SAAB Talk: Saab photo contest and blogger on the go

The summer - sun - Saab Photo competition exceeds all our expectations. Yesterday and today many great pictures of our readers came and once again we see that Saab fans are traveling in all countries. We are so happy about so many submissions from the community! The next releases will come in a few days, because the following two days Marc and I are traveling across Germany.

Blogger on the go ...

We pick up a new car, of course a Saab, and we collect material for an exciting report, but this time not a Saab. Please be patient with the travel pictures - we work everything up at the weekend. Promised.

Therefore, the next two days write readers for readers on the blog. André has contributed to the model history of the Saab 9-3 I and Marco delivers a report on his Saab 9-3 Aero Coupe. It remains exciting and entertaining.

Another interesting idea has Alex, Blogger of SAABISM. He has one world map The Saab fans started so everyone can see how many we are. A great thing. The first German fans have already registered. Participate!



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    Today I had a very nice experience! I was on my way to work and came to the traffic lights. I could not believe my eyes, we were 5 Saabs in a row, what an ingenious feeling. The bad part is that I could not take a picture because I could not get out easily


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