SAAB News: Nothing On Earth Comes Close

He worked for Saab and he gave us works like "Top Gun". Tony Scott, the grandmaster of many action films, will never forget us. On the night of Monday, 68's life took over, but his works continue to exist. At the beginning of the 80 years, in the middle of the wild "Turbo Years", Scott worked for the cult brand from Trollhättan. "Nothing On Earth Comes Close" is the name of the Saab commercial.

Nothing On Earth Comes Close: Saab 900 Turbo

And Scott was right. Saab and the turbo legend are incomparable. I still remember my first Saab contact in a Saab 900 Turbo steep-section. There was nothing comparable at the time which was even nearly as cool as this turbo from Sweden.

Born from Jets was more than a slogan from the marketing box. It was reality.

Rest in peace Tony Scott. And thanks for the movies!

Beijing car Shenbao D280

Our eyes continue on to China, where the Beijing Auto Shenbao D280 is waiting for its start of production. D280 is the name of the production version of the C70, which is based on the old Saab 9-5 platform. No matter what the vehicle is called, the Chinese violate existing trademark rights. BAIC is using the term "C70" for the design of Volvo, as the Uddevalla Cabriolet roofing bears the same name. And me the name "Shenbao" penetrates the car maker from the capital into the environment of Saab AB. Because "Shenbao" is the regional translation for "Saab".

Unpleasant in any case and it wonders why the Chinese for decades have not learned to respect Western rights. They export their products to our countries, they want to be welcomed as investors with open arms. But they are not able to accept our rules.

BAIC C70 or D280 in production version

On the 30. September starts series production with the 2.0 liter turbo, when the 2.3 liter comes is unclear. Actually, we do not care, because the production version has - I say well - with a Saab nothing more to do. The autosite "car Home"From China has published pictures of the production version, including interiors for the first time. The complete interior design has been completely redesigned and has become very arbitrary and no recognizable design philosophy. The D280 or C70 has at least no optical Saab DNA far and wide and is therefore, fortunately, not a visual clone of the brand from Sweden.

Impressions from Trollhättan

Almost no change in the situation in Saab City. Readers and Saab fan Mathias, who has recently started using a Saab Turbo X in his family, is currently on the road in Trollhättan. In a short mail he has described his impressions. He has good news from the Saab Museum. It fills, he writes, the museum shop. There is now finally and after a long time more souvenirs to buy, such as watches, posters or books. One more reason to spend the Saab collection!

At the work itself, it still looks bleak. The Saab flags, which blew proudly in the wind on our last visit, are gone and only a few prototypes are left and forgotten in the parking lot. It's a ghostly void on the grounds. Thank you Mathias for the mail!

The work is on hold and looks sad too. The lawyers have done their job as far as the factory is concerned and the site would be swept clean for a new owner who could move in at any time. Former Saab employees who work for the administrators are on vacation or have completed their assignments and are now looking for a new job.

The question that arises is the following: Who brings the work out of its sleep? And when? We will see.


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  • There is still a flawless version on Youtube - patient searching helps. Either this is a variant for the English market, or someone has rumgeschnipselt itself off.

  • I noticed the following:

    First, the driver goes to the right, then suddenly climbs in on the other side (as far as logical, since there is also the ventilation slot), is then suddenly right again (viewed from the front, scene in which closes the window) to then there with the car (which has suddenly mutated to Saab 9000) to drive out (in the next scene from the front it's again an 900, and again he sits on the other side).

    I think that takes a lot of good performance from the movie ...

  • Thanks ... I also have a good optician, I'll ask.

    Incidentally, the spot is available in several versions, someone has noticed that the driver while right takes and seats (as if he would drive a British version), then after the cut and for the rest of the spot but left (ie continental European) sits ?

  • Hello PhiBo!
    Have a look in the time lapse times would have the aviator of RayBan in silver. Was there at that time and still exists.
    Is the "original" aviator sunglasses - which would be logical for the film.
    Can I get you cheap, have an optics shop.
    Greetings, Torsten

  • I agree with Torsten - gooseflesh feeling is guaranteed with this film. Unbelievably long for today's conditions with almost two minutes playing time, but also incredibly intense. At least now everyone knows how I celebrate every morning the exit from the garage

    Does the driver's sunglasses actually exist somewhere to buy?

  • Man, Tom!
    What a brilliant commercial. Since I get Gaensehaut as 900er Junkie.
    A tragedy that killed Toni Scott. I would have liked to meet him at a Saab meeting.

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