SAAB News: News Release from NEVS

Right now we have the latest press release from NEVS on the table. We publish the original:

National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS) today announced that it has finalized its acquisition of Saab Automobile AB, Saab Automobile Powertrain AB and Saab Automobile Tools AB, effective August 31, 2012. The prerequisites for the NEVS business plan are now in place. The acquisition includes IP rights for the Saab 9-3, IP rights for the Phoenix platform, tools, and the manufacturing and testing facilities. The acquisition also included the Saab facilities in Trollhättan, Sweden. The transaction was conducted as a cash purchase. The purchase amount is not disclosed.

Anne-Marie Pouteaux, Partner, Wistrand, Hans L. Bergqvist, Partner, said: "The receivers are very pleased with the transaction-related NEVS and the bankruptcy estates , Delphi, receivers in bankruptcy for the Saab Automobile estate and Kent Hägglund, DLA Nordic, co-receiver in bankruptcy for the Saab trademark and trade name rights.

Karl-Erling Trogen, Chairman, National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB, said: "The effort to implement our business plan is now multiplied, focused on the development of a world-class electric vehicle in Trollhättan." "In nearly 18 months, we plan to introduce our first electric vehicle based on Saab's 9-3 technologies and a new technology electric powertrain. During this very complex process I would like to express our gratitude and thanks to the receivers for their cooperation. "

Trollhättan, "said Kai Johan Jiang," Engineering and development of our first electric vehicle have been underway for an extended period in China and Japan, and now with the manufacturing facilities in our possession. " CEO, National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB.

NEVS is wholly owned by National Modern Energy Holdings Ltd, whose founder and principal owner is Kai Johan Jiang.

NEVS has signed a licensing agreement with Saab AB regarding the rights to use the Saab brand name for its future vehicles. The vehicle manufacturing company is named National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB, "NEVS". The vehicles and related products and services will be named SAAB. The present logotype will not be used.

Recruitment to the management team and key positions at NEVS is in progress. As of today, about 75 people have received employment offers.

42 thoughts on "SAAB News: News Release from NEVS"

  • So, I just drove our electric bus: works perfectly, is fun and ecologically sensible! More info:

    Conclusion: I'm for e-mobility!

  • According to Ziehmy, the Asians in e-mobility are ahead of Europeans by about 10 years. So I found the idea somehow tempting to combine their technology with the safety and comfort of Saab to make a real car.
    And I had already imagined that the “autonomous power plant” would mean that the vehicle surface would be used to generate the electricity required. Unfortunately, I have no idea what options there are. I am a wood person and know my way around, but then there is something for specialists about these special techniques. And who knows what kind of ideas are still in some drawer, plus energy recovery ... It should be possible to do that, especially if you can develop independently from mineral oil companies.

  • PS
    I mean the European market when I speak of a pioneering role in e-mobility, and I mean that RENAULT has an inkling of where it is going ... see above 😉

  • How independent of power plants? With solar cells on the roof? The idea is old and Saab had already implemented the EV-1 schonmal. How stupid that they did not build it in series 🙁
    If Saab / Nevs wants to be a pioneer in terms of e-mobility, they have to hurry, because Renault is already offering the first e-models and, as Tom wrote, the Twizy is not selling badly ... ok, pure fun vehicle for the city, but also suspect where the markets will develop in the next few years.

  • Maybe NEVS, with Asian technology, will succeed in making Saab the first brand whose e-mobiles can be completely autonomous from power plants. That would be typical Saab again, everyone talks about it and they just make it! 😉

  • ... definitely Audi drivers!

  • One should not always just paint the devil on the wall. First, NEVS should be given the chance, what they make of Saab. If it develops positively, no one will express any great negative. I was not for NEVS. I fully support Saab and will continue to do so.

  • I feel the same way!
    Nice this plane with the four machines.
    Simple and exclusive - everyone can do round logos.

    I thought about whether you can have it milled out of aluminum and stick it to the hood and tailgate instead of the peeling off Saab logos - plus in four wide letters S (icher) A (uf) A ( all) B (ahnen) 😉

    So, if anyone of you knows a company where you could have such a logo milled, ... let me know.

