SAAB News: Good news & bizarre news

Good news for us Saab driver, who admitted from Saab-critical source, come from Sweden. Dagens Industri reports on Saab Parts AB. Even more, in part ridiculous news, about the cult brand from Trollhättan went through the Swedish press in recent days. NEVS, Youngmann, GM and Spyker are back on board. The summer hole is over, the media have rediscovered Saab. Let's start with the Svenska Dagbaldet.

Saab is part of the Swedish soul ...

Jonas Fröberg, editor-in-chief at Svenska Dagbladet, sees a bleak scenario for Rüsselsheim and GM. Fröberg has fought for Saab in the past and wrote for Saab. He accompanied the sales negotiations between GM and Spyker and is well connected in politics. Now he is comparing Opel's situation with that of Saab, taking into account the importance for both countries.

Opel, he writes, lost € 500,00 per car last year. Currently and against the background of falling sales, it will be much more. We are talking about a loss of at least € 1.000,00 to € 1.500,00 per car. The US is GM's shareholder with 32% and will not stand idly by in this scenario. Because once before a GM boss stood in front of the congress and didn't know the answer to the question of how he intended to limit the escalating losses. You don't want to see this scenario again in front of the public.

GM is also slowing down noticeably in America and elections are in November. The situation of Opel, since 13 years without profit, is comparable to that of Saab even if the financial situation is not yet so precarious. 14 has lost 1999 billion dollars at Opel since XNUMX and now it should be over.

Opel has, no doubt, the best cars in years. But Opel will disappear because there is simply no solution to the problem. An increase in production? Locked out. On the growth markets Opel is not allowed, there would be competition with other GM brands, but in Europe, the market is shrinking. Alternatively, the closure of two works? In Central Europe politically impossible and too expensive.

The US state has lost $ 10 billion in taxpayer money at GM since the rescue, due to the falling stock price, and the patience in Washington is limited.

What, says Fröberg, is the loss of Opel for Germany? Car brands are always connected with emotions. For Saab, the loss of Saab was painful, because like Volvo, Saab is part of the Swedish soul. The loss of 3.500 jobs at Saab was, for the small country, per capita, a worse cut than the 20.000 Opel jobs would be for Germany. If Opel is part of the German soul, Fröberg wonders.

No, he says, Opel is not part of the German soul. Mercedes, BMW and Volkswagen reflect the soul of our country again. Opel not, Opel is GM. Opel can go.

That's Fröberg's opinion and his view from Sweden to Germany. He gets to the point. If the situation of GM continues to deteriorate, then Opel will be unstoppable.

Dagens Industri on the Saab Parts AB

Dagens Industri is known not Saab-friendly. At the weekend, the development in Nyköping was highlighted and came to the gratifying conclusion that the spare parts situation at Saab has been steadily improving for months. According to Saab Parts CEO Lennart Ståhl, availability is at 98% and any remaining gaps are closed.

It is not concealed that there are open construction sites. The windshield for the Saab 9-5 II is one of the topics we are currently working on. But that will change in the next few weeks, many suppliers needed after the bankruptcy of the Automobile AB time to close new contracts and start production. Other suppliers have completely disappeared, alternatives had to be sought.

Dagens Industri achieves a positive result and receiving praise for this critical publication is a special treat.

An open word in terms of Saab spare parts

The blog is not only harmony and if we write about spare parts, then an open word which is due for a long time, appropriate. Because the world is small and round and the Saab world is much smaller and the Saab customer is mature. Many Saab partners burn for the brand, you can see it on the ad on our blog. But unfortunately there are also some black sheep among the traders.

When looking for spare parts, Saab drivers often end up with me or Mark and then annoying things come to light. Some dealers, we don't want to name names and as I said, exceptions, seem to have little desire to order spare parts in Nyköping. Customers are sent from the farm with the statement ".... Saab can't deliver, bankruptcy, you already know ..“An absolute nuisance. It's just stupid if we provide a contact who can deliver.

The affected dealer loses credibility, harms his own business. He is the real loser. How about the truth, dear dealer?

Following suggestion: Just tell the customer that they only send a bulk order to Sweden once a month. We customers will understand, because we are patient. Collect the orders or whatever, do not bust your business. Because the customer, who is now angry driving from the farm, will not come back at the next inspection and fill their box office.

NEVS has no money ...

No, it's no surprise. The financing of NEVS still is not and the fulfillment of the contracts is still waiting. Radio PV 4 Väst reported this yesterday and the NEVS story continues into September. What we think about NEVS is well known. Whether it even comes to a successful conclusion more than questionable.

Youngman back on stage ...

The most bizarre news of the last few days comes from Youngman and Spyker. Both companies want Victor Muller's age Spyker D8 project and bring the Saab Phoenix platform to production maturity. Spyker and Lotus Youngman have now signed a letter of intent from a joint venture, the text of which was published by Saabsunited's friends.

With 10 million, Youngman wants to join Spyker and then invest 25 millions in a joint development company to complete the D8. In the second step, another joint venture based on the Saab Phoenix platform is to manufacture premium models. So far, so weird.

For one thing, Spyker is nothing more than an empty shell without developmental competence. On the other hand, Lotus Youngman owns only the liens on two modules of the Phoenix platform. The rest, ie 10 modules, are owned by the insolvency administrators. At least until appropriate sales agreements have been signed and fulfilled. And the D8, for which Spyker already calls the price of 250.000 € per car, will probably be good 8 years to maturity.

A typical Muller story. Or a typical Monday. Or just marketing. Quirky in any case. Let's see how our week develops ...


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    Thanks for the answer. LG

  • I totally agree! I'm sorry for all Opel employees ... (I have some in the neighborhood)

  • Well no matter I have answered you here.

  • Thilo, sorry but the luxury tax for electric cars will come! Or what do you mean when more and more cars of this kind are allowed to drive in environmental zones, pay little or no vehicle tax, the workshops no longer have any jobs and thus VAT. and petroleum tax would be less….

  • What Tom writes about the comparison Opel / Saab is unfortunately correct. Unfortunately, Opel has not consistently carried out the development and improvement of their vehicles. We do not talk about the design at all. What this is in my opinion is pure speculation. The approach of GM is really a reflection of Saab history. Opel will be gone in my opinion in the latest 3-4 years. The segment which Opel should fill out have (also in Germany) already adopted the Chevroletmodelle (formerly Daewoo) from Korea.
    How to do it right Ford has shown us in recent years. But for Opel it seems too late. Unfortunately

  • Should be at castriota in the design studio! Unfortunately you will not be able to see him in the museum.

  • Hi

    On October 22.10nd - October 27.10th I'll be in Sweden. In Trollhättan.
    I have been to the Saab Museum many times and missed the Phoenix last year. Is the phoenix still traveling around the world or is it somewhere in Sweden? I want to see him in the museum.

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  • For me, Saab stands for innovative, safe and environmentally friendly cars that provide a lot of driving pleasure. The reason for buying my first Saab, an 9000 Turbo M89, was first and foremost the security offered.

    Pleasant was that a Saab was always a bit difficult to classify, understatement was included. Few knew at that time that the cars had new prices between 70 and 80T DM and thus were on the level of an E-class.

    Environmental friendliness: A reason in the winter 1992 / 93 in my meanwhile come 96 V4 to retrofit a regulated Kat (which still does its job today).

    An electric car with more than 200km range would be very welcome, especially since the power for me is almost 100% produced by hydropower, there is free parking with charging possibility at work and also the approximately 100% luxury tax on normal cars in electric cars does not apply

    An electrosab would be very welcome!

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