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Yesterday I was on the Saab Turbo X all day. Cool 13 degrees in the early morning and empty highway an absolute turbo fun. Because our diva loves the cool, dry weather conditions, while she does not like temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius and then goes to the point without any desire. The Turbo X is just a real northern lights. More about the Turbo X experience in everyday life coming soon on the blog.

Slowly blogging…

Bloggers have a life, a family and a job beyond Saab. There are also new projects that start now. Therefore, there will be little news or articles on the blog in the next few days. Among other things, we are working intensively on the debut of our new Saab shop, which will go online next week. The trial run is running, not all details work, but over the next few days everything should run smoothly.

Saab photo contest

Our Saab Photo Contest "Summer sun-Saab”Goes into the final spurt. There is still the opportunity to submit pictures until September 15th. Then the jury, consisting of the team and representatives of Saab Parts AB in Eschborn, makes a pre-selection of the best pictures. The choice of the “saabiest” holiday motifs is then made by our community.

In Sweden…

It has become quiet around NEVS and Saab. Only the rumor mill leads an amazing life of its own and develops a certain dynamic. However, at the moment nothing comes out of this kitchen that could be published. We just have to wait until there is reliable news. In any case, NEVS has canceled the invitation to the meeting of the suppliers of the Swedish auto industry in Gothenburg today. Like us, the suppliers are looking forward to further details, because they too only know what is in the newspaper. And that's little ...

NEVS justifies the rejection by continuing to develop the “business plan ..” which is a good description of what is going on behind the scenes. Because NEVS is currently alone in the wide field and is no longer a consortium in the strict sense. An original shareholder has been disembarked in the past few weeks and negotiations are ongoing with other companies that want to acquire shares. That's why the investor drives with the handbrake on and everything takes a painfully long time. But it would be better to slow down and secure the base than to go full throttle into a disaster.

And ANA would like to go back to the ANA roundabout ...

The former world's largest Saab dealer moved out of a headquarters at the “ANA roundabout” in Trollhättan a few weeks ago because the GMAC's rent requirement was too high. Now the building is empty and GMAC will no longer collect rent, it will also be difficult to find a new tenant. TTELA reports today that ANA intends to acquire the building from GMAC Bank Sweden.

ANA CEO Joachim Lind is mysterious about what should be sold in the former Saab building. In the future, electric cars from NEVS or the one built by ANA Specialbilar could “Z-Bee" be. By the way, it looks like I don't want an electric car. But that's another topic.

The Saab Spirit…

In Germany, the Saab community is more active than ever! Saab is alive, the spirit is more alive than ever. ! You can see it in the growing number of events for our cult brand. Saab drivers in southern Germany can look forward to a lot of Saab appointments in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Saxony at the end of the month. What exactly happens is told as soon as the desk is a little emptier 🙂


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  • oh, hello to Austria, the Swiss favorite country and holiday destination. Wow, you also have the “Spirit of Saab” addiction, very nice. was recently in Graz, I actually said hello to 1 Saab 96 and a Saab 9000 2 with my Saab Cabi 1. They also greeted me, as I am used to in Zurich. Great, keep it up. Grüezi from Zurich. 😉

  • Saab lives. and how!
    We were last WE at the SAAB exit in Upper Austria and had a nice experience:
    A nice convoy of loud Saabs overtake a “moped” with 2 young boys on it.
    One yells: "look at a Saab!" the other replies: “and another one! and another one!"
    The two almost fell off their “moped” with enthusiasm.
    So Saab lives with the youth.
    Greetings from Tyrol.
    And by the way: We let Saab live high for a long time.

  • Right. in Switzerland prices are rising enormously. A white Saab 900 (1st series) Aero currently costs CHF 7 without tüf., Nice, that shows that Saab is also enormously popular in Switzerland (but has always been). It's just a shame that the Saab Club Switzerland is silent, sad. The percentage of Saab in Switzerland compared to other countries except Sweden is enormous. This also shows what Saab has achieved in the hearts of Europeans over the years (we Swiss are apparently sensitive to cars). It's just a shame that the killer GM was and is so blind. Now they are also leaving Opel more and more in the lurch (like Saturn, Oldsmobile and Pontiac). The new Opel “Adam” is of no use either. Well, we always stay loyal to Saab. Let's cultivate the “Spirit of Saab”. Souls want to be loved and cared for. Let's all hope for the best. May the “Spirit” be with us.

  • It may be that SAAB no longer builds cars. But thanks to this blog, the brand is more popular than ever. Look at the rising used car prices for proper SAAB. If I were with SAAB, I would have sent Tom a fat check for his work.

  • yes, that's right, I probably wrote it wrong, of course the “soul” is always alive, but the new “owners” must never forget the spirit. Souls never die.

