SAAB News: The griffin is gone!

In Trollhättan, the large Saab phylone was dismantled at the factory parking lot yesterday, and rebuilt today without the magical Saab griffin. This is reported by friends from Trollhättan, and the local TTELA provides a picture and a short article. At moments like this, I feel like I'm driving a youngtimer brand. And somehow it's a sad moment, even if the mind says "don't care".

The griffin is gone! Image: TTELA

Because the Saab-Griffin is already accompanying me all my Saab life, and coats of arms or flags are still strong symbols today. I would miss the Griffin, but it is omnipresent in our cars, and our dealers will not part with it, I hope.

After Scania has banned the use, the royal griffin will disappear around the factory and NEVS will come up with a new coat of arms. Hopefully you will have more sensitivity than with the previous design of your own website. But the question still arises as to what extent NEVS intends to maintain Saab traditions and whether what is to be created there carries the Saab spirit at all. We will see…

Anyway, have a nice weekend for all readers ... and enjoy the ingenious cars with the mystical griffin!


Image: TTELA

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  • "Well, where is the little bird?"


  • That's a nice Saab fleet. The possibility to drive all vehicles with only two (2) license plates is of course pleasant.

    Sorry, currently only have a Saab Model 9-3 (2.0T) convertible from the end 2004. Just drive it for fun.
    Unfortunately, alienated 2008 end since I was interested in the 9-3 sports suit but the GM processing of it. The 2008 was not as good as the 9-3 of 2004 / 2005.
    In addition, a cheaper version of the center console with a rotary switch instead of the keyboard was introduced in the version (... besides GM - Chevrolet version).

    But I'm looking for a nice 900-II Turbo Coupe. Let's see if there is something doing.

  • just like this action with the pylon is everything:

    without a plan and without a concept - only a fool does it that way!

  • A symbolic image ...

  • Well, I don't know what all the fuss is about, Saab only had the Saab lettering as a logo in the 70s and this has been practically unchanged from the beginning of the 70s to today. The griffin only came to the Saabs through the Saab-Scania marriage and is therefore not a “real” Saab animal anyway ...

  • All on two license plates, I am in Austria.

  • I have a 9-3 Coupé petrol engine from 1999, an 9-3 I sedan from 2002, a 9-5 estate from 2002, an 9-5 sedan from 2003, the latter three are the small diesel with 125 or 120 PS, absolutely economical everyday car, the coupe has 112.000 Km, the others so down to the 180.000 Km.

  • We can only wish that. A real “Original Saab with Troll Engineering”. I would put myself on the buyers list immediately. I am sure that there is a market for such vehicles.

  • I have the faint hope that an “Orginalsaab” car from southern Sweden may soon be produced again. The future will show.

  • Have seen the new Golf 7 so far only on the Internet pages. Such a boring car would never turn me on.
    May you ask which 4 Saab vehicles you have?
    Have always made the mistake of buying a newer Saab and not keep the predecessor. Mistake ..

  • …that's mean…. But could amount to that :-))
    ... Have you already put your Saab in at Autoscout? Because who wants to drive around with a rice sack?
    The griffin is still on my !!! Lucky me!

  • Julie, you're right, that has everything to do with the strategy of VW, among others, the Toyota absolutely want to replace as no. 1. Everything mass producer. We should at least leave a few individual vehicles on the market, right?
    Mass means lowering costs for the benefit of the manufacturer ... same platform, components, etc.
    One has noticed so even at Saab that Vectra and 9-3 tried to unify.
    That has certainly deterred so many potential Saab.

    Back to Scania and Saab, the VW people also managed to split Rollce Royce and Bentley.
    Bentley belongs to VW and Rollce Royce belongs to BMW.
    The two vehicles RR and Bentley were always almost identical: Bentley only conveyed the somewhat sportier touch. Technically ... engine, gearbox etc. completely identical.

    It all went away emotionless. For old Bentley and RR owners difficult to understand.

    That is the result of globalization. As previously described in the block you can therefore get a nearly Audi quality Seat / Skoda today. Surely also for some users has certain advantages, if you only want a reliable means of transportation, without your own character.

  • Unfortunately, it is so that you have to crash on Yountimer, the build quality in some Jaguar or Maserati really leaves something to be desired even with the older models.

    My accountant has a 2 Bentely S1960 and a Jaguar Xk 150. There are worlds between the processing of the two vehicles. The Bentely neatly laid the cables behind the dashboard. Everything is nailed together in an old Jaguar Xk 150.

    But selected Youngtimer can certainly be of interest.

  • You can only buy youngtimers, or Jaguar, to get to the point, or Maserati, but that's all very aloof ...

  • Allegedly everyone at VW trembles like a leaf, because the new MQB platform for the Golf 7 is so important, but full of risks, right down to the product, but hardly saves money. If that goes wrong, the effects are serious, maybe that's a precaution, so also a plan B, because then other areas of the company have to balance everything ...

    I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that all of my four Saabs are now real young timers. Kind of weird to move something you can't buy anymore, but I've never done what the crowd does ...

