SAAB fleet: Saab 9-3 1.8t and Saab Turbo X

For a year, we have been driving, among others, a Saab 9-3 1.8t sports car. In July 2011 we had him as a new car from Hamburg brought, and although he's buying one Compromise was - owing to the situation at Saab - we were happy with it from day one. In the meantime a year has passed, the Saab now rolls around on 18 ″ rims instead of the standard 16 ″. He has undergone a deer cure, now has almost 200 hp, which guarantee a lot of fun and sovereignty, and meanwhile almost 15.000 kilometers on the counter.

Saab Turbo X

In the first year there were no defects, no abnormalities. In contrast to local premium brands, which we had in our company fleet. Only the leather-covered seats creak now and then, that's it. A detailed review of one year of Saab 9-3 1.8t will follow in the next few weeks. We regret the purchase in a minute!

The 1.8t is reliable and absolutely inconspicuous, but the Saab Turbo X is developing into a diva. He is only for a few months with us, but is the absolute fun and emotion mobile.

It started at Frankfurt Airport. The flight is waiting, the tailgate does not open. It's good that it's a station wagon, so unloading “through the rear doors” is the motto! From then on, the tailgate only comes to life once and then steadfastly refuses. The culprit is a small contact switch, actually a penny item. It is just stupid that Saab was unable to supply a replacement at the time of the defect, the parts are coming. It's good to have a Saab partner who can help. In Bamberg, a used component was soldered unbureaucratically and the thing worked again.

The Turbo X has also mastered its first inspection at the Saab Zentrum Bamberg without any abnormalities. The cooperation of BMW and Saab, many have always guessed, came to the fore. But even with BMW battery it runs really well. Everything alright?

So much BMW is in the Saab: Saab Turbo X and BMW battery

Not really, because in the good tradition of its predecessors, such as the Saab 9-3 Viggen and 900 Turbo 16S, the Turbo X can be Diva. Shortly after the inspection we were in Hamburg, there and back in one day, which now seems to be a tradition. From Fulda we went back in a free flight over the free motorway towards the south. Shortly before the home exit, first jerking, then the engine warning light lights up briefly for a second. The Saab no longer accepts power, makes strange noises and torments the remaining meters to the exit.

Saab Turbo X Haldex clutch

Saab Turbo X broken? The differential in the end? The background noise does not bode well and spoils the actually successful day.

After a short cool down, relief follows. Turbo X starts and sounds and drives as if nothing had happened. The solution is provided by the ignition coils supplied by Bosch for the V6 from Australia. Some batches are faulty and quit the service, others seem to last forever. Faulty fall out just when you are a little ambitious on the road and the heat in the engine compartment is high.

The problem is known in the community. The solution is new ignition coils, which are available in the US and should be much more durable. They have been ordered and are now being used. With that, the diva was supposed to put off her emotions.

As the first Saab in 20 years, the Turbo X seems to attract certain contemporaries. Particularly nice and intelligent people tried to steal the antenna from the roof. Of course without success, but as a result with a thick dent in the sheet. As a result, the Turbo X has to go to the tin doctor. Vandalism on the Saab, I don't have the words ...

Apart from that, the Turbo X makes fun without end, and every kilometer is a great kilometer! Enthusiasm is rising daily, and no matter how bitchy the Diva may be, we like it and would buy it again and again.




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  • Hello

    can someone tell me where I can order the ignition coils in the US? In my turbo x dies a bosch coil after another.

  • Go to the Bambergers 😉 Was there a few weeks ago with a defective SID (see article here on the blog). They know their way around ...

    Personally, I guess there is a (hardware) defect in the power supply - it sounds like some memory is no longer receiving power. Reloading software does not help much.

  • Hello to all SAAB fans!
    I've been driving SAAB myself since 1998. Initially (1998 - 2001) only the 9-3 convertible, then a new 9-3 convertible built in 2001, we still have it today. To expand the family, a load donkey of the make 2002-9 five-door 3th Turbo Anniversary was added in 25. Because of the addition of the family, there was now necessarily a change. The five-door was replaced by a SAAB 9-5 II Aero Turbo4 XWD with all the extras that can be found on the list of accessories.
    So far, all vehicles were actually reliable and the technology as mature, then apart from the inspection measures were no really large measures, with the exception of a new turbocharger in the convertible after 10 years, because the component had a crack.
    The big new seems technically flawless so far. Also hope that stays that way.
    Now for the problem, in the hope that someone can contribute to this.
    For a few weeks, the on-board computer has been communicating in English with English time. All other functions are normal and selectable. If you change the language and the time to German, this is with the next parking of the car back in English. A dealer said now, the so-called Silver Box would have to be replaced, another says the problem would be done with a software removal and re-playing. The latter will soon be tried as soon as the appointment calendar gives an appointment.
    Does anyone have experience with such a problem and can perhaps give me a hint? Apparently, the workshops (Frankfurt and Bamberg) are at odds here. A bit of diva seems to be in every SAAB. But that does not change the affection for our brand, does it?
    Many thanks to all the fans who might have a tip!