  • The Saab Spirit is still very much alive. And it will stay that way for as long as there are enough drivers of Saab vehicles built so far. In future NEVS vehicles, especially no electric vehicles suitable for travel, this spirit will probably not exist anymore. At some point, the Saab Spirit will die out, but that will take a while

  • Hello from Switzerland. So we think Saab as a brand, especially the Spirit of SAAB, has long since died. Whoever takes over NEVS has to develop a completely new car right from the start. Seriously, this takes at least 5 years. The Saab engine is long history. Current Saab's run with Holden engines under license. (not "Opel" engines as the German press likes to write)

    Since I enjoy my older Saab convertible. I drive since 1987 Saab. And would actually continue to drive the next 28 years SAAB. Not a BMW, and certainly not something from the VW Group. Also not a Chinavolvo, which is actually technically a normal Ford.

    Let's all hope that it will be an owner who understands the “Spirit of SAAB” and can implement it. China certainly cannot.

    • The owner of NEVS (Kai Johan Jiang) grew up in Sweden and also has a Swedish passport - he is therefore not purely Chinese and the statement “China certainly cannot do that” is therefore incorrect.

      In addition, it is now being said that NEVS may be taken over - what nonsense! Jiang will continue to sit in the executive suite - but hopefully find the right partner (keyword: hybrid SAAB).

      The silent appearance is always better than the roar of a VM. Please also do not forget that the new crew has only been at the helm for a short time - during this time the Spirit of SAAB has clearly not died. Please also observe the activities of the SAAB community - whoever is still talking about a deceased wants to make themselves important!

      Greetings from Hamburg

      • Very beautiful. Are almost my words

    • @Takeover
      The 2.0 and 1.8t / T is an 4 cylinder Opel Block, powered by Saab within the then GM construct with turbo.
      The 2.8T is the testicle V6 block, also powered by Saab with turbo.

      • @ Transfer number 2:

        The 2,2 TiD is a Steyr Daimler Puch engine produced by Opel in Kaiserslautern. Steyr was a diesel specialist, so unhappy was not this choice. BMW also has its diesel engine plant there for the entire group. The engines run many 100 TKm and are solidly constructed. They were taken out of the program because they were too expensive to manufacture and in material costs and were replaced by significantly cheaper Fiat engines. I say only the Steyr diesel has a timing chain, the Fiat engine a timing belt etc.

        • Toothed belt for the valve train? Hmmmmmmm ... although when I think about what happened to the timing chains in the Lancia Gamma 🙂

          Or do you mean the wedge (rib) belt? Pretty much all engines have that - you don't necessarily have to chain the ancillary units.

          • Yes, exactly that. Not the V-belt for the ancillaries, but just the main timing belt for the drive. The whole VW group drives so through the area, which are then always 1000-Euro repairs, if he must be exchanged. If it breaks, whichever happens, the whole engine is flat. That's why a timing chain is better.

          • Just changed the timing belt at the TiD Mj 2008 after 140 tkm this week. For a total of about 950 € there was also a main inspection, oil, TÜV, water pump, which is cheaper than other brands.

          • That was the problem with the Lancia Gamma back then - the engineers came up with the idea of ​​putting everything (i.e. valve train plus ancillary units) on one chain. If it got weak at some point, a full turn of the steering was enough and there was valve salad. And on the other hand, 950 or 1000 euros is a tip.

            I just made the V-belt, oil, gasoline and air filter on my 9-5 - all in all for about 150 euros (Skandix and personal contribution).

      • Incidentally, your blue Saab station wagon in exactly the same color is also in my garage with 2,2 TiD engine, in Ö a then very popular because economical Saab engine, little tax and insurance, because little performance on paper, but in practice sufficiently motorized.

      • ... Testicle V6 block ... I didn't even know that Saab even dared to do something like that! And that even in a V6 arrangement! ;-)))

      • Holden please, the “l” is important 😉 😉 😉

  • The problem is with such a long time that the brand disappears from the public, similar to Rover's then. The brand is no longer listed in the car magazines and indexes, has just become a youngtimer brand. This can not be in the interest of a new investor who wants to sell new cars. Neither Volvo or Jaguar has experienced this shutdown after the sale.

  • Even if there is more substance behind it ***, NEVS acts extremely unhappy. Even if you couldn't present a business plan (what did you actually show SAAB AB - the canteen menu?), You could have used the opportunity to maintain contacts and public relations. Spyker / SWAN's public relations work was certainly the other extreme, but this silence is no better.

    In addition then still further disintegration already two weeks after assumption, and also before that? And now a reorganization of the business plan?

  • So we can apparently rule out that the big unknown third party will come, BMW, VW etc. and Saab will take over ...

    • He may not take over SAAB, but NEVS

    • At least it's becoming clear that NEVS is just a prelude. Someone will probably get in, who wants to build more than electric cars and I think NEVS wants to install there only his own batteries.

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