SAAB News: Rumors from Sweden

The Saab rumor mill is simmering, and it all started today with an article on Dagens Industri. Saab investor NEVS is alleged to have funding problems or delays. The Saab administrators have now set an ultimatum for Friday, according to Dagens Industri. Actually, we want to stay out of such stories, but since several websites are simmering on this topic, we also have some reassuring words from us.

NEVS press spokesman Johan Andersson immediately denied the report and emphasized that his employer had the necessary funds to fulfill the contracts and implement the business plan. The deal will be concluded “very soon”.

Be that as it may ... Phone calls with friends from Sweden and insiders did not help us today either, and so we are relatively perplexed. Because for 72 hours we have been hearing stories that can be classified under “fantastic”, “crazy” or “bizarre”. Victor Muller added a lot yesterday, and all the usual suspects of the past few months are said to be somehow involved and on board.

Only the actors, who should actually have the perspective, hear nothing. Anne-Marie Pouteaux and Hans Bergqvist are silent. How long, that's the question. Because now, well recovered from the summer holidays back, creates something like a media pressure in Sweden. That can not be wrong, because on the one hand the time is running out, on the other hand there are many open questions.

Only time slots have been confirmed and we hope for a final soon. Whether with NEVS or other parties and whether as a Saab rebirth ... that is the question that nobody wants to answer for now. But something is only decided when the signatures of Pouteaux and Bergqvist have dried on the contracts. Before that, it's all pure speculation, which we've had enough in the last few months. So let's stay cool now in the final sprint, regardless of what is speculated in the press. We are world champions in that.


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  • blank

    Interesting report! If it's the E-Mobiel affordable, we buy not only an e-mobile SportCombi (preferably based on a Saab 9-3 III!), But also an extra photovoltaic system!

    Best regards and sunny times!

  • I just got my 48. Saab 9-3 x 180 PS, which make 35.000 km service.
    No problem has occurred. I bought the car again in Dec. 2011, still hope that I also have a new 49. Get Saab.
    Helmut Lackinger, Melk, Austria

    • blank

      Then you are me at the moment 47 Saab in advance;). Joking aside: I hope that we can buy our 2 Saab and a few afterwards ... Then I also hope that my parents treat themselves to their 4th Saab!


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