SAAB News: Lawyers around the SAAB topic

Spyker vs GM and BMW vs Saab Parts AB. Actually interesting only for lawyers, these are in business and some could make good money, because the amounts in dispute are considerable. We can not completely ignore the topic, because it is also written on other pages, but not always the backgrounds are displayed correctly. Let's summarize the legal events of the sideshops this week.

Spyker vs GM

General Motors is under considerable pressure in the United States. Editorials in various media have already speculated about bankruptcy 2.0 and deny the future viability of the GM model range. Spyker is suing GM for 3 billion in damages from the Saab bankruptcy and Spyker is not alone in the campaign against Detroit.

Until the 28. August GM has time to comment, now the deadline on demand until the 28. September extended. So it does not seem so easy to argue with Spyker's lawsuit.

BMW vs SAAB Parts AB

Not quite as spectacular is the amount in dispute in the second case and none of the opponents would come through the sum in trouble. This week, BMW filed a lawsuit against Saab Parts AB in Nyköping. These are outstanding receivables of 2.6 million €, resulting from engines and component delivery to Saab Automobile AB. Saab developed from September 2010 based on the expiring Mini a new, small Saab and tested BMW engine technology in several model series. The activities with BMW in the engine segment, however, are a chapter in themselves and not the subject of the article.

Actually, this lawsuit would be pointless and not worth a line if it did not have a specific background. Because Saab Parts AB and Saab Automobile AB are legally separated and thus the BMW lawsuit would be doomed to failure. But the BMW lawyers understand their craft and have found a possible, very special loophole.

In the administrative chaos of the Victor Muller era, there were often unconventional agreements. Also with BMW it should have been so. The Saab Automobil Group and BMW met one month after the beginning of the cooperation, in October 2010, against the background of the worsening liquidity crisis, another, additional agreement.

This unusual arrangement on which the lawsuit is based says that "… The most efficient part of the (Saab) group is automatically the invoice recipient ..”In plain language: Whoever has money in the Saab daughters' account, pays. Not the one who ordered and received the goods or services. An agreement to the detriment of healthy daughters, such as the Saab Powertrain AB and the Saab Parts AB.

With this, Saab wanted to avoid the problem of the already limited liquidity at Automobil AB. Shortly after the agreement was made, according to our sources, the Saab Powertrain AB paid a bill from Munich for parts which had gone to the Automobile AB. The supplier thus sees the agreement in force and consequently makes a claim. As far as our Swedish friends on this topic.

That is the complaint BMW vs Saab Parts AB is singular, because this agreement was unique. The facts are well known in Saab circles and no secret. However, the complaint does not, as in other German-language pages polemically a claim potential for other Saab suppliers against the Saab Parts AB dar.

Whether it is successful at all lies with the judges and the exact wording of the agreement reached should be the decisive factor. It will be exciting for the court in Nyköping only for us when it comes to the whereabouts of the delivered engines. But maybe somebody will tell, maybe in September, this story.

What happens next week ...

The next week Mark and I will continue to write about the Saab topic. But not only. Because we are devoting ourselves intensively to a new car brand and the blog is experiencing a premiere. Another brand on - shocking? We will see, it will definitely be very exciting!


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  • As a company car I had an Opel Omega at times - terrible driving behavior compared to front-wheel drive !!

    Rear-wheel drive, as written, I still think in the winter (despite helpers) for disabled.

    Greeting Detlef Rudolf

  • Hello Rudolf,

    I just wanted a rear-wheel drive car, but with a front-wheel drive car the drive influences can be felt very clearly. Drive with rear-wheel drive for a while and you will notice how easy it is to steer and stay in lane.

    As far as the winter suitability is concerned, I do not consider your opinion to be correct

    Gruß Joachim

  • I hope you do not look outside the box to Fisker. The story will be much shorter than that of Saab!

  • But just maybe

  • Dear BMW friends, please read the last car picture issue with the USA crash test results !!! Still good trip with your Nobelmarken !!!

  • 5s all well and good, but everyone has that ...

  • Ok thank you, then continue to look forward to the future. As someone said before the last Saabs land to the junk press, he needs no more cars. If you think so, I (we) have
    5 Saabs, the youngest 2002, so from today's perspective I have 8 years to get me second hand. and 2022 becomes my youngest
    20J be old, like my current CSE. So do not panic, were white
    maybe 2022 will not give it any gas at all. Now I have to make a 100km long drive, in the noiseless V6, buttery soft automatic and ventilated leather and beautiful music, so everything clear
    have a nice weekend, everyone ! (ps the V6 has gas system)

  • @all: What we do next week is just the famous view outside the box. We are presenting the vehicle to a new car brand, which has only been available in Europe for a few weeks, in great detail and testing it. But we remain loyal to the Trollhättan brand and keep writing about it!

  • Oh Tom, will the blog be buried? That could only mean Saab will be pretty dead. What a horror. One year ago we were all here too. This community has never been so formed and preserved in any other. Now we can only buy new Saab in the format 1: 43. I really ask for quick education and new information

  • If you want to be on the road well in the harsh winter, you should stay away from all rear-wheel drive cars - despite the many helpers, you can never get to front-wheel drive vehicles!

    So dear Joachim, please do not advertise vehicles that are not suitable for winter here in the blog - I sat in the newer BMW myself (with my brother-in-law) and saw how this car could not climb a slight icy slope despite winter tires - simply impossible!

  • … ..By the way, your 9090 Series can't reach my New Holland CR 5 either.

  • …… ..and certainly not with the ”SPIRIT”.

  • I'm afraid someone did not quite understand something.
    If it were (just) about cars, it would not have needed the blog.

  • New brand? No more SAABblog? I'm confused! 😉

  • Tom, I have this worry

  • Just buy BMW

    At the current 5ér is a Saab never ran.


  • A new brand?!? hmm is Tom saying goodbye to Saab?

  • Hello Tom. Do you mean Qoros?
    Lg - Klaus.

  • It's kind of mean to throw us such a small appetizer shortly before the weekend, but only then provide the bowl with the food the next time! 😉 😉

  • Full approval - we have heard many things from friends and acquaintances about the declining quality of German luxury brands in the last few weeks.

  • New car brand? Now it's getting difficult. Maybe something Indian or Chinese? BAIC SAAB? Oh man!

  • Cars as good as Saab are no longer produced today

  • Tom and Mark make it exciting again. New car brand sounds promising and we look forward to next week

  • A new car brand? Any serious alternative to SAAB? Do they exist?
    (I would need a good tip for an automotive alternative in about 10-15 years - if I have to sell my last Saab for reasons of age ... ;-)

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