SAAB 9-3 Aero has landed!

by Marco Krebs, Bessenbach

Four letters that mean more than just air for the SAAB owner. For me, these four letters mean above all that I have rediscovered the "joy of driving". A month ago I bought a Saab 9-3 Aero at the SAAB center in Mainz. The metallic blue paint, the beige leather and, above all, the good equipment of this aero were decisive. After a successful test flight at the SAAB center in Mainz, it was only a matter of form for the family council to buy it.

Saab 9 3 Aero Coupe

The, the, the ...

The 2 liter turbo engine is calmed with two balancer shafts and turns easily up to 6500 rpm. The two balance shafts effectively suppress vibrations, who needs a V6? The consumption is between 8 and 12 liters of Super or Super Plus. Refueling with Super, Super Plus or Premium Sprit from Shell / Aral did not lead to an increase in performance or a reduction in consumption.

The 4 gear automatic harmonizes well with the 2 liter turbo engine. The shifts are very pleasant, the kickdown is quickly switched back and implemented without much delay in propulsion. The automatic has to the 4 gears still the sport and winter function.

When pressing the Sport button, the gears are turned out to the red area of ​​the tachometer, the throttle response is faster, yet it never acts rough or inharmonious. Saab had a really good hand in programming. We will not need the winter function because the Aero can only "fly" in April to October.

The standard aero chassis is not particularly hard, it is a good symbiosis of sportiness and comfort. Cross joints and potholes do not penetrate into the back of the occupants. The car sits well on the road, the rear becomes a bit light in fast corners. The border area announces itself evenly. The Aero is not a "star in curves", rather fast gliding suits it. Just a real Saab: “At home on long journeys”.

Saab 9 3 Aero Coupe

The coupe body offers plenty of space with its two doors and the tailgate. Driver and co-driver are comfortably accommodated on the sport seats. Side support is not the strength of these seats but you are sitting very comfortably. The access to the rear is a bit cramped, adults under 180 cm feel comfortable on the well-formed rear seat. The cargo hold of the Aero easily swallows the luggage of 4 persons for a week. Well at least if they are men.

The equipment with climate control, electric sunroof, heated seats, Saab information display, cruise control, power windows, leather seats with 3 compartment memory, alarm system and engine pre-heating includes everything Saab had for the car in the program. The original mobile phone holder was removed because it restricts the knee room on the passenger side and was not needed.

Coupe details: rear spoiler and sports exhaust system

The long-term quality is really Saab, you really don't notice the Aero for twelve years. On the one hand it is due to the previous owners who handled the car very carefully and the good maintenance by the Saab Center Mainz. Especially when a car is older, you shouldn't skimp on maintenance and spare parts. Even if it's a few kilometers more to the service partner, because good service works like a fountain of youth on older vehicles.

The problem is that I almost do not come to the Aero because my wife loves the car and does not want to give it away anymore.

The conclusion after 4 Saab: Whether 900 I, 9-5 TiD SC, 900 II or 9-3 Aero. Everyone is a real SAAB, it doesn't always have to be a new car. Even a good used car with a traceable maintenance history can also be fun and there are no real or fake SAABs.

Move your mind, buy a Saab!


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  • Congratulations on this super SAAB! A feast for the eyes. Is sure to become a noble classic ... Pleasant, accident-free pleasure kilometers!

  • Wish a lot of fun and accident-free car kilometers with this beautiful Swedish car.

  • Oh yes, nice car. Congratulation! I own a 9-3 Aero Cabriolet from 06/2003 - one of the last 9-3 of the first generation that rolled off the production line. Of course only summer season - I'll keep it until the end of days! 🙂 (After Saab 900 GLE Sedan (!), 900 Turbo 16s, 9-5 Aero and, as a “year-round car”, currently parallel to a 2002 9-3 Anni ...)

  • The article answers a question I asked myself - what the “Sport” and “Winter” lights on the dashboard mean (drive a 9-5 with manual transmission). Both shimmer through in the light, but never burned and have no assigned switches.

  • Hi,

    yes are Alu 88 and the TÜV does not mind 🙂



  • Ah thank you - I have the ALU86 for the winter for my Griffin and I would like to ride it on my 9-3 I in the coming winter.

    Does anyone know where I find out if that fits?

  • Definitive collector's item. Take good care of it!

  • Do you have rims from the 9-3 II on it?

  • Hello.
    Great car, nice report ...! 🙂

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