SAAB Review: 12 Months Saab 9-3 1.8t Vector Sports Suit

Some Saab articles are hard to write. I think about ours Saab 9-3 1.8T Vector Sports Suit after, then I think of little. Because the Sweden car drives and drives and drives. Special events? No. One year ago we bought the Saab in Hamburg, and as with every new Saab in recent years, we wondered if it would be the last new car from Trollhättan.

Saab Troll on Tour, with the 9-3 across Europe

Now, 12 months later, we are not much smarter in this regard, but it can really be that the sports car will remain without a successor. The fact that there are no new cars has definitely not been due to a lack of quality or lack of reliability. At kilometer 6000, we did a traditional oil change inspection at the Saab center in Frankfurt, today Saab Service Frankfurt. This is not necessary and compulsory, but as a Saab driver of many years we simply treat our turbos to fresh oil after the start-up phase.

Since then - a good 17.000 kilometers later - the 9-3 has not seen a workshop. The carried out at 6000 km performance increase has proven to be a good decision, and with increasing mileage, at least purely subjectively, the Saab is getting better. Depending on the driving style, our fuel consumption fluctuates between 7,9 and 9,5 liters on 100 kilometers, as is usual with turbo engines. Depending on what was available, the good super or even E10 was filled in the tank. An oil consumption is not noticeable.

Saab 9-3 on Independence rims

Instead of the standard 16 ″ series, the 9-3 rolled through the European summer on the exclusive 18 ″ rims of the Independence Cabriolet. The driving behavior became firmer and sportier without being uncomfortable. The selection of the rims, however, caused different opinions in the Saab blog team. In spring 2013, therefore, it will be changed to 18 ″ turbine rims.

For cold winter months, a sports heater was installed in the sports car, which is a good decision, if you have a free socket on the carport. The car is always warm on chilly frosty winter days, and the environment is pleased with reduced exhaust emissions at launch with preheated engine.

The little sports suit was on the way in the first 12 months all over the Federal Republic and also in other European countries. The long-distance quality is excellent, you sit very well and the noise level is low. If the 9-3 had a larger tank - you really get caught every now and then when you want it - then the route to Milan would be possible with one tank of fuel - so you travel relaxed. The necessary fuel stops are sometimes entertaining, at least abroad. Two Saab drivers of different nationalities meet, because usually the thumb goes up. The brand connects.

The bright leather interior proved, despite initial fears, as extremely robust. Once a year leather care and everything is in the green. Even now, after 12 months and 21.000 kilometers, no erosion is noticeable. Wear or rattling noises also do not occur, everything is solid and routinely processed. For a station wagon of this class fits surprisingly much luggage in the hold and bulky parts are easy to transport. One notices the combined competence of the brand, and in many places, where the competitor lacks a decimal centimeter, he is just there at the Saab.

Saab 9-3, a year 21280 kilometers and runs and runs and runs ...

The small engine is really fun with the Hirsch performance upgrade and - hmm - is there nothing negative to tell? Yes, there are, of course, and some little things get annoying. One of the wing mirrors flutters at over 200 kilometers an hour, a story that we have also found in other Saab 9-3s. We would like to have a shorter and more precise shifting path if we could write a wish list. Because this would go well with a rather sporty Sweden. And please a little more storage space in the interior. But that's it.

The Saab 9-3 is one of those relaxed classless, individual cars that are rare today. The possession of such a car does not allow a conclusion on the account balance of the owner. In the parking lot in front of the Nobelherberge he makes between Lamborghinis and Porsches as well as in front of the supermarket or the opera. His design seems to be without any age, which of course is the missing successor.

Saab 9-3 ... the individual, reliable and economical one? Yes it is ! If you like a portion of understatement, but don't want to miss good-mood driving fun, the 9-3 is the right choice. Even after a year, the little Swede puts a smile on his face every day, and we know that we have made a good purchase.

We still found room for individualization. The standard Vector steering wheel is not bad, the beautiful steering wheel, which Saab built in the Turbo X, but grippier and slightly thicker. As well as the Hirsch carbon leather dashboard and the door handles, both ANA gifts in Trollhättan, it is waiting to be installed with the Smart Slot Cup Holder from the last Saab Parts AB special promotion.

The Saab 9-3 sports suit will be with us for a long time. If need be, then several 100.000 kilometers. But with all long-term quality - hand on heart - if there were no more supplies from Sweden, it would be very sad!




