SAAB Talk: Saab internal - a look behind the scenes in Eschborn

About 60.000 Saabs are on our roads, and the Saab partners are making sure we can rely on our cars. As we have written this week, and confirmed by an independent source, the supply of spare parts has been steadily improving in recent months. That this remains so, the Saab Parts Team takes care of in Eschborn. What's going on behind the scenes is what we are talking about in today's Saab Talk.

Saab Parts AB extends supply agreements

Actually, at the end of September, the current supply agreements between Saab Parts AB and the German service partners would expire. Because the agreements were, in anticipation of a permanent solution until the summer, limited in time and should be replaced with a change of ownership of perpetual contracts. A solution in Sweden is, as we know, still not in a dry towel. Formulating contracts takes time, and traders and customers may spend some time in a legal vacuum.

That was definitely to be avoided, and so the supply agreements were extended into the year 2013. If there is a change of ownership, these can be prematurely replaced by permanent contracts.

A good and pragmatic solution, which in the current situation represents what is feasible. Saab service partners and Saab customers can continue to rely on the network of Saab Parts AB in the future.

Saab Parts branch in Eschborn permanently responsible for Austria

In the past Austria had its own small country team. With the bankruptcy petition of Saab Automobile AB, the team broke up, the Alpine republic was temporarily not managed and then temporarily from Sweden. Since the 01.06. Austria is temporarily cared for from Eschborn.

The temporary solution will now become a permanent facility, and Saab drivers in our neighboring country will be happy, because it goes a bit further towards normality and stability. Saab partners from Austria will from now on have their permanent contact person in Eschborn, which makes sense. Because in recent years, various actions for both countries have been coordinated together.

Positive news? Positive news!

I particularly like to write about positive developments at Saab, as we have had enough other reports in the past. The business of the German branch is doing well, and we are at the forefront in the international comparison. For the fall we will hear more from Saab Parts AB, because very interesting actions are planned. The internal Flurfunk also reports that personnel recruitment is planned, which is good news. This is also another thing that has come to my ears. The network of service partners will continue to develop in the coming months, with additional companies showing interest.

All this sounds good and strengthens the importance of the German market in the Saab world. If the internal flood radio in Eschborn is right and if the service network and the staff of Saab Country Director Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher are strengthened, then the crisis is behind us, at least in after-sales, and the future is strengthened. There are even more reasons to drive a Saab.