SAAB Blogger on Vacation: Review of Saab Events 2 / 2

It continues in the second part of the Saab events with a look at the brand rights, China and how our Saab Story could continue in Sweden. Finally, we'll talk about the scientific evidence that Saab has the best fans.

Who can use the Greif and the Saab logo in the future?

Electric Saab from China

A curious story is in China. BAIC allegedly has the Electric C60EV, based on the Saab 9-3, ready for series. Quite a few people doubt this and assume that these are cars that BAIC bought in Sweden. Boston Power, former Saab development partner, is now docking with BAIC. Together they want to electrify the C70, which is based on the old Saab 9-5, and bring it to market. With a new generation of batteries, the former 9-5, unlike the 9-3, does not need separate cooling and is supposed to run 100 miles on electricity. The battery life is specified by Boston Power as 4 years, the charging time is 8 hours.

Why is BAIC developing a new type with Boston Power, of which they want to sell some 100 units a year when the Elektro 9-3 is ready for the series. Or is he not and everything is, as expected, a fake? The answer only knows BAIC.

And again C70

Was not there something? Right, there are the Volvo C70. The tin roof Cabriolet from Udevalla and its builders are not enthusiastic about a Saab descendant with the name C70 which is to run off the line at BAIC. Volvo seeks dialogue with BAIC and does not want to see its model name on another make. Understandable, but it took a long time to get noticed in Gothenburg. Because at the end of the year, the BAIC C70 will go into production.

But maybe it is because Volvo has many open construction sites. Problems in the management, egg time with the owners from China and a looming billions in financing gap at the end of the year. In addition a halting production and the worsening crisis of the European auto industry. The Gothenburgians are really plaguing other problems. July was a horror month. In China, 28,4 sold fewer vehicles than a year ago, while competitors rallied strongly. Lexus as a direct competitor was able to increase sales by more than 100%. Good news for Gothenburg from USA. 2.2% more cars were registered there, which is only a weak ray of hope. The overall market grew by 8.9%.

The press in Sweden is still (still) silent. Traditional relationships that Volvo always had, unlike Saab, are responsible for that. There is still no fire under the Gothenburg roof, but the danger is increasing.

NEVS does not get the griffin ...

No surprise to us. The Scania Group has finally banned the speculator NEVS from using the royal griffin. The global commercial vehicle group does not want to make its trademark available to a Chinese consortium. The responsibility for the Scania brand and the doubts about NEVS are too great. A decision that we see with applause. Because better no more cars with the griffin than "our" trademark on any China manufacturer.

Saab AB has not yet commented on it, but outside of the press clearly stated that the Saab lettering "... does not want to be seen on Chinese products that collapse in the crash test ...". This means that the Saab adventure from NEVS, if it was ever really considered, has been put aside. Because apart from declarations of intent and a deposit, nothing has happened so far. The NEVS website, which should be updated with recruiting lists in early August, is still orphaned. With our friends in Sweden, NEVS has always been, and still is, a placeholder and a diversionary maneuver.

And, I have to say it again, in Sweden and in Saab circles one is not dissatisfied with the work of lawyers. For us maybe not always understandable but the Swedes are closer. Until proof to the contrary, we should remain objective and abstain from the polemics that have been maintained on some pages in recent days.

Saab Parts AB will keep a grip…

Should the National Debt Administration really take over Saab Parts AB in Nyköping in September, which is not yet certain, alternative solutions are under discussion, then Scania would have nothing against the use of the griffin continue to allow. The Saab Parts Ab, according to Scania, supplies parts for cars that are already on the road. It is also a question of respect for customers. At the same time, the National Debt Administration is also in talks with Saab AB about the further use of the brand name. Apart from a confirmation that negotiations will be held there is no opinion.

And how it continues ...

Swedish friends are of the opinion that in reality everything has already been done and only the contracts are still to be finalized. There is much to suggest that you are right. That at least Saab technology will live on and that the Phoenix platform and the new little Saab will have a future is also considered certain. How the exact constellation will be, whether the brand name will be filled with new life, nobody can (or will) say with certainty at the moment. Everything points to an end to the drama in September, whatever the lawyers' schedule was. Our friend we call Radio Stockholm confirmed that last week. Important Saab dates and decisions have been moved from August to September in Sweden.

And the shot: Saab has the most loyal fans!

At the Saab meeting in Spa we could feel the enthusiasm of the fans for the brand. Saab lives in our automotive hearts and now there is scientific confirmation. The Ruhr-University Bochum has evaluated forums and sees our brand in first place ahead of Audi, Volvo, BMW and Mini. An interesting story, because the two companies from Germany in particular spend enormous sums of money on “social media” acceptance. Mini itself has been an ingenious marketing story made by BMW right from the start and the Munich-based company did everything right. But money is not everything and so the little brand from Sweden comes first. No question for us. We've always known it one way or another.



