Saab Event: Sachsen Classik and Cabrio Rallye

The Sachsen Classik 2012 is history. At the weekend, almost 190 historic vehicles drove across Saxony's streets. Among them three Saab. After 615 kilometers and 20 special stages as well as 19 time controls, the team from the Mobilforum Dresden with Michael Hesse and Tobias Kaboth made it into the top ten as announced. Congratulations - a respectable ninth place.

We were at the track. Shortly behind Grimma and in Zwenkau around the cape. The mood was unique. The streets lined with waving and cheering people. Our short film should convey an impression of the track.

The next Saab event is already on Saturday. The Convertible Rally in Saxony is also organized by the mobile forum. We are with the start number 93. So far 11 Saab have been reported. Let's see if we manage to blog live. Otherwise comes a video on the weekend.

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  • With cool SAAB music, I like it!

  • well done !!!!!!!
    Until Saturday.

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