times

Once a week is time for some business talk. Starting in August, you want to advertise specific jobs at NEVS and from September onwards, there are plans. At least that's what NEVS tells the press in Sweden. The situation could be difficult. For one thing, in Trollhättan one is not enthusiastic about the consortium with the blurred contours. On the other hand, the initiative of NEVS does not solve any of the problems on the ground.

Because of the former Saab workers are still many without employment, about 1.000 are still looking for a job. And many who have found a new job commute between Trollhättan and Torslanda, where former professionals from Trollhättan are valued. But they would much rather have a secure job in Trollhättan.

The engineers involved are hard to come by. Most of them now work for Vicura, Combitech, Lean Nova or for a startup who is at Innovatum. There is hardly any motivation to change. The unemployment rate for engineers in Sweden is at current 1.8%. NEVS representatives have contacted the Association of Swedish Engineers. This welcomes the initiative and finds the development of e-mobility a good thing. However, the association can not help and eliminate the defect.

If NEVS would have a different name, Saab for example, and there would be a well-known company behind it - the willingness to switch would be higher. But that's how caution prevails, and our friends in Sweden still rate the investor with a great deal of skepticism. NEVS develops its activities very slowly. Which is normal because we are in the middle of the summer break. You had contact with the unions in the last week, you feel with suppliers. But very slowly and, as Swedish friends say, seems somehow very indecisive.

In the People's Republic, the China Car Times caught an electric Saab - or BAIC - on the streets of the capital. E-mobiles are scheduled to go into series production at the end of the year.

Back to real life and to our everyday automotive life. Hirsch Performance has many things that make our Saab more beautiful. Performance enhancements, for example, that let us experience the Saab Turbo feeling more intensively. Particularly pleasing is the leather interior for the Saab 9-3 or the Saab 9-5 II. With the high-quality complement, for example, by door handles or handbrake lever made of leather, the weak points of our Sweden disappear.

The availability of parts decreases and, and on the Homepage first articles are already no longer available. Hirsch steering wheels have not existed for some time, a post-production will probably not take place. Now dashboards made of nappa leather and carbon leather are scarce. Here, too, a post-production is unlikely, since with production cease in Sweden no blanks are produced more.

Hirsch dashboard nappa leather for Saab 9-3

If you want to refine your Saab, you should take the chance. Because an end to product availability is in sight. Off to the dealer and order! Or use an alternative. If you spend your vacation in Sweden, you can visit ANA in Trollhättan and save money. A few Hirsch parts, directly from the production line in the factory, are still available. Including a few carbon dashboards ... the leather door handles should already be out of stock.

Dashboards and door handles were originally intended for the Independence Cabriolet and therefore do not carry the “deer” on the leather. But they cost a lot less and are somehow a tragic piece of Saab history for fans with background knowledge.


Pictures: Cina Car Times, Hirsch Performance

7 thoughts on "SAAB News: Hunting for engineers in Sweden and deer performance accessories"

  • Hirsch Accessories is well worth the money and I have never regretted the purchase.
    @ Joachim: Nothing happens in China by accident

  • The E-Saab / BAIC on China's roads has no license plate.
    Since when are there trial runs without license plate?
    Seems well put the shot and not by chance.


    • Hello Joachim ...

      Unfortunately I have to disappoint you. On the one hand, there is nothing accidental in China, and on the other hand, it is perfectly normal for cars without license plates to drive around in China. I myself have lived about 1 year in China (Beijing and Guangzhou) and daily several times z. B. buses, taxis and even police cars without license plates seen.

      One of the reasons for this:
      In China, only cars with certain license plates are allowed to drive in large cities on certain days (e.g. on Tuesday only license plates that contain a 5, etc.). The government wants to do something about the enormous volume of traffic and the HIGH air pollution. But since many Chinese are very “smart”, they simply don't put a license plate on the car and so they are allowed to drive every day. As I said, buses, police, etc.
      It seems to work well anyway, as the share of cars without license plates is very high.

      Greetings from Lusatia. Marco

      • Hello Marco,

        I can not believe it, I can not think of anything anymore.


  • Where is the Swedish press?

    Just as NEVS addresses the issue, it simply can not work.

    The press people won't all be on vacation - Bergqvist & Co.'s strange way of working should be questioned again and again, because with this investor a clear line in terms of SAAB is unfortunately still not discernible.

    Where are statements from investors who have been eliminated from the bidding race due to the decision of the administrators - or is something else going on in the background?

    At least I would have expected fighting spirit from Youngman-Lotus. Especially since with this investor, for example, all workers would have been back on their wages - Sweden currently appears in an extremely strange light. This should only change if an additional investor of real format enters the stage - because NEVS somehow has no format!

    Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

    • I talked to some Swedes in Skagen on vacation. They have not understood the decisions of their government for some time. But somehow it does not seem to interest her any further. They all said how great and innovative SAAB would be, but they drive German cars and sail German boats. In addition, you buy a lot, a lot of alcohol in Denmark and then it is understandable why they do not care so much !?

  • We already have a deer candidate, but we always hoped for special prizes ;-). Will probably be nothing more and we will probably use the last chance. Our SAAB is worth it.

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