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      Worldwide sales increased by 20,3 percent to 449.255 units
      Volvo Car Germany increases by 31,4 percent

      I forgot. So and now continue Saab (-:

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        Volvo in Germany -24.2% in July 2012, in year-4,4%. Source KBA. Please argue with correct numbers. In addition, it is not a Volvo blog, even if we have the Gothenburg brand under control for the occasion.

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          But this is a general problem of the automotive industry with few exceptions. Most brands have double digits in July including Merceds and BMW.

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            But “Volvo car approves by 31,4% in Germany” is definitely not true - where do these numbers come from?

            Volvo is declining both in Germany and in other countries - in the USA they are lagging behind the other comparable automakers with a minimal rate of increase (there are sometimes huge increases - example: Lexus).

            In addition, Volvo is far from being an alternative for all SAAB owners - as you suspected.

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              So it is, we on the blog have been watching for some time where Saab drivers migrate - when they leave the brand. We actually bet on Volvo, but that's not true. The observation of the last few months comes, especially for me, more than surprising and the article is in production.

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    PS: Something like that but otherwise so cool and far-sighted blog did not need. Otherwise, please keep it up. A similarly good (German) source of information about this wonderful brand is not found on the net otherwise.

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    Why is this (not proven by sources) cross bullet against VOLVO always necessary? Is it meant to be used to distract from the lousy situation of your “own” brand? Are inferiority complexes supposed to be defeated? VOLVO is healthy and has started a very successful model offensive. Even the gossip in the blog entries, which are otherwise very readable, doesn't change anything. One should rather be happy that there is still an intact and future-oriented Scandinavian car brand. Let's hope that one day we can say that about Saab again.

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      Note / Sources: The headline "Ice Age in the Executive Floor" and its content comes from the Dagens Industri Print edition of June 20.06.12, 15.08 and the poor sales figures "July katastrofmånad för Volvo PV" also from Dagens Industri on August XNUMX. Dagens Industri is traditionally Volvo friendly.

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    Good morning Saab community,
    how close the events develop to each other. Scania denies NEVS the trademark rights at a time when VW as a result of its own corporate conversion people of their daughter Scania on the board of the group.
    Of course that does not mean anything.
    But it is also clear what NEVS stands for and stands for. I posted it weeks ago.
    Not Enough Vehicles Sold, or Not Even Vehicles Sold.

    Greetings from Koblenz ..


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    Thanks for the great reports - the start into everyday working life stalled a little, but it was extremely interesting 😉
    Was it really time that your vacation ends !!!!!


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    Nice that finally there is something to read. It remains exciting to our favorite brand.
    Keep up the good work Tom !!!!

    Regards Ralf

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    Welcome back.
    Incidentally, I like the shot of Scania, at least a little.

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    Hello Tom.
    Welcome back and thank you for the report. Exciting, as always….
    Best regards

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    Man, the report did right GU T.

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    Good morning.

    Hmmm ... I don't quite understand why NEVS should only be “placeholders and diversionary maneuvers”.
    If there was still someone or something else for Saab, it would certainly have been published / "processed" by the deadlines, right?
    I do not want to know how much unnecessary time and money was wasted.

    But no matter, if it's true, what is hinted here, I would of course be very happy.
    At least the text makes me hope again.
    I'm looking forward to the near future ... 😉

    @ Tom
    I hope you had a nice holiday !?
    Finally the "blogless" time is over (the morning espresso with mirror, picture & Co. tastes only half as good)!

    PS and off-topic:
    My eagerly awaited visit to Sweden was unfortunately not here in D. the weekend before last. Now I'll have to wait a little longer ... Shit! ;-(

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      Dear mac9-5, it was a kind of “home vacation” with a lot of time for family and good friends. We have recovered well and the blogless time is over for now, your espresso is safe. It doesn't look like we're running out of issues. Our Swedish thriller has yet to come to an end.

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        I hope, of course, that we will not only find an end with Saab "soon", but also have a decent happy ending (Sweden crime novels usually have it too, right) !!! 🙂

        And tomorrow a fresh bean will be torn open and the "Rocky" circled full of anticipation for "the daily ritual" !!!! 😉

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    I'll give you a tip in the direction of 9-1 + 9-3: Since the statement of the Youngman Lotus lawyer (was announced for August) is still pending, I assume that possibly Youngman Lotus here yet to the course comes. The currently suspicious rest on the part of this large corporation was otherwise unusual.

    If I suspect correctly, the new, small vehicle types should of course also be produced in Trollhättan - I'll be curious to see whether it will come that way.

    Greetings from Hamburg

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    Nice that he is back and write that he has not forgotten on vacation ;-). We look forward to many more SAAB stories.

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    Tom, a feast for the eyes to read your reports on the blog, you have already considered weighing the Saabstory as Krimmi for sale, I would order a book right away

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