The Blogger goes on vacation!

The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror
The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror

The time has come ! Tomorrow we, Mark and I plus family, start to Spa for the International Saab Event. We are happy to meet many Saab fans, and after our trip to Belgium, holidays are announced.

After 17 months of permanent blogging with sometimes two or three articles a day is now earned a little break. For at least 14 days, maybe three weeks, the blog will be resting. Maybe Mark will write something if he finds the time. And if there is "Breaking News" to the file Saab, then we are definitely there.

In the family and friends, bets run whether or not I pass the Saab blog-free time. Hard to say, it's an attempt, and we'll see if the good intent is valid.

But vacation time is family time and also time for friends and all other important things in life that are otherwise neglected. London's bookmakers - the British are known to bet on almost everything - could be a good quota if you bet on perseverance!

Either way, the purpose is, and we'll see how it comes. All readers and Saab fans also a great holiday and a great summer! Enjoy the time and your Saabs! Bye for now!


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  • Then I wish a great vacation! Will be hard two weeks for us 😉

  • You have definitely earned the holidays! Have a nice trip, have fun in Spa and of course excellent recreation I wish you / you!
    Of course, I will miss your blog and hope almost a little that you do not keep your intention too strict ...

    See you soon, best regards from summery Zurich

  • @@ Tom

    Have a beautiful holiday!

    For us, 2 is really breaking very, very hard weeks ... ..
    What am I supposed to read in the morning for my espresso !? ;-(

  • Thank you for the great coverage and nice holiday

  • Have a nice holiday and enjoy the time. Thanks for reporting in the great blog.
    Jost from Baden

  • Hi Tom,

    Greetings from Hamburg - Breaking News will not be available within the next 2 weeks.

    We wish you a good rest and maybe even more new insights regarding SAAB file in Spa.


  • Hello Tom

    I wish you a nice holiday!
    You deserve it you really.
    Have fun.

    Michael from Lieserhofen

  • All the best and have fun

  • Hm ... I will probably be in Spa only at the end of the month / beginning of September - but not because of SAAB.

    Have a nice holiday, Tom, and enjoy the SAAB-free time. Or, in a variation of the old Spa Battle Charms battle cry:

    SAAB, fries, beer - that's what we're here for!


  • Good holiday Tom and good trip! Fortunately, I'm going on vacation for the next 2 weeks, so I will not miss reading your reports so much ;-)))).

    • puuhhh ... .Happiness had!

      I am feeling the same. The next weeks of vacation, school enrollment and visit of parents. There is already distraction.

      Enjoy the family time!

  • Have fun on holiday and with the Belgians

  • Hey Tom

    Have fun in Spa and a relaxing holiday you've earned him regularly

    I'm like many of us readers, what do I do without Tom ?? The Saabblog infection has totally taken over, yes withdrawal is announced that will be exciting 🙂

    Greetings from Switzerland

    Ps did you get the pictures ??

    • Pictures are here ... You will receive mail next week so the withdrawal will not be too hard

  • We wish you a beautiful hollyday!

    I'm also cleaning the SAAB, to break up towards the spa tomorrow!
    I hope we see you there!

  • Hi Tom,

    I wish you and your family a relaxing holiday! We will surely stand it, with a break! You deserve the holidays!

    Greetings from Switzerland

  • Have a nice holiday I wish you, you have earned yourself. Greetings from WHV

  • From tomorrow we go on withdrawal ;-) .. nice holiday!

  • Hi Tom,

    a nice holiday, great weather and good rest.

    Regards Ralf

  • Hi Tom,

    a wonderful holiday, you and your family.
    Was now on Lake Como. Have never seen so much Saab, as on the way through Switzerland and in Italy. Many greetings there to all.
    By the way, today I got mail from my Saab car dealership "peter" in Erfurt. They remain Saab service. The logo will be dismantled.
    A sad day for us in Thuringia.
    Hello to all

  • Also from me: nice and relaxing holiday!

    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth

  • Moin moin, Tom!
    You and your family enjoyable stimulating days in SPA and subsequent relaxing weeks! And maybe a few words / thoughts about our favorite topic from time to time ....
    Greetings from Bardowick / Lüneburg

  • I also want to wish a nice and relaxing holiday and leave the only by good
    Interrupt messages.

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