SAAB Blogger on Vacation - Review of Saab Events 1 / 2

We are waiting for "Breaking News" on the file Saab, but this Saab News will come in September. Meanwhile my vacation (without Saab blog but with Saab) history and the Saab withdrawal with no side effects survived. After 14 days without blog comes a not so short summary of events in the Saab world. Because a lot has happened, but nothing decisive.

International Saab Spa 2012

International Saab 2012

Let's start with the International Saab meeting in Belgium. The atmosphere was great, the weather was fine with us. Many fans from Germany were there and Mark and I finally got to know quite a few readers in person. The Hamburg Saab faction and the Rhine-Main area, Bloggers Home-Base, were strongly represented. But also from more distant regions of the country fans came. Dirk, who has been writing a Saab blog in Berlin for a long time, was in Spa, as was Alexandros from southern Bavaria. As always, there was not enough time and I would like to have some conversation a bit longer. But even though time was tight, it was great to meet so many Saab fans! A typical Saab meeting in Belgium, in a nice atmosphere where fans from all over the world celebrate peacefully together. Those who looked more closely, but discovered the changes.

Saab meetings of this kind are usually very classic. The Saab 96 and Saab 900 faction dominate, current models are only marginally. The majority of 96 fans are now in advanced age, but holds on well and wide approaches on their own axis are not uncommon. The largest and most beautiful part of the car park was reserved for Saab 96, Saab 900 and Saab Sonett. Saab 9-3 I and Saab 9-3 II got a small side parking lot away from the avenue and away from the public. Already on the first day the parking possibilities were too few, Saab 9-3 and Saab 9-5 - among them also some Saab 9-5 II turned without success rounds. The organizers reacted quickly and on Saturday the current Saab had additional parking spaces.

Lots of Saab 9-5 first series and Saab 9-5 II and many Saab 9-3 from all European countries, mostly as day visitors, exceeded expectations and two trends can be seen. The scene is getting younger and the Saab community is getting closer. Both immediate impact of the situation of our brand, but definitely positive and good for the future. Because who has such a strong, young fan base and active, which should actually have no worries for the future.

Is the question: what was missing in Spa? The Saab 9000 was with some representatives, including very beautiful specimens, at least visible. The Saab 900 II, on the other hand, was invisible, and I was hit by two copies. The scene ignores this guy and maybe we are too harsh with our judgment. Because it seems that the 900 II is on the list of endangered Saab species.

1 million kilometers in the Saab 9-5

Saab 9-5 the Reliable

Our Saab 9-5 is the most trouble-free car in our fleet, just like the Saab 9-3 1.8t, which also runs, runs and runs. If you buy a Saab 9-5 of the first series, you can not go wrong. In Spa you could see how reliable a 9-5 really is.

The 1 million kilometers Saab 9-5

A Saab 9-5 from 1998 has meanwhile run over 1.000.000 kilometers, which corresponds to an annual mileage of more than 70.000 kilometers. The age and mileage can not be seen in the car and Saab once again confirms its reputation as a pronounced long-term car. Fear of high mileage you have with a Saab 9-5, provided the proper care, not have.

1 million kilometers in Saab 9-5 proof photo

Muller Vs. GM

Victor Muller and Spyker are suing GM and the Dutchman was assured of the applause of the Saab fans the week before last. Understandable, because what have we scrounged the last few months and hoped to ultimately fail the veto from Detroit. Balm for battered Saab souls.

But Muller is no social romantic and no modern Robin Hood. The former Saab CEO has found a financier who will pay the lawsuit in the US. For this purpose, supposedly 10% of the compensation sum to remain with the lender, is common in processes of this kind, a much higher percentage. Muller suffers a spectacular 3 billion US dollars, making him headline again for a few days.

The chances are rather bad, even if what Muller says is true. A firewall between the parts of the group was planned and the GM licenses would not have been affected by the entry of the Chinese. But being right and getting right is not always easy, especially when dealing with an opponent like GM who is still a state-owned company in parts. This is also clear Muller, because in November 2011 he said at a meeting "... life is too short to run against GM processes ..".

But Muller needs money and a few million are welcome to get Spyker afloat. For months has been the unsuccessful search for investors. Only the GEM fund is available to Muller, but would be an extremely expensive way to raise funds. Because GEM takes cheap shares, which are placed more quickly in the market with a short delay. At the current Spyker stock price a pointless story. Although the stock jumped to 80 cent in the short term, but halved the price quite quickly and bobbed on the following days at 40 cent to himself.

