on the Intsaab2012

Was that a weekend !! Saabs - lots of Saabs. All over. The whole city of Spa was full of it. Such a Saab density one wished oneself in Germany. Lots of Saab drivers, Saab enthusiasts and Tom & I in the thick of it.

We have collected great impressions of which we will live for a long time and get to know many nice and interesting people. For the first time we got in touch with some of our loyal readers and commentators.

There were three great days in Belgium. Saabs from all over Europe had arrived. Of course, from Belgium and the Netherlands, from France, Switzerland and Luxembourg, from Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden, from Poland, the Czech and Slovak republic, from Great Britain and ourselves from Russia and the Baltic states Saabs rolled across the streets of Spa. Vehicles from almost all model series and years of construction. A meeting of generations - truly a family reunion.

But enough of the words. Our pictures from Spa can tell a lot more. Have fun watching!

Des grands remerciements to Belgium for the great time and a big thank you to all Saab drivers and riders. You have made this meeting so unique.

We look forward to the intsaab2013 in Kettering in the UK.

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  • Very beautiful photos ! Thanks, Mark!
    Was a great weekend with great weather and lots of fun!
    The organization was first cream and the location of the hammer.

  • Hello you two…
    sounds good and looks very good too ... very nice pictures and very nice SAAB's you have seen there. What I like ... I have not seen any Inca yellow 9-3 convertible !!!!
    When I look at but I get a really bad feeling trozdem ... GM opposite ... so a few bags!
    No matter ... we have our SAABines ...

    LG from Karl-Marx-Stadt

  • Achso ... something else ...

    I need a SAAB 9-3 combi 150-200 PS Bj. 05 / 06 with few km, good would be red and leather interior ...

    Thank you…

    PS: Munich area would be great!

  • Hi,
    that was one of the most beautiful SAAB meetings,
    I've been through in the last 30 years.
    Thanks to YOU ​​for the awesome pictures.
    Greetings from Mainhatten

  • Cool movie with great SAAB music! Thanks, Mark!

  • I just watched the video Great thank you!

  • Thank you all for the unforgettable, very nice, well organized meeting in Belgium !!

  • Thank you very much for the great photos, It shows that Saab is still alive.
    at least in our hearts and memories.
    With his own saab to drive on such a F1 ring, I also experienced times. Only a round was allowed to drive.
    you too?
    how much have you been? the casino with the hungry ... saabists looks pretty full. the next meeting is in England, right?
    Although I drove no saab now because it is so much with spare parts and repair time, the Griffin lives in my heart!
    I like the new Peugeot 208. Does he sell well in Germany?

    • Peugeot has had a bit of a bad taste since the partnership by GM with us.

      After the sometimes very unclean business practices of this American company in recent years, there is no need for further treatment of GM / Peugeot!

    • Hello Richard
      In Spa were 500-600 SAAB from all over Europe! In the casino it was about 300, more did not go into it. If the Griffin lives in your heart, then buy yourself a SAAB! Because with spare parts it looks better than you read and good SAAB dealers always find a way.
      The new 208 comes (I think) now only to Germany, have not seen him yet. But my heart beats only for SAAB
      @Joachim: Do not be so strict

  • Somehow I am slowly on withdrawal. I'm missing the SAAB messages and I did not think that Tom would last so long. Will he be back next week or is he still on vacation for a week?

    • In Sweden it seems to be quiet. Nevertheless, I miss the blog for the morning coffee ...

    • Yes, such a withdrawal is agonizing

      Tom needs his vacation for sure ... ..we give him and his family some peace and quiet!

  • Hello Joahim I did not know that Peugeot is now doing business with GM. Does Peugeot have no idea what can happen if you do business with the Amis?
    In Japan, where I already live 29 years, there are hardly any people driving the Saab. that has to do with the after service. spare parts are not easy to find, because you need a time car if the Swedisch Girl has problems.
    With spare parts that works better in my former home Belgium and Austria better.
    So many came to Spa? I would like to have been there.
    By the way, how come Peugeot got involved with GM?
    Too bad, I would have liked the 208 a lot.
    As for Peugeot, does that also apply to Citroen?

    • The GM Group is only a minority shareholder at PSA in France, as far as I'm aware.

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