  • Actually incomprehensible that NEVS is declared suitable to continue to use the brand name SAAB, but on the other hand the “Greif” may no longer be used in its previous form - the latter thanks to VW.

    This behavior goes a bit in the way that GM also displays: You disturb as much as possible in every possible way so that SAAB automobiles don't get back on their feet too quickly - at GM, of course, it is the more weighty refusals of the Licenses and at VW you just do what you can ...

    You somehow get the impression here that the fearful rabbits are not only to be found at GM, but also in the Volkswagen group - self-confident behavior looks different!

  • Under the griffin - yes. Under the name SAAB - no. It was licensed exclusively to NEVS by SAAB. But VW also brings old Audis onto the market as Seats - it has the advantage that the Seat model is at least fully developed and you know where the sources of error are.

  • That is, VW could theoretically put Audis on the market under the Greif and Saab names and sell them as Saabs, without NEVS and GM doing anything?

  • That fits, on my 9-5er is long since the griffin.

  • VW currently holds 35% of the stock voting rights (20,3% share) in Scania and is the principal shareholder. Without further ado, VW can expand the share package to 49,99% without having to submit an official offer.
    In other words, over the course of time, you can obtain the necessary stocks inexpensively on the market, which you will certainly do.
    At the same time VW is the main shareholder of MAN, the competitor of Scania. It is easy to imagine what can and will happen in the long term.

    In the passenger car sector, we are seeing that only mass-produced vehicles are available for the general population. There are no more Rover, Triumph, Glas, NSU RO 80, Saab etc. that were an alternative to automobiles in the past. That's a shame. Not everyone can buy a Bentley that still conveys individuality. Whereby the Bentley can offer even better workmanship today than 50 years ago. However, we hope that we can and may continue to drive SAAB. Have a nice weekend.

  • Why the VW Group?

  • Happy are all those who own or can still acquire an SAAB of the Old Generation.
    NEVS = New Euphoric Marketing Symbiosis ... ..
    The brand SAAB will probably appear as a new product for prototypes or test production vehicles in the car market.
    But I wish the Volkswagen group in Germany only the best ...

  • Agree with you. I also do a great deal around the GM branches. Somehow, in my opinion, Saab and GM / Opel did not quite fit together.

    It works better together with the original Saab workshops.

    The GM influence has not had a particularly positive impact on the last Saab models. I drive a 9-3 /2.0 T convertible from 2004, and the car is not as good as its predecessor. Unfortunately I separated from my predecessors too early because of the mileage. Bye Bye GM was certainly good. Let's hope that the brand comes back.

  • ... fits the website ... LOL

  • why, that's the new NEVs logo is missing because nothing ...

  • The grief is gone, I think not so bad.
    It was only glued to the cars from 1983 or 1984.

  • Outlet is good. I think the griffin does not come back, but the main thing is SAAB. Tom wrote some time ago that the griffin would have disappeared anyway. The SAAB plane should come back and be the better alternative to the power outlet, or

  • @Fritz

    Yes, power outlet would be made quickly. Two points in, done.

    Without the gray top, the pylons would look really good again - just SAAB on a dark background. If the griffin is already gone, then maybe there would be something without a logo, the SAAB lettering has enough expressiveness in my eyes.

    Little question - is the griffin actually extinct, or only in winter quarters, so to speak? Will he come back if any German, French, Indian or whatever partner gets on board?

  • For SAAB, the end of an epoch and keep your fingers crossed that it continues well under new circumstances. Maybe an outlet comes as a new coat of arms on the Phylone

  • At the large North German DELLO branches (many years ago there were only Opel there), at the beginning of the GM misery, it was ensured that the large SAAB emblems and the frame were removed - thanks to GM, the sales figures no longer met expectations .

    Gradually other makes were added: Toyota, Citroen, Honda, Ford etc. Today DELLO is a hodgepodge of brands - thanks to GM, Opel is only a marginal phenomenon. In return, the “intelligent” customers now even buy their great Chevrolet from DELLO. The term `` uniformity '' applies here - then I prefer to head for a small SAAB service (with KIA or the like). Even if there shouldn't be a “griffin” next to the entrance!

  • And my (former) dealer is now, oh Graus: Your BMW Garage! I just switched to one, where the griffin can still be seen from a distance.

  • That's a sad picture. The straw of hope, on which we all cling, is getting thinner and thinner. SAAB as it once was and appreciated, will never exist again. Not even if NEVS or another company actually succeeds in restarting.
    Maybe even something good comes out of it. But what once was, will not return.

  • After all, it still says “SAAB” on it….

  • Sadness remains ... but what is important is that SAAB continues to exist! The next time will be exciting as we know it. THANK YOU Tom, for your ever quick flow of information!
    Sunny greetings from the north

  • Well, I already have a suggestion on the topic: new symbol on the Phylone: ​​a sack of rice!

  • Classic cars ?? I still have the hope that everything will be okay or am I too optimistic?

  • Thanks for your information.

    As mentioned, we still have the griffin on our vehicles.
    Scania actually belongs to VW and thus lost her Swedish tradition.

    All a good weekend
    Joachim Burgers

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