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It is decidedly too warm and no Saab Turbo weather. It has 32 degrees in the Rhine-Main area, and in Bamberg, where I was with my Saab Turbo X today, it's not cooler either. The Saab got new ignition coils, and by accident was also the Turbo X by Adrian at Saab center Bamberg in the workshop. His Saab gets, among other things, new ignition coils.

Adrian has consistently thought through the visual Turbo X idea "Black is back" to the end. His "Darth Vader Turbo X" is now almost completely dark, even in the interior. The small chrome rings on the ventilation nozzles have disappeared, and the silver insert of the automatic lever is also tinted. Looks cool and pictures for Adrian's Turbo X are available at Adrian, it was great to meet you!

Saab Zentrum Bamberg is a family business and a traditional Saab partner. The Saab Spirit lives and customer loyalty is more personal than anywhere else. For lunch, the barbecue was fueled for employees and family and also the blogger did not go hungry back north. Thanks to Bamberg for so much hospitality!

Our Turbo X is now running the way it should, and the return flight, partially over the highway, was a typical Saab treat. Sovereign overtaking on the road, a Saab domain, is great fun! Now we are ready for the International Saab Meeting in Spa!

Let's remember the rim action of the Saab Parts AB? The action was such a great success that now many rim types are no longer available, or only for the regular price. The action stocks have melted like the snow in the summer, in the coveted Alu 88 rim is the complete package sold. If you are still looking for rims, you should talk to your Saab partner, because only he can check what is available or not. There is, what was asked in the last days again and again, no price list - the pricing lies with the dealers. And the blogger also has no idea what is in stock in Nyköping and what is not.

Still the inevitable view to Sweden. Who made bets on NEVS closing their deal on time? I did not bet on it, and so it is. The local newspaper, TTELA, reports that the deal is being delayed and the takeover of Saab's assets is due sometime in August, possibly even in September. So far, Swedish friends have not spent a penny on NEVS either way, and September has long been considered the month of the decision. So nothing happened, and it certainly was not a surprise.


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  • Hi Tom,

    on another blog (SAAB and MG / Rover blog) writes such an "itinerary" that no other investor will be heard more - even if it should not work with NEVS.

    This unsettles something - although in the end this would make no sense at all. I assume that there is a backdoor for the hitherto unsuccessful administrators - by the u. U. entrance for other interested parties or investors is possible. That's how I understood your vague hints.

    Please give us a short interim info on this topic.

    Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

    • Dear Joachim. I know the statement there and it is, like so much, simply written off from the local newspaper. I try to phrase it that way and very carefully, because everyone is reading along. The work of the administrators is in close agreement with former Saab executives. There is no criticism from there, on the contrary. In the last few days I have repeatedly heard only positive things and approval. Things are farther than it seems. These are not newspaper reports, but first-hand information. There's no backdoor either, it's too late for new investors either, because the thing is largely gone and irreversible. Do not fix the cause of the Saab future to NEVS, the interesting things happen elsewhere. I hope you understand…

  • Which former leadership?
    Those who sit across the pond and put out the directive SAAB can not help it?
    Then the administrators (liquidators) would have done a successful job.
    And that's exactly what I would suspect.
    The rest of the big car world has no interest in SAAB playing Phoenix.

    My 3 ct about it

      • re-born from jets?
        But maybe you should simply put the speculator down for a while as long as many things do not match and enjoy what you drive. And then be surprised when there is actually something completely new saabiges?

  • GM has been out long since and now has enough to do with burying OPEL. SAAB gets a complete restart when the lawyers have negotiated well. If not, then the Phoenix is ​​in India or in China from the band and not in Sweden. It's that easy.

  • Hey Tom, the pleasure was on my side ... 😀

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