Saab Photo Contest: Hello. My name is Sabrina.

Our Saab Photo competition ends on Saturday. The owners of Sabrina have sent not only pictures, but also a complete Saab story, which we really liked. The owners of Sabrina, Olga and Johann, live Saab, no question. Now Sabrina speaks.

I was named after the cheeky black-haired from the crime series "Three Angels for Charlie". I'm black and saucy anyway. I will soon be nