SAAB event: late summer festival in Lübeck

Saab Service Zielke in Lübeck is wholeheartedly dedicated to our Swedish cult mobile. Now there is not only service for the car brand from Trollhättan, the other brand from Sweden is also new in the program. We understand that because the circumstances are as they are and because Volvo is also from Sweden.

Saab Service Zielke

The team around Detlef Zielke invites you to the late summer party at the 15.09. Saab Oldtimer and all other Saab are cordially invited. The event starts around 12.00, there are delicious grilled and liquid on the barrel. Interesting discussions around our car brand are guaranteed, there is a competition for Saab old and young up to 1993 and also makes of the Gothenburg brand are invited. In Zielke's old, very beautiful hall, a climbing course is set up on this day so that there is something for the whole family.

Participants in the late summer festival can look forward to the new website Sign in. The team of wishes you a lot of fun in Lübeck!


Image: Saab Service Zielke

4 thoughts on "SAAB event: late summer festival in Lübeck"

  • Sorry for the mix-up ... how do I get on keel ...

  • Well, that is from the Saarland but still a whole corner further. Whether I drive to Hamburg, Lübeck or Kiel

  • Moin moin, PhiBo!
    Is denser than you think: Lübeck is your Naviziel!
    Nice greetings from Northern Germany ...., with sunny prospects!

  • So, when I look at the site and the picture ... it seems like a funny group to me, it will definitely be a party 🙂

    Too bad that Kiel is so far away from here.

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