Rearview mirror: With the battery car in the future?

The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror
The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror

On the way to Hamburg with the Saab Turbo X to "experience" the Fisker Karma, I wasn't sure what to expect. The constellation of an arrangement of lithium-ion batteries and two electric motors did not want to arouse enthusiasm. Until I saw the karma and was allowed to test it. A lot has changed since then and my attitude towards electric mobility has changed.

The Fisker Karma is a high-priced product and plays in a different league than many of us can afford. But, as we know, revolutions always start from the top. Also and especially in the automotive sector.

Karma is such a revolution. Let us remember the SUV trend. First came the mother of all SUVs, the Range Rover. Those responsible may forgive me, because the big range is actually a serious luxury SUV. But he is the car that started a trend. In the drive, however, the SUV history came only at the end of the 90er years with the BMW X5 and Mercedes ML of the first generation. BMW executives, whom I spoke at the IAA back then, were not sure if the SUV would be a success for Europe. Very carefully, the US market was the main target.

Both SUVs were successful, created an acceptance among the buyers, and as we all know, more and more variants of different manufacturers followed. Today drives a middle-aged customers in the VW Tiguan or BMW X1 or perhaps Audi Q3 through the world and clogs with mindless would-be off-roaders our inner cities. At the bottom of the price category, the Dacia Duster has arrived, and all drivers of these vehicles, perhaps for the first time in their automotive lives, feel like trendsetters. What they are not, because the trend has long become mass taste and thus as stale as the beer from the previous day. Because the trend has long been in Finland and elsewhere from the band.

So today it's almost cool to move a station wagon, and there is nothing that could not be better for a 4WD than an SUV. Not to mention under-consumption! Unnoticed by the general public, the trend is now spurring towards e-mobility. Still as a tender, small, green little plant. Whether with or without range extender does not matter. The startups Tesla and Fisker sell their products to a wealthy public that knows exactly what it wants. A Fisker Karma is not purchased as a first-time charter. It comes as a third or fourth car in air-conditioned underground garages or stands behind high, video-monitored gates and dense hedges.

Fisker Karma meets Saab 9-5

People who buy karma know what they are doing. They are particularly well informed and want to buy exactly this product. They are the current trendsetters. Fisker is a pioneer with extraordinary ideas and a lot of courage. Like competitor Tesla, these companies are classic startups that rush from round to round of financing until they are established in the market and profitable. They work in niches that will soon be so small.

Acceptance for e-mobility will increase if other important manufacturers jump on the train. Manufacturers who have a certain radiance. When Renault, Mitsubishi or Peugeot build e-cars, that's a footnote under "also ran". This does not spark enthusiasm, because these brands lack the nimbus. BMW, a brand with a great reputation, will be operating under the name from September 2013 BMW i get into the business of electromobility and thus bring the market forward. Immediately after the IAA new products should roll to dealers and customers.

A business model for Saab, too? Theoretically, a new owner at the turn of the year could launch 2013 / 14 electric Saab. The market would be more mature than it is now, and Trollhättan innovations could come at the right time. Entering a new, growing market would be an opportunity for brand restarts and image.

Electromobility can develop quite quickly if you build desirable products. Fisker does it. Because high-tech alone does not make the whole story. A stylish interior, a well-thought-out operating concept, high-quality and authentic materials. This gives the battery car a future for discerning buyers. The celebrities in Hollywood are counting on karma, and there are already some celebrity Fisker pilots in Europe as well. Frederik of Denmark, Saab 9-3 estate driver and by profession Crown Prince, sometime king, is one of the people who have a sense for the future in Europe.

Would I buy an electric Saab or maybe a Fisker? In 2014 the little Fisker Atlantic comes out, which can already be pre-ordered. With a deposit of 5000,00 US dollars you are there, the list price should be between 50.000 and 60.000 €. With that, Fisker is entering a larger market segment, and if you add a shooting brake, then I could be weak. If I could choose, the first choice would be a Saab, because this is the brand that my automotive heart beats for. As an alternative, a Fisker, that would be likely. Because here, too, I feel a lot of individuality. And yes, the electric car is a way into the future and it can generate enthusiasm.

