Saab News: State prepares acquisition of Saab Parts AB

As a direct result of NEVS 'acquisition of Saab Automobile AB, the Swedish state is preparing to acquire Saab Parts AB of Nyköping. This is reported by several sources in Sweden. For us, Saab drivers and Saab partners, that's good news on a day that did not go as hoped. Because the Saab Parts AB remains in stable and secure conditions, the supply of our cars with spare parts remains secured.

The Saab Parts AB is profitable and served the state, as well as the Saab Tools AB, as collateral for an 2.2 billion crown loan from the EIB to Saab Automobile AB. Since the investors were unwilling to pay the required price, the Parts AB will become state-owned and, as previously announced, will be further developed. Saab Parts AB has more than 1000 partners worldwide, and using the existing infrastructure for other brands is one way we hear from Sweden.

Whether NEVS paid the purchase price for Tools AB, allegedly 500 million kroner, to the Swedish National Debt Administration is not certain, information is not yet available. Swedish friends have reported that with the start of production in Trollhättan, Parts AB will also be reintegrated into the group, so the new owner wants to use the infrastructure, but today we see many question marks there. A few weeks ago, the new owner NEVS announced that he wanted to rent the services of Saab Parts AB, which provides the help desk for our vehicles, among other things.

We stay tuned and a summary of the events and their potential implications follows as soon as the desk is a little emptier.


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  • @ Tom, Yes quite right. Convertible driving in the fall can also be something nice. Then you can really enjoy the fall colors. Is probably the compensation for the lost summer :-))

  • Good news! Then nothing stands in the way of autumnal convertible pleasure! The Muckelbauers are just great ... 😉

  • @ Tom .... Christmas comes a little earlier sometimes.

    Have just received an email from Saab Zentrum Bamberg, car Ralf Muckelbauer.

    Ralf Muckelbauer somehow managed to get me a set of hydraulic hoses (#65, #66).
    The SAAB reproduction is not registered until December 2012.

    The SAAB community is holding together!
    I bought my Saab convertible from R. Muckelbauer in Bamberg in 2005. Since I live on the Lower Rhine I had to what service concerns, always with the GM workshop reluctant to take. Of course, the GM workshop did not accept the hydraulic problem.
    Had problems with the engine electronics in the past ..... GM workshop (with Saab area) was helpless. Problem was solved with the assistance of Saab Muckelbauer, but it was hard to believe.

    Can only recommend the service of Saab Muckelbauer.

    Of course wait for the arrival so I can reactivate my 93-II convertible.

  • Hello Ralf,

    Thanks for your message. Problem are the connections. The hoses are Parker Hydraulic hoses, but the connectors are not from Parker nor from Parker-Automotive. There are special connections which in turn require special special tools.

    However, I have found it now. There is a company in Uk that claims to manufacture even better hose quality than the original version, including the correct connections:

    Here is the website for all Saab Carbrio friends:

    Will order there once a trial sentence.
    Can then gladly later publish the experience.

    Best regards,

  • hello - I would have the hoses made according to samples - it will definitely not be more expensive and is guaranteed top quality!

  • Hello Julie,

    Thank you for your feedback. The model 2001 (previously also a 2001 version / 93-SE) is the precursor model. In the previous model I had no problems.
    The version from 2004 that I have now seems to be more susceptible.
    The hoses fail at the kink in the roof spar, where the second side window connects. First had it on the left (2010) then now on the right. We just made the mistake of opening the roof completely without assessing the problem of spare parts.
    Maybe I was just unlucky. The convertibles were last assembled at Valmet.
    Now we just have to wait and see. Between 2005 and 2008 I rarely opened the roof because I was abroad a lot. As soon as the parts are available, you put a reserve in stock :-)). Thank you again for your kind comment.

  • Hello Joachim,

    We have a 9-3 convertible built in 2001 (bought in 2004) and always actively operated the electric top - there were still no complaints.

    We do not see these hoses as a weak point - your vehicle should not be much older, since the convertibles ran as the 1998s until 900.

    Greetings from sunny Schleswig-Holstein

  • Hi Tom,
    Thank you very much for the good news.
    I ordered my spare parts from Saab Muckelbauer, where I bought my 93 convertible at the time, I hope it works.
    The Hyd. - Hoses in the roof are probably a weak point. I already exchanged a sentence on the left in 2010 because there were no supply problems. Now the other side was due.
    I drove to Bosch, because I only have GM service on site so no proper SAAB service.
    Have with the on-site service via GM / Opel bad experiences. The classic Saab Center are trying. GM is not interested.
    Of course, the Bosch people removed the hoses, no spare parts ... so the good piece has been in the garage with the roof open for months.
    Thanks again for the feedback. … .Joachim Burgers

  • The spare parts supply is (almost) unproblematic, with a few exceptions such as the top hydraulic. But as far as we know from the blog, these parts are ordered from the supplier and are rebuilt.

  • Hello Saab friends,

    An idea of ​​when and how it will continue.
    What do you do now if you need spare parts?

  • Hello Saab friends,

    I am interested to know if you think that Saab Parts is really activated.
    I drive a Saab 93-2.0 convertible. The good part has been there since the beginning of April 2012 because the hydraulic hoses of the roof lock are defective. Roof can no longer be obtained.

    It's a shame if you can not drive such a super car.
    Maybe there is hope :-)).

  • Had not the Swedish state taken over Saab Parts AB in June?

    Or what happened in June?

  • Naja.- The Swedish state as a spare parts dealer? Hopefully this will work out well. It will certainly not be cheap. States actually have other core tasks….

  • Why should that be a bad day today, Saab stays calm, money is paid, everything is wonderful, truly a reason to rejoice.

  • After all, our spare parts remain safe, good to know about such a damned…. Day 😉

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