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  • Wow ... I want something like that too (if necessary also in red, purple, pink, etc.) !!!!

    recently saw on the well-known online car markets that a car dealership from Kiel, Flensburg or similar. so offered an imported ....

    As stated in Bremen itself, the 9-4x is already a great car !!!!

  • The part is super cool.

  • Hi Tom,
    should we worry?
    (Family growth) ????

  • If it is his new SAAB then my envy is with him

  • Want to have, as one says neudeutsch! Where is this? and at what price?

    • Such a red 9-4x is even rarer than any 9-4x, since only one or two have been built as pre-production models in this color.

      But I agree, in (Cadillac) red the 9-4x looks extremely cool !!!

      • The 2 red aeros this gives are no pre-production models but quite regularly built vehicles before the color pigments were no longer available due to the Japanese disaster. But there are only 2 vehicles that were regularly produced in this color.

  • Tom, what's up with the 9-4x?

  • The color is awesome! The SAAB course also 🙂

  • I'm curious 😉

  • Fabulous vehicle. On mobile.de there are also 4 pieces to purchase. Of course not in such a great color. A pity about this car. If you had the necessary small change (50k plus!) And the certainty, even in the future to get spare parts .... * Dream *

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