SAAB Tag: Saab in the press, the end of summer vacation?

Saab is in the press. Not only here, also in Sweden. And Saab seems very much alive. Not just in the media, but also in motorsport. But one after anonther. A friend emailed the current report from Autobild about the Saab 9-3 Cabriolet today. "A convertible for connoisseurs" says the author there and the Saab 9-3 Cabriolet is worth a used car recommendation from Autobild. We, the Saab fans, have known this for a long time.

Unfortunately, unfortunately, we can not publish the scan, because the Autobild would like to sell a few folders, completely understandable. Let's take a look at the Saab homeland and talk briefly about business topics that some readers would not want to be without.

The Swedish press seems to rediscover the Saab theme at the approaching end of the summer vacation. Saab speculator Lotus Youngman is still working in the background and apparently the Chinese hope to be able to use the Saab-Phoenix platform. Because, according to Youngman lawyer Nylén, a part of the technology from the bankruptcy estate belong to his clients.

By mid-August, more clarity would be on the matter, Nylén told TTELA today. Meanwhile, Lotus Youngman is still on a shopping spree and wants to acquire the small-series bus manufacturer Viseon. The sums that Youngman wants to invest or lend according to the press are very close to the bottom million. Viseon has completed year 2011 with 2.3 million loss and the Youngman entry with small sums reminiscent of Youngman's Saab debacle. Too late, too little, too hesitant.

In Trollhättan people are waiting full of excitement whether NEVS will acquire Hemfosa shares in Saab real estate today. Yesterday no money seems to have flowed and today is the "deadline" to bring the deal in a dry place. The local newspaper TTELA is keeping an eye on it, something is finally happening in the middle of the summer break. Why these deals, when they are carried out, always run at the last minute - that remains a secret.

If today has been paid the TTELA will tell tomorrow. Maybe the investor will then get the bowl to the Saab buildings in the stablebacka. But NEVS and Youngman are just footnotes in Saab history. The interesting things are going elsewhere.

Saab is extremely successful in motorsport in the USA. In the Global Rallycross Championship 2012, Samuel Hübinette from Sweden is in second place on his Saab 9-3 all-wheel drive after four of six races. Rallycross is very popular in the USA, the next races will take place on September 2 at the Auto Club Speedway - Fontana , and on September 15th at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. We keep our fingers crossed!


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  • I bought my 9-3 II Saabrio Aero 4 months ago with full conviction - despite all prophecies of doom - and have not regretted this purchase in any way. After more than 10.000 km I still have a big grin on my face. Even if there are a few weaknesses in detail (German car manufacturers also have them), the overall concept is right - Made by Trolls. You don't see a Saab on every street corner and I think it's great that we as Saab drivers stand out from the mundane. Everywhere I turn up in my car it says “great car, very elegant, chic, or even marginalized automobiles” an eye-catcher. I really grew fond of my Saabrio and will keep it with me for a long time. Wish everyone many more saabige and great kilometers.

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    What irritated me in the Autobild article, were the aforementioned shortcomings and the poor quality of materials in the interior of the 9-3 II and the indication that the 9-3 I was much worse.

    I always thought that the 9-3 I had been better, even with the interior materials, which was also found so far in the press, better long-term durability in general. In the convertible article once again the facts were twisted.

    At our 9-3 I from 2002 rattles at 173.000 Km at any rate nothing.

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      Regardless of which German auto newspaper you take - there is always something to complain about with non-German vehicles!

      The most German mid-range cars meanwhile have some design features (just like the off-road vehicles from Audi) and the workmanship is always lousy (especially Mercedes) rarely appears in the articles.

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        So I don't drive a convertible, but the interior of the 9-3 II really leaves something to be desired - especially compared to the competition. My car creaks and rattles with every pothole etc. No comparison to our 9-5 from 2001. After the facelift in 2007 this should be gone, I was told 🙂
        Last week I drove a 9-3 I convertible, I found the interior of this vehicle to be even cheaper than the 9-3 II (the glove compartment did not close flush, and I saw in retrospect that this was the case with some 9-3 I. the case is…)
        But even if it rattles, I love my 9-3 II and will also buy a 9-3 I convertible (if I can find the right one ...)

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        It's not that bad either - until about 3 years ago, I worked for a car rental company on the side and had a lot to do with the aforementioned German mid-range vehicles. I could never find any real quality defects ... at least as long as they did not occur in the first 30.000 km (although with rental cars you always have to multiply a wear factor to get the "normal" mileage).

        But it's true ... foreign brands never go away really well. I remember that in the postil of a yellow automobile club the "defects" of French cars were once listed: "Butter-soft chassis" and "Horn on the steering column" ...

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          I can fully confirm this with the flaws of the Italians and the French, in which we have sunk enormous sums of money. I can not confirm that with the low defect rate at the Germans: BMW 318d Touring with new clutch at 40 Tkm; brand new A4 with defects (seat heating could not be turned off, switch defective, etc.), rattling B and C classes brand new, new Passat with jerky dual-clutch transmission, rust at Mercedes and Audi, etc.

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            At the moment I drive a 9-3 II convertible and I have to say, with all my love for the brand, that the quality impression of the plastics used in the interior is a bit poor. At the moment, nothing is rattling and that at 18 inch wheels and Aero suspension. Much better, it looked at my 9-5 I, which concerns the materials. A deterioration in this regard, I could already see in my 9-5 II. Nevertheless I will drive a Saab as long as possible !!!

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    Tight money? There are only narrow CDs! - (Just kidding from the southern neighboring country ...) - Wouldn't it be nice if the 9-3 could at least soon be available on the car market again and could be ordered. Let's wait.

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    I'm curious what's to come. Saab is always up to date. Months ago, I wrote here that the Opel advertising runs to zero. Now, the Opel advertising seems to want to outdo the Chevi advertising. I drove a really good product from Opel for ten years before my 9000er Turbo, the Monza 3.0. Unfortunately, the future family did not fit in, so at that time switching to 9000 Turbo company and 9000 16V private. The episode with the Chrysler Voyager because of prams, etc. in between, I want to forget. You could not burn more money. Meanwhile, the kiddies are big enough to drive themselves. I would like to buy an 9000er for the family again, but I would like to have the Monza in the accessory pack. Is there anybody still an 9000er for slim money?

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