SAAB News: Freizeit, the Greif, the Saab 9000 and new jobs

The Saab griffin has disappeared at work, which also causes discussions in the Swedish Saab community. However, the dismantling was not surprising. Before we write about our weekend and our free time, a few words about the bird ... Removing the heraldic animal and putting up the pylons again without a griffin does not look like a good mood, but rather after demolition and shows how awkward NEVS is currently acting.

The griffin is gone. Image:

In Sweden, opinions about Greif differ widely. Well, say one, it would be time to start again. The others, instead of the griffin, want the aircraft symbol, which was the first trademark of Saab.

Saab himself would probably have focused on lettering with the 4 letters in the near future and trusted in the radiance of the cool, white writing. Saab would have become something Nordic, modern and perhaps zeitgeistiger.

The Scania Griffin symbolizes an era of Saab that 1968 began and ended with the complete and unfortunate takeover by GM. The Saab-Scania era is one of the good times of our brand, even though there were crises again and again. The wild turbo years are one of them, and never was Saab more creative and innovative than back then. The proud bird is one of our Nordic cars, but the loss is only the end of an era, and still has Trollhättan the great opportunity to create something completely new.

Unfortunately, things are slow and somewhat unfortunate in Sweden, and it can only get better. The first position advertised by NEVS concerned facility management, but up to 75 further jobs are to follow. Håkan Skött of IF Metal reported through the local newspaper that former Saab workers from NEVS are also needed. The new jobs in the plant are intended for the maintenance of the systems, which are to be kept functional until the start of production. According to Skött, significantly fewer than 50 of his former colleagues - but also more than 3-4 - should find a new job in the plant. It couldn't have been more concrete, and the TTELA was happy to announce a positive announcement to the world.

Things are not going well in Sweden, and due to the production adjustment at Volvo - the plant will cut 10% of its capacity in October - the suppliers will also lay off employees. First of all, as is now the case with Plastal and IAC, are the recently added former Saab workers. This is just the beginning for Volvo, because Volvo boss Stefan Jakoby spoke of 30% overcapacity in the European plants last week. In Sweden, the short-sighted economic policy is taking revenge. With two manufacturers there was more stability, a decline in demand from one producer could usually be compensated for by new projects from the other manufacturer. Now the entire industry is attached to Gothenburg.

ADAC Rally Germany Saab 99. Photo of Achim.

Leisure & Saab

What else do we do on the weekend? Somehow everything has to do with our Saab hobby! A Saab 2012 was in action at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland 99 around Trier two weeks ago. It was steered by a team from Switzerland. Cars from Trollhättan are always welcome guests at all sporting events. Because in the armada of brands from major manufacturers, a Saab is always an eye-catcher that provides variety. Porsche, BMW or Mercedes pilots who do not get a starting place because the field is overcrowded with these brands should consider changing brands. There is almost always a starting place in the Saab. Thanks to Achim, who took the pictures for us!

ADAC Rally Germany Saab 99. Photo of Achim.

Apart from being with vacation pictures for ours last week Photo competition flooded, which can be seen as proof of how alive the brand is, was also my weekend from the topic of Saab. Now on Sunday, the submissions are processed, which takes hours. On Saturday, the leather interior was installed in Achim's Saab 9000. This is a Saab 9000 more in Hesse on the road.

The proof: Saab 9000 with two leather upholstery. Image:

A complete Saab leather interior, consisting of front seats and rear seat, can easily be transported with another Saab 9000. Strangely, this leaves more space than in the Saab 9-5 sports estate, which again speaks for the hatchback concept of Saab. I'm a big fan of this design, and maybe someday in the distant future, Sweden will surprise us with a combo buzzer. Dreams are allowed, and as written at the beginning, Trollhättan still has all the odds!

Reading material about the automobile hobby

Since Saab no longer builds new cars, the brand from the engine press has almost completely disappeared. From time to time, Saab appears only in the Youngtimer magazines and in the old-timer press, which is reason enough to buy one of these magazines. Which publication is fun reading, even without the Saab theme?

There's the old venerable one “Oldtimer market”which is good, but a bit too dogged about the topic. Or the “Autobild Classic”, which offers many topics for the money and delivers one or the other good story. So cult and really good but both are not.

Good, young and refreshing, on the other hand, is “Abgefahren Magazin”, which appears quarterly. In the past, Saab topics were repeatedly presented. The current number is without Saab and a little more Opel-heavy. But the pictures are so good and so are the texts that you can also read facts about Opel design studies. The tip for automotive reading material.


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      I feel the same!

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        It is even absurd to gripe the griffin, because it is the heraldic animal of the Skane region (aka Scania), where the truck manufacturer Scania comes from. Neither Trollhättan nor Lynköping are in Skane.

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      @perret, the Saab history article was quite interesting and enlightening. You can see that the investors like Wallenberg are always fine. The current end of SAAB has probably started with the sale of the first 50% of Wallenberganteile (or Investor AB shares) to GM.
      By the way, Wallenberg and its investment arm Investor AB have also sold their Scania shares to VW.

      Unfortunately, Wallenbergs and GM have chosen SAAB's worst partner. How would it have been if Wallenberg had put Saab and Scania in a package and both had gone to VW.

      VW at least keeps Seat and Skoda alive (Bugatti, Lamborghini etc ...) Saab would have had a good chance.
      Unfortunately yesterday's news ...

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        I can only agree with that. the mistakes happened much earlier. How Saab came to grief was always inexplicable to me anyway, I'm there with Perret. actually, something new is another thing.

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    If someone had read the article correctly in the ttela, it would have been noticed that NEVS did not commission the dismantling of the griffin, probably Scania was responsible for it.

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      This with Scania is a rumor, not anymore.

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        But it's also a rumor that NEVS gave the order. (Even a verifiably wrong one, as NEVS denied in this very ttela article that they gave the order) - In this respect pure and in my opinion baseless NEVS bashing ... I'm sorry Tom, I always read the blog with interest, but such statements irritate me always very much.

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          The TTELA quotes the NEVS spokesman Johann Andersson with reference to the griffin “Därför plockas den successivt” - “Therefore we will collect them (the signs) little by little”. No denials, no NEVS bashing. The article is generally available on the Internet.

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            Then the ttela obviously updated the article, because in the first version - the one on 7.9. It was still clear that they had not given the order.

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    A good new logo needs time to develop, I just believe that the law has won, and right now the pylons are just an interim solution until everything is clear.
    Then surely new pylons with a new logo will be created.

    In addition, many brands change their logo over the years. And that says nothing about the cars or about their image.
    Only the marketing department got the job and budget.
    The new logo should then also be something completely new. A reboot. For all.

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    The dismantling of a company logo says nothing about the competence of a company. Maybe the new logo will be there next week?

    And if not, it does not matter 🙂



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    To consider, I give in this discussion.
    Oh scania no longer uses the old symbol. Graff yes, but without lettering.
    take a look at a new scania truck.
    We just bought 3, and I've noticed that in the discussion here.
    (It's not round anymore either

    Best regards

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    @finchen A professional would have broken down the old stuff and put something completely new. What NEVS did was like on the gravel ground at the used car dealer.

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    “The removal of the heraldic animal and the re-erection of the pylons without a griffin does not look like a mood of departure but after a break and shows how clumsy NEVS is currently acting.”

    How could NEVS have reacted more adeptly if they did not receive the trademark rights to the Greif logo?

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