SAAB News: The Saab Troll is back!

In the 60 years, brand new Saabs with the little troll sticker on the side window rolled off the ribbons in Trollhättan. Anyone who has come up with this idea and which story is behind it is forgotten today. At least Saab proved humor and the troll became an icon.

SAAB Sticker Made in Trollhattan by Trolls

Unfortunately, this sticker is no longer available from the manufacturer and the known sources on the Internet do not deliver any goods or goods that are not good, corresponding to the original. Reason enough for Mark and me to act and bring the troll to a new life.

After the model of at least 50 years old Original stickers we digitized the troll and commissioned new stickers. In contrast to the original, we decided to make an outline cut. The troll is thus more expensive to manufacture, but looks better on car windows and wherever it is mounted.

There are two versions that are available now. In the transparent version, the inside of the vehicle can be stuck on, in the white version tinted or foiled windows and all other objects. The Saab Troll sticker is approx. 70 × 100 mm in size and costs € 4,00 per piece.

The first trolls are already on our roads. The stickers will, it will be revealed, not the only ideas with the Saab Troll remain. Orders are possible as always via our shop.


16 thoughts on "SAAB News: The Saab Troll is back!"

  • Class! + 1!

  • Great thing! Unfortunately, my convertible does not come from Trollhättan, so do not come on my car.

    • Maybe there is also a Finn troll with a vodka bottle.

      • And for the Malmöer a few Malmen, etc., etc.
        Have you ever seen a Malme? Very rare animal, something like the five-door 900 from there ...
        Thank you for the implementation and new production!

      • 😀
        mine is from Austria, would have to be an Ösi troll with Obstler (??)!

  • It is understandable that the dealer has to sell something else while the trolls take a break in order to survive economically. If he no longer wants to have anything to do with Saabs, it would of course be a shame.

  • Great part! + 1

  • Is already cult the troll

  • I think it's good and it's great that there is someone who can produce something for the SAAB drivers while investing time and money. My dealer would never do that, he wants to sell Korea cars now and thinks that would be an alternative after several SAAB years.

  • Good morning.

    The sticker is really a great idea and cool action !!

    For me personally, the Troll sticker (even if it belongs to the Saab story) is unfortunately a bit too “colorful” and somehow a little too “antiquated” (although it looks really good on a black 900 or so for sure !! !).

    But that's probably also because I'm not so much the fan of stickers (I'm already bothered by this old green sticker, which I therefore only on the left of the holder of the windshield stuck, instead of sticking to the right)
    I think I might even stick this “Saab driver” as a sticker on the windshield, if it existed (found the whole campaign kind of “nice”). 😉

    • The holder is really an incredibly practical thing ... even if I initially thought it was a crack in the window 🙂

      • Hehe, just like me. ;-(

        At first I wondered for years what such a “stupid” transparent plastic strip on the left inner edge of the windshield was supposed to do !? I just couldn't think of a real sense for it.

        Then I saw somewhere how the parking disc was “jammed” on a Saab.
        And only then did I get a light!
        Actually very practical - again a “typical Saab idea”.
        Since then I have often used it for parking discs and tickets, and now for this ugly “Green Zone” sticker.

        • But is not a “typical” Saab idea. I had it on my Volvos too. 😉

    • Happy Driver - that's it, I'd glue it too!

  • Really cool! Will order now

  • Hi Tom,

    I feel like I have been transported back to the early 80s - think of the little guy on the rear side window of my 900 GLE at the time.

    Will order 3 of the “descendants” in the next few days.

    Greetings from Schleswig-Holstein

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