on tour, Intsaab2012

Soyez la bienvenue chez vous.

Intsaab2012 in Spa, Belgium

After 350 and 680km, Tom and I arrived home safely with our women. We hope that all of you who have left Spa today have also landed at home without any traffic jams or breakdowns. It was a very, very nice weekend. Many thanks to the organizers of the Belgian Saab Club and to the many friends, acquaintances and readers we met around the Place Royal this weekend. A report will follow shortly. Please be patient ...

Intsaab 2012, Impressions 1
Intsaab2012, Impressions 2


Who can not wait, here a short video on Youtube with some first impressions from Spa ...

3 thoughts on " on tour, Intsaab2012"

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    I get a bit sad at the sight of this beautiful old SAAB
    Cars from the past. The carmaker has simply built good cars, which do their job very long.
    Maybe victims of their own success?

  • blank

    Such a nice 900'er convertible of the first generation, I would like to someday again.
    That would be / is my dream car ... simply timelessly beautiful!

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