  • Hmmm ... unfortunately the Greif is protected by copyright, otherwise it would still be an idea for the agency and print shop owners, who read along: Scale the Scania Greif down to SAAB-compatible format and bring it to the fan shop 😉

    Although, against a self-produced for self-produced copy should have nothing, right?

  • yes hello first. So I drive a black Saab 9-3 Cabriolet that was born in April 1998. Thanks to a good upbringing and every 5 km of fresh milk and a body check, I have since taken 000 km of walks with the lady. Except for a new clutch, everything is really still initial equipment. (Except wearing parts). It always depends on HOW you treat the lady. Best oil, best garage, SPA every 398 km, don't save money and fill up cheap oil. Since she was born, the lady has only received the finest Motorex body oil. When it comes to electronics, she never bugs. I keep out rape like car wash or full throttle with a cold turbo. It is like having a woman, giving the feeling, not allowing too much, and SPA as best as possible. My diva will probably live a long time. The compression in all 000 cylinders are perfect. 5 Lt 000 HP, manually shifted. Since it is well lubricated, including the mechanism of the convertible top, it never rusts. Greets from Zurich.

  • Hey there!

    There are great gripping films in the trucker accessories trade. Are actually destined for Scania but we do not want to be like that, right?

    I am currently trying with a clipping of an original two meters in diameter decal rum.

    Black reflective on black paint, I say only.

    Greeting Christian

  • Hmm right, black and evil is great ... My father went to visit yesterday with his Saab and is just wondering whether he should blacken his windows too 😉 well that's the famous Saab syndrome, it is passed on in the family 🙂

    I'll leave it with the griffin ... Tom, if I have time I'll email you a picture from the TX 😉

    Next project have SAAB rims injected ... 18 ″ 5 Spoke Claw could look pretty good in black except for the screws ... ( did not find another link sry)

    greetings from Switzerland

  • New is really relative

  • So it is, I think the battery is from the BMW dealer. After all, the TX was more than 3 years old. Reach to the side? Hmm I would not. Black and bad is enough - or 😉

  • My TX had to have a new battery even when I was 4 years old ... so what I don't care, I love my Saab ...

    I finally tinted the windows wow now he looks bad ... I wonder if I should still do the griffin on the side ;-) ideas ??

  • The Turbo X was almost new, why a new battery?

  • If I remember the article correctly, Tom bought the car used - from a BMW dealer. At some point he probably replaced the original battery with one from his inventory. Should occur.

    But I have to say one thing - I just like the old SAAB control lights better. “CHECK ENGINE” and “CHECK GEARBOX” on the instrument panel (luckily the latter has never been seen in operation) and “FASTEN SEATBELTS” above in front of the reading light - the latter in particular has something of flies. And while we're already talking about flying - here's something from the time when SAAB popped up with advertising:

  • Our Saab 9-3 Cabriolet (MY 2007 2.0 T approx. 84.000 km) is developing into a diva, but only when it comes to the low beam ... Once a year, the left and right low beam alternate. A few days ago the message came on a sunny afternoon when the dipped headlights weren't even on ...

    Apart from a change of the right wheel bearing, all tip-top!

  • And there she was again the allusion with BMW!

    How does the battery get in there? Original equipment ex works or was the BMW dealer involved? But with such a new car?

  • Fasting Belts ...

  • Please always wear your seat belt before departure …….

  • Also we can only report the best about our SAABs. They run reliably as it should be. That the Turbo X can also be a diva makes the thing likeable and fits.

  • We have the 4. SAAB 9000 with spoiler orig. 2.3 200 PS SAAB Limo 9-5 180 PS SAAB Viggen Convertible 220 PS.
    SAAB Limo 9-5 220 PS and jatzt SAAB 9-9 Combi Hirsch Biopower 320 PS twin tube exhaust chrome steel
    Conclusion All SAABs have never let us down. Reliable as the SAAB aircraft.
    Gakauft and waited all at GARAGE Lerch AG in Rothrist in Switzerland.

    Greetings from a SAAB lover

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