Muller stands with his back to the wall and uses every chance that is visible. Who hopes that Muller would save or revive the process Saab, which is in the wrong movie. Such things happen only in Hollywood stripes, but not in Swedish thrillers.

For General Motors, the lawsuit comes at an unfavorable time. Opel is getting deeper into the downward spiral, announcing short-time work and possibly an 28 hour week for a number of 1000 employees. At the same time as Spyker, hedge funds are plunging into the corporation and sueing GM for large sums from the restructuring of 2009. And Lotus Youngman, former Saab investor, considering whether one also wants to sue for damages. Hard times, but our compassion is limited.

Direct impact will be the lawsuit, for now, at least, only for Spyker. The C8 Aileron turns its test laps with a more than 600 PS strong V8. So Spyker wants to find inclusion in the league of super sports cars. Because the Audi V8 under the Spyker hood is with "only" a little more than 400 PS not exactly for the highest league suitable. The chances for a stronger engine but are bad. The machine in the test car comes from the GM shelf. This liaison should find a quick end.

Saab 9-7x callback

GM is calling 249.260 SUV 2006 and 2007 9 vans in the US. Affected are besides the Saab 7-9x also Chevrolet Trailblazer, GMC Envoy and other types. Moisture can penetrate into the driver's door which, in addition to corrosion, can also lead to a short circuit of the electronic components and thus to a risk of fire. German 7-XNUMXx drivers should have a precautionary check made, because if there will be a call back is uncertain.

There was even more to report in the past 14 days on trademark rights, naming rights and electric cars. It all comes in the second part this afternoon.



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  • Thunder weather, respect for the 1-million-km SAAB. That would have to be like the one I drive ... but I'm calmed down. Looks really great ... What does it look like, what is the original, what is renewed? Still the first engine? Overhauls? Replacement of body parts?

    On 70.000 km in the year I do not come, therefore I should plan with my for the next approx. 36 years

  • Hi Tom,

    nice (for us), that you are back from the holidays. I hope you and your family had a good time and were able to recover well - even without SaabBlog. Without Saab, I hope not ...

    That with the 1-Mio-km Saab is really a good advertisement. If our 9-3 SC can do just half without any problems, then we'll do it well over 20 years! Wonderful thoughts !!!

    In the old troll magazines there was also a SAAB 900 with many hundreds of thousands of miles! Unfortunately, I no longer have the booklets = (! ... Has one of the old books?

    Greetings from Oldenburg


  • The introduction of your contribution today (analogously: breaking news should come in September) brings the air somehow to the "crackle"!

    I assume that you have received further so-called Ersthand information - details should therefore continue to remain under the cover of secrecy.

    Since in the text of today's contribution but also the word future appears in connection with our brand, everything remains very exciting!

  • Tom is back! The good news on a too hot Monday 🙂

    • Right and now the lovely Swedes should take the finger out of their ass and give us finally reasonable news, even if it is NEVS but please ask with a business plan ...

  • Ohje in Belgium the SAAB meeting took place ... Not a good country for drivers of fast cars, so my experience at Pentecost 1997, when I was taken along with a friend back in my Volvo 850 from the highway. 20 Km / h was too fast ... Punishment: 500 DM within 90 Std pay or car belongs to the Belgian state ... (at that time still good 15000 DM worth) Just had the EC card at the ATM did not work then and so I had to spend the night , because only the next day my bank in D had on and sent by instruction to a German bank in Aachen at the border crossing the money. There I picked it up with a taxi and handed it to the highway police, who gave me back vehicle papers and keys. In the end it was incl. Overnight, breakfast, lunch, taxi, dinner and the fine almost 900 DM ....
    So much for Belgium ....
    The too little Saab 900 II were there, I can only explain myself so that many have not bought this Opel waste in the past and if so, not long. Just look at the various car portals for used. The 900 II is like "sour beer" at low prices (compared to its Opelpedant and its predecessor the 900 I) in there.
    Honestly, I would not buy one, because its design was and is modest and that was not a "real" SAAB! Neither in the engine, nor in the body, what the longevity, safety ect. was concerned ...

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