  • If that did not flow quite a lot of money (in the past there were a lot of announcements but mostly nothing then) that should be a good sign. Even if it did not come out what we wanted, that probably means that somebody uses a lot to build cars in Trollhättan, which may also carry the Namemen Saab. Others did not take their chance.
    Whether we will like what comes out of it remains to be seen - as with all new cars. But Saab has often developed components and drives from other sources into a coherent whole.
    If that works out, that would be nice, even if on the way there was a lot of what was great about Saab and lost.

  • PS To put it more clearly: I prefer a SAAB with LEXUS Hybrid than with BMW technology !!!

  • I think you can see the whole thing differently. Before the bankruptcy, SAAB signed a contract with BMW after which, after a short time, German technology would have been under the “sheet metal dress” of SAAB. Now it is the case that even the German press admits that with regard to hybrid technology, the German carmakers are about 10 years behind the Japanese, so why not include Japanese hybrid / electric technology under this SWEDISH and NEW sheet metal dress, made in Trolhätten the same safety standards that made SAAB great? I would buy it much sooner than with BMW technology !!!

  • I think that's similar.

    The previous concept did not work anymore, the previously sold quantities were too low or the price that can be achieved on the market for the GM based Saabs.

    I'm really curious about what the future holds. An innovative Electrosaab that gives driving pleasure, why not? Saab is mehe as a turbo: two-stroke, V4, turbo, why not electric drive?

    Greetings from Norway

    (Where nearly 100% of electricity is produced from hydropower and mature cars are powered by an internal combustion engine with approximately 100% luxury tax)

  • People..
    We'll all miss the turbo engines. In 5 to 10 years, only millionaires will be able to afford fuel. It's over. I see half a future for Saab, as Nevs only wants to build electric cars. I hope the cooperation partner will focus on hydrogen cells. Cars with hydrogen cells will be the future.
    Japanese technique does not have to mean anything. Saab has also built no diesel engines.
    Anyone selling their Saab now is not a true Saab driver.

  • Actually answering this saying just as stupidly as the saying itself - nevertheless: skol.93, Ziehmy and other commentators understood what it was about. Firstly, your saying does not correspond to the facts and secondly, it has no place here in the blog. I guess BMW or Audi drivers.

  • PS: And this now also made in Sweden! I think that really makes hope. SAAB does not live on turbos, ignition locks in the middle of the vehicle or griffin logo. SAAB can only live on innovations.

  • Very good news. After all, there is the possibility that seminal automobiles named SAAB will continue to be available. As before, it would hardly have been successful.

  • Saab is dead. RIP

  • I can not imagine, that the SAAB AB the naming rights
    without intensive examination of the NEVS concept would have awarded again (after Spyker) without
    to be convinced that it will work in this 2ten startup.
    I'm curious in any case.

  • Worst case.

    And then there should also be SAAB on the socket slurfer ... a shame!

    Well, I'll wait and see, my 9-5 II was newly registered last May and will last a few more days, but I'm already on the lookout for SAAB alternatives.

    Only the hope remains that the insolvency administrators will get the just punishment for this madness!

  • I see the whole thing in a similar way - in the transition phase (from the old combustion engine to the electric motor), however, I would also like to see a new and, above all, somewhat more economical 5-10 in conventional technology in the next approx. 9 - 5 years (also as a hybrid) looking forward.

    Maybe the frequently mentioned companion (Spyker / Youngman or even Mahindra) will join in and steer a corresponding model series - at least the work would be at least exhausted!

    Finally, a word about the logo “cashed in” by the Volkswagen Group: Typical German petty behavior - but I find an airplane symbol (as in older model series or also with the 9-5 II) much more exclusive anyway!

    Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

  • So: many of us, including me, certainly had the hope that SAAB would somehow continue in the usual form. But let's be honest: the recent past has shown that it doesn't work that way! SAAB did not have any real success (please no discussions to what extent GM was / is to blame or not).
    As such a small manufacturer, you can only survive in this day and age if you have something that no one else can offer! And that's where great opportunities are now!

    Electric mobility is currently the topic at all - every manufacturer wants to get involved a little. But this means that there are rather half-hearted solutions everywhere (ugly cars somehow cobbled together), transition technologies (hydrogen, hybrid, range extender, ...) and all sorts of other botches that one tries to develop alongside conventional technologies.

