SAAB weekend: rally - regulars' table - construction project!

How does the Saab community spend their weekend? For some, a Saab is just a means of transportation, for others it can be the most beautiful hobby in the world. Accordingly, you live your hobby “Saab crazy” in different ways. Mark had chosen the easiest way to get around over the weekend. The team was on the road in the Saab 9-3 Cabriolet at the Convertible Rallye Saxony.

Convertible Rallye Sachsen, lunch break

Cool cabriolet weather with lots of sunshine, and more than 10 Saab Cabriolets were on the track. The Wegewitz / Wegewitz team had it well. A report follows ...

The Saab friends met in Frankfurt and Bebra for the monthly Saab round table, and of course “Saab” was spoken. The regional Frankfurt “Saab Club Rhein-Main” met in the traditional forest restaurant Oberschweinstiege. The regional regulars' tables and clubs are organized in the 1st German Saab Club, which forms a kind of umbrella organization. The clubs are becoming increasingly important in the current Saab situation, as they often represent a point of contact for Saab drivers of classic cars from Trollhättan who are looking for help.

Saab friends Rhine-Main, meeting in the restaurant Oberschweinstiege

In addition to the 1st German Saab Club there are - and I admit that we have neglected them so far - the also very dedicated Saab Friends Erftkreis, which are the second most important club in Germany.

There are activities related to our passion there too, and Saab teams took part in the “Graf Berghe von Trips” memorial trip last weekend.

Finally, the question remains as to what Saab bloggers will do on the weekend. Of course, there is, contrary to all assumptions, a life beyond Saab, but also in our family is in the scarce free time very often the cult brand from Sweden in the center of activities. While Mark was basking in his cabriolet, hard work was needed in northern Bavaria.

Almost done: Saab Hall

Our “Saab hall”, not our only Saab-heavy leisure activity, is about to be completed, currently I work as a plasterer 🙂 The Saab sign for the sliding gates is already there and only needs to be installed. Then we will have enough space for our hobby even in winter and maybe there will be a new Saab project at some point. You never know…


Pictures: (2), Wolfgang Messer (1)


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  • Hi Tom,
    great your new garage.LGHH

  • Hey Tom.

    What does it mean: "While Mark was basking." That was hard work as a passenger !!

    LG M

    • After all, they say in rallies: "The brain is on the right." 😉

      Complete agreement

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