SAAB Art: Saab 99 by Roy Chui (not only ...)

Our friend Roy Chui is a self-confessed Saab fan and the creative mind behind the monthly Saab calendar sheets that, as we know, are no longer from Trollhättan. Roy Chui lives Saab every day and the brand from Sweden has become an important part of his life. Now the artist from Hong Kong is auctioning exclusive Saab paintings on Ebay.

Roy Chui: Saab 99 rally

Included are a Saab 99 Rally, a Saab 900 Turbo in Rally Trim and a limited Saab 96 edition. My personal favorite would be the Saab 99…! For fans of the cult brand a rare opportunity for a very special Saab gift.

Not every Saab fan is as lucky as Peter. His wife gave him a very special present for his birthday, and so there was a painting she made of his Saab 9-3 2.8T Aero sports suit.

Peter is really lucky, because it couldn't be more individual, and I think the picture is just great. It is nice when the family supports us in the most beautiful way in the world. This is clearly the legendary “Saab Spirit”, which is only available from the brand with the Griffin. Many thanks to Peter for the photo and a nice holiday!



2 thoughts on "SAAB Art: Saab 99 by Roy Chui (not only ...)"

  • I'll be happy to give you Tom,
    The calendar pictures are just great, I always wait with curiosity for the next.

  • Please ask Roy to make a painting of a Saab 96 Two bar.
    I would probably buy that.

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