Saab Event: Saab on the Sachsen Classik 2012

At the moment it is still quite quiet about our favorite car brand. In Sweden everything is waiting for September. The Sachsen Classik will take place again this weekend in Saxony. Like last year some SAAB are on their way again.

Car Number 141, Saab 96 Rallye
Car Number 141, Saab 96 Rallye

D.Hesse and A.Hoffmann go with the starting number 118 in the Sonett II, which also already at the Leipzig Trade Fair stood at the start. Dr. med.T.Künstle and Dr.M.Bauer in the Saab 120 Turbo and with the Number 141 Tobias Kaboth and Michael Hesse from Mobilforum Dresden are out and about in their new wonder weapon, a 1972 Saab 96 as a rally version.

The start of this year's edition was at noon in Zwickau with a ride over 128km around the Sachsenring. Tomorrow we go from Zwickau on Meerane, Altenburg, Bad Lausick (almost at our doorstep over) and Grimma to Leipzig. On Saturday then the last leg from Leipzig via Bad Düben, Torgau, Hermsdorf, Leisnig and Freiberg to Dresden to the Gläserne Manufaktur. Who lives nearby or maybe this weekend in Saxony, finds here the exact procedure the Saxon Classik. For all others, our friends from Yellow Fox again equipped the vehicles of the Sachsen Classic with a tracking system. Thus, a follow-up of the action is also "Live" on the home computer possible.

We will try to take some great photos of the vehicles. Since the route does not go directly through our location, we looked for another location. We will stand there tomorrow morning and take pictures of the passing Saab and possibly also of the other vehicles. Updates will follow tomorrow ... good night to all of you and Tom continues to have a great vacation.

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    Unfortunately a bit far for a spontaneous visit. But I hope for some nice pictures.

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    Well, it's not that quiet after all: NEVS shouldn't get the griffin and the naming rights ...

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        So the big unknown third? Who is that supposed to be? So, slowly, I do not believe in it, too many parallels to Rover.

        I am afraid that the Saab brand is mousetot dead and because of the spare parts assurance by the Swedish state we are lucky enough to be able to drive our youngtimer even further.

        But new cars with the griffin and under the brand Saab is after 1,5 years tamtam an illusion.

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    Remember, next week on Sat. 25.08.12
    is the 4. Convertible Rally Saxony with start
    in Radebeul-East, Historic Property Ground 9: 00 clock.
    There are also some Saab's there again.
    (org. also Mobile Forum Dresden)
    Maybe there will be some photos here.
    We are definitely looking forward to the rally - we in
    Saab 9-3 Lime-Yello - Aero deer

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      Hi Peter;

      Thank you for the hint. We are also registered. Team 93… there are definitely pictures and a report !! We look forward to a meeting!

      LG Mark

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        Hi Mark,
        we have no. 64. See you.

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      Oh, if it weren't for the € 200, I would have loved to do that too ...

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    Oh man, if I had read that earlier, I would have walked to Augustusplatz today. 🙂

    Greetings Constantin

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    All participants have a good trip, a lot of fun and success, the No. 141, of course, we are all thumbs and paws !!!
    We hope for nice photos
    Thanks to Mark for the great info!


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