SAAB News: Is the dissolution of the Swedish Crime now coming?

What's next with Saab? From several sources one hears that an end of the Saab crime is imminent. With it and with even more news from the automotive world we open the week. Speculator NEVS is still working to bring the contracts to a conclusion. This was reported by the local newspaper from Trollhättan on Saturday. The money, the spokesman, it would not be. But why is it? The mayor of the municipality, Paul Akerlund, expects a decision this week.

Spread his assessment in recent days only in internal circles, so he went on Saturday to the public and gave the TTELA a statement. Trollhättan is a small town that networks well with each other. Trade unionists, municipal administration and innovatum work hand in hand to create jobs. However, in contrast to press reports, we have been hearing for months the name of a certain group from India as a new Saab owner or co-owner. The facts seem to be so concrete that one speaks now about details. It has been independently reported from several sources that Saab Parts AB will take the precautionary and temporary status of government and will not be acquired by the new owner until the start of automobile production.

Whatever the background ... if these reports are correct, then it can only suit us. A company in state custody promises stability and security for the spare parts supply and dealers. In general, that someone dropped the words “start production” to me, that alone gives hope!

But what is responsible for the delays? We are told that it is primarily about trademark rights. Saab technology nice and good, Phoenix platform and new small Saab too. But under the established name “Saab” every product would sell better. Because who would rather and only buy a “Ssangyong”, a “Spyker” or a “Youngman”, for example, if this product were available under the cool “Saab” label.

Although NEVS sounds that even without the brand name, it will fulfill its obligations and that they want to give a NEVS 9-3 into production, but the lenders apparently do not see it that way.

Not so important is the use of the griffin, the Scania has, is important the name Saab itself. That alone decides the Saab AB and keeps the cover.

Today there will be a press conference in Gothenburg from NEVS and the bankruptcy trustees, which will then bring clarity. The purchase price to be paid by NEVS should be just over 200 million €.

Our sources have always been reliable over the last few months, but some uncertainty remains. Contracts are only worth something when the ink is dry and the purchase price is in the account. But it's time for Trollhättan to come to a conclusion. Because the situation for parts of the car industry in Europe and Sweden is not exactly rosy. New jobs in Trollhättan are urgently needed.

Adaptation to demand Part I

Because many Saab employees, just from production, have come to Torslanda near Volvo. The Västragötland region and the municipality Trollhättan have set up a shuttle bus connection. Even at Volvo leaves the current crisis traces, and the 1. October, 200-300 employees will go into production. First and foremost, it is intended to meet temporary workers whose contracts are not renewed. But even former Saab employees will probably be there, because they have only been there for a short time. Volvo wants to reduce its production in Torslanda by 10% in order to meet the low demand, reports Dagens Industri.

While capacities are being reduced in Sweden, new plants are about to be launched in China. The Volvo plant in Chengdu could finally get its approval, it was signaled last week by the Chinese bureaucracy. It's only a preliminary ruling, so the hurdle before the hurdle so, but that alone gives Volvo hope. In the second half of 2013 could then be started with the production of annually 50.000 vehicles in China.

At Volvo, everything is looking at the latest figures to be released in September, and insiders describe the situation as "worrying". We'll see if it is! One should definitely be very concerned about GM and its European subsidiaries.

Adaptation to demand Part II

The GM group once again interrupts the production of the Chevrolet Volt. From mid-September to mid-October, the bands in Hamtranck / Michigan will be shut down. GM is adjusting production to demand. 45.000 Volt wanted to sell GM in the US this year. By the end of July, it was just 10.666. The goal is thus missed by a long shot. In Germany, approximately 750 copies of the Opel derivative were sold during this period.

It was clear that the high-priced Volt would not make a career under a cheap label like Chevrolet. Even the Jedermann brand Opel is having a hard time with the compact high-tech car. Both brands lack substance to successfully market this car. If you had brought the electric car as an image carrier for the European premium label Saab, would look a lot better. Naturally, new technologies are introduced at the top. A Saab with range extender would have been an image gain for GM and the Swedes. But so much imagination was never available at GM, and the only owned premium label from Europe has been disposed of as known some time ago.

Opel itself is now introducing short-time working. In Rüsselsheim and Kaiserslautern the work will be on 20 days until the end of the year, in Eisenach on 10 days. But Opel does not seem to be important for suppliers anymore. In a flash survey conducted, 65% of companies said there were no consequences from the discontinuing Opel orders. Additional demand from other manufacturers would more than make up for the deficit.



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