    SAAB was once known for being modern, innovative, quirky, and somehow different. Maybe it's also an opportunity, a very early, courageous opportunity to be right at the beginning of a new form of mobility. After all, no established manufacturer dares to put all the effort into e-mobility.
    NEVS can / must do that!

    All pessimists should be told: The signs are not even so bad!
    SAAB as a name, production in Sweden for reasonable quality and good reputation. The whole thing combined with Far Eastern E-technology and that even at the right time!
    That sounds very, very good in my opinion!

    And I believe: I know what I'm talking about - I have been professionally involved in the subject of “e-mobility” for a long time, I have just come back from a business trip from China! E-technology there is considerably more advanced than we know here! The karaoo series production is certainly much further with us -> the concept is therefore right! Body from Europe, drive from the Far East!
    Here in northern Germany (Uetersen) we have imported a full-fledged public service bus with 12 tons of emptied empties from China - it drives like a normal diesel public service bus but is fully electric. And it covers a full 250 km on one battery charge, even with electric air conditioning / heating and lighting!
    I've also driven various other electric cars - I don't miss anything! Powerful driving fun, great torque!

    So people: Cheer up - our next SAABs are different, but (hopefully) not worse! And I can very, very well imagine a cool electric drive in SAAB garb!

    So, now you can tear me up in midair - but I gave my opinion once - it had to come out once 😉

    Sincere greetings from Uetersen, your ZIEHMY (

  • Let's see what the engineers are doing, and then decide. Until a new car comes into the house so much water flows down the drain.
    I do not see it that bad now, after all, the internal combustion engines have an expiration date and nobody wants to spend all his money on fuel.
    Turbo drive is cool, but at annual mileage to 50.000km also sauteuer.
    My anger is still focused on GM right now, so we're more grateful to those who can make GM's life hell.

  • NEVS had been looking for a strong partner shortly after the announcement that they should be the buyer of SAAB. And so the place for the Indian company (Mahindra or whoever) would still be free.

  • Yep. Nose full of NEVS. Tom should write a Fisker blog and I'll be there when the Atlantic comes in 18 months.

  • As long as Saab exists, everything is possible, because the NEVS concept has not yet been fully disclosed, only hinted at, I see a lot of potential for speculation here ...

  • Or Fisker

  • Then we will probably drive Jaguar in the future

  • I'm afraid you're hoping in vain. As far as I can see, now all the open points that we (who were not enthusiastic about NEVS) have now pinned are now purged: trademark rights, pay, intellectual property. This should be the cheese eaten.

  • I think we are only now in the first chapter of the final spurt here nothing has gone because who knows which contracts NEVS has with other companies? as far as I know nothing further is known until now ...

  • ... where is Mahindra in this scenario?

    I had hoped until the very end that Mahindra would pull an ace up his sleeve and that future fuel-powered Saabs would be built by India ...

  • With that the last hopes will probably burst ......

  • So I do not think so pessimistic:

    The licensing of the Saab name by Saab AB suggests that there is a serious plan behind it. It was clearly stated that the naming rights are only licensed to parties who have a serious plan for production in Sweden.
    This agreement is a solid foundation for Mahindra's entry. Name rights and the production facility seem assured.
    My view of things:
    Mahindra is a stock AG: If the revitalization of Saab really takes so long and is as expensive as feared, then it is understandable that the Indians advance NEVS and even act more in the background. So you are not in the direct line of fire at initial losses. You gain time and you can work on reviving the brand.

  • The rights to the Greif logo were not acquired, but the trademark rights to the name “Saab” were acquired; the planned electric cars will be called SAAB. 🙁

    I am ashamed of our brand. The four letters do not belong on a sheet metal garment under which Javanese technique is located.

  • "The transaction was conducted as a cash purchase."

    How many travel cases do I actually need for 2 billion crowns?

  • That was all? Tom tell me something!

  • the same cheese as 2 months ago, just as little substance in the statement. just disappointing, how stupid the administrators and Nevs keep the Saab friends. Such a circus, puppet theater ...
    It's time to talk Tacheles.

  • That's it…

  • I agree.

  • 🙁

    I do not say more.

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