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Mark made a short video sequence of Fisker Karma when we visited Halstenbek. The Karma drives in “stealth mode” across the company premises and the sound of the noise generator can be heard well. That was it, at least for now, with the topic of Fisker on our blog. We are keeping an eye on the brand and will provide a very personal assessment next week.

Our thanks go to Masoud Etehad, who has taken a lot of time for himself and to the team of his dealership. It is always a special pleasure for us to be a guest!



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    Anything that costs about 100.000 €, most of us can not afford. In addition, many need a station wagon or SUV. I looked at the Tesla X on the website. Does not look uninteresting, but you have to pay 4.000-30.000 € reservation fee.

    I hope that in max. 5 years of affordable, beautiful e-cars / hybrid cars from Saab. Otherwise ours will be driven until it is no longer possible….

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      I see both Fisker Karma and the Tesla models not as the end of the flagpole, or the last word in electromobility, but rather as practical feasibility studies. Sure the price is high, but for a car of comparable type with conventional drive not much less money is due. In this respect, both models prove that electric cars can be more than small and micro cars with minimum range.

      The truth is somewhere in between, but it seems doable. I would be interested in the shooting brake version, which is nothing more than a classy combination - and how much the load can be increased with the same battery dimensions. It should be possible to weigh more than 280 kg so that these cars don't just remain luxury toys.

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    Nice contribution to the automotive future. The price-performance ratio is very high for a product with unknown manufacturer name. Marketing will not be easy.

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    Just like the Fisker Karma, a SAAB electric car should not be designed - if the payload (262 kg) is correct, not even 4 adults with 75 kg each could ride.

    In addition, the volume of the trunk and the passenger compartment are too small for a 100.000,00 euro car - there is not much you can do with!

    Somehow the shape doesn't tear you off your feet either - I think a 9-3 convertible from the last series is more successful.

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    It's like an airplane flying by ... really impressive.

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    On dry roads it would have been even more impressive. Great car!!!

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    I love this car. So nice and smart

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