But honestly and completely between us ... on Sunday I would then get my Turbo X or my Saab 9000 out of the garage and in the early morning hours, when the streets in the Spessart are still empty, burn fossil energy with pleasure, listen to the whistle of the turbo and enjoy the incredible Saab sound. Consciously experience every single kilometer. After the ride, enjoy the crackling and crackling of hot metal and the smell of gasoline. In order to be politically correct in the E-Saab or Fisker during the week.




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  • Because Fisker does not have the money for it! There were only a few companies in question, the Saab could have bought including the Indian Mahindra + Mahindra or the Chinese with Lotus / Youngman or (which went around in the rumor mill) BMW and Toyota together.

  • Andre quickly forget that you have something like your own solar power station at home! Our father, the state, wants to earn money from you and all other drivers, including with electrically powered cars….! Be it through the vehicle tax, or through other so-called consumption taxes. (VAT, for example) Or how should the tax authorities get their previous tax billions in when suddenly almost all of them will be driving electrically in 5-10 years? Of course then such carports as in the advertisement with the Lukas Podolski, from the state bez. Solar power will no longer be funded or all solar systems are economically considered by the tax authorities. (They will actually be anyway, because solar systems are considered commercial systems, i.e. you have a commercial enterprise)

  • And that's exactly why I've always wondered why Fisker did not try to join Saab. Then they would have had manufacturing capacity in Europe and could benefit from the name Saab.

  • Fine article, Tom.
    I was interested.

  • I do not think Tom would like to write about any GM product. It is questionable which SAAB driver would put an Ampera or Volt home.

  • The owner of NEVS has put € 200.000.000,00 on the table of the house with his own funds - I'm assuming that he actually wants to set something in motion with it.

    Actually, it is actually an advantage if every new consideration is not immediately trumpeted as under VM - other well-known companies are also very cautious about this
    go well with it.

    Possibly. one would also like to wait until the matter with a partner is clear - the time span from the completed purchase to the present day is really very short.

    Just wait and see - even if it's difficult.

  • So for half a year now I have dealt in depth with the topic of E cars jumped over my shadow and have made a test drive with eienm E car.

    My opinion has not changed.
    I stick to the fact that I think nothing of e-mobility.
    The manufacturers can make the cars visually as appealing as they want that will bring nothing for me.
    I can not get an E mobile into the house.

    At the E Technik is nothing new and innovative as the manufacturer that yes like to claim it is not synonymous.
    On the contrary, she is one of the oldest huts the automotive history has in stock.

    For me, the subject of E mobility is finalized by.
    I will certainly not stop anyone who wants to buy such a thing but I will think of my part.

    E mobility is and remains a joke I'll probably laugh about all my life.
    I'm sure that will be a few decades since I'm only 23.

    Hopefully soon there will be good news from Sweden on the future of SAAB.
    If it stays as it has been told by NEVS until now, SAAB will only be a name sticking to a product made out of Chinese and Japanese technics.

  • I have just looked at Fisker's website ... and the sunset is a dream ... Should go into production ... I would be weak. Very very weak

  • If e-mobility and Fisker Karma (which is actually not really “E-” either) ... then please do not skip the Chevrolet Volt / Opel Ampera. Also costs a fraction of what would be due for the Fisker.

    Regarding the future prospects: The announcements and visions in the e-area have always been more abundant than what was ultimately in the store. Accordingly, I would not mention BMW & Co. until they actually offer something ...

  • The question is whether NEVS will even come to production maturity of whatever. Except very vague announcements, nothing is heard and there are no concrete figures and plans even two months after the announcement of the takeover. If you understand that under PR and building a sustainable business then the lights go out even faster than you thought.

  • "Sun Is Shining"

    Then add a new carport with photovoltaics to the eSaab 9-3 SC and drive past the petrol stations!

    Yes that would be nice ... Unfortunately, the eSaab would be more on the road in the sun and ONLY stand under the carport at night!

    Sunny greetings from Oldenburg


  • Nice article! An affordable e-car from SAAB would not be outlandish. I'm curious what's coming and if something is coming or whether NEVS is just the show.

  • Hmmmmmmmmmmm, so sometimes I think Tom is under “electricity” 🙂



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