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    All of our 4 Saab run very well, the oldest, a 9.3 Diesel Bj. 9/2001, bought as a new car, has traveled 318.000 km, looks like new - our youngest, a 9.3 Diesel, Bj. 05 with deer tuning is our “Autobahn car ”!!

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    All a matter of maintenance!

    - Always keep the engine warm
    - regular oil changes (including quality oil)
    - Always wash off winter salt after the season (also below)
    - Always grease screws that threaten to rust (e.g. exhaust clamps, FLANGES of the wheel bolts, ...),
    - ...

    The senses spanned. Usually, the Saabs tell us at an early stage what you are missing from attention.

    All a matter of care!

    ... and then our treasures travel until there is no more oil.


  • Nice report - THANK YOU!
    And when it comes to the “quality of the leather” I can reassure you even more:
    My 2008er 9³ Aero TTiD hjat yesterday exceeded the 177.000 km and the leather still looks like the first day! Anyway, the whole car still drives like a young, crisp car that just ran off the line.
    I hope he will accompany me for a long time!

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    @SeSi Transparent SAAB trolls for the disc are available in the blog shop.

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      @ Fritz: Thanks for the hint, but I would like the troll at the rear, because of the side get most of the road participants not to see, but mostly from behind
      I have just asked in the shop.
      Otherwise, the things on the side window must be enough to bring more joy / friendliness in the market

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    Is there also nice sticker on transparent background?
    I find the white border disturbing.

    If that would be synonymous in transparent, I would also stick to my CS.

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    We are a bit irritated that the assumption is currently pointing towards “no successors” - at times there was information from the Swedish insider that pointed towards shareholders and at least 9-3 hybrid.

    Even “Old Karl Erling” spoke of electric and possibly hybrid vehicles.

    What are the future prospects for a 9-3 Hybrid?

    If you want to let the majority of possible customers wander away completely with a total lack of information - in the end only the really die-hard fans stay with the brand.

    What do the managers actually say about this unpleasant development? They wanted to make NEVS so tasty for us - as is well known, it doesn't even smell good until now!

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    The resume after the first year, I did not expect otherwise. I am so happy with our 2012 Griffin SC, only the annoyed xenon lights annoy me sometimes

    I've got turbine rims here for the winter and I'm still looking for a tire. Does anyone have a recommendation for a 225/45 18 ″ winter tire?

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      Is it even advisable to drive such slippers in winter?
      I last got through the snow perfectly on 185/65 in the 901 - of course, there are a few car years in between. But as far as I have in mind, you should drive smaller dimensions in winter, right?

      • blank

        I drive in winter with 215 / 65, in summer 225 / 45.

        All in all, you can not answer your question. With wider tires, the footprint increases, thus reducing the surface load and, for example, the tendency to dig in deep snow (which has happened to my garage neighbor). However, the tendency to slip increases, so on very smooth ground, the last remaining liability is lost faster.

        So the question is probably whether you want to have a deep snow or eistauglichen tires. For our road conditions in winter (and because I do not want to drive on real ice anyway), I would prefer the deep snow tire.

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    Hard to realize that we can not buy these cars anymore. Remains only a good and slightly newer used or brand change. But I supersede the latter as best I can.

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    This is indeed once again a very nice report and in addition to a more beautiful car.
    Since May 2011, I'm finally the proud owner of a Saab 9-3 SC 1.9 TID. Unfortunately, this was not a new car, which I initially had a few small things to repair in the workshop. Since then he rolls and rolls and rolls. Already plenty of thrilling 40.000 kilometers. And I am looking forward to each other every day
    It's just a lot of fun driving this Saab ...
    To the wish list, however, I can also confirm that the left side mirrors flutter at higher speeds from time to time. The middle mirror was also slightly restless, but there could already be remedied. Otherwise, I can not think of anything. Personally, I think the shelf is quite sufficient, especially since the glove compartment is really nice big.
    One can argue about fuel consumption. My girlfriend manages incredible values ​​of well under 6 liters / 100 km, but I'm happy if there is a 6 in front of the decimal point at all. Thanks to the driving pleasure ...

    Many greetings from the Laustiz and many thanks to Tom, for the many efforts, time and the very good reports around the Saab world.

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      Hmmm ... the outside mirrors are also stuck on my 9-5 2.3t, the inside mirror flutters slightly as soon as you step on the accelerator. Probably some kind of resonance that is going through with the speed increase. How was the "problem" resolved?

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        Double-sided adhesive tape, that's the way it was with my 9-3 🙂 Great solution 🙂

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    We SAAB riders really appreciate our cars. Nice report. As always, I read such reports with melancholy.
    Best regards Walter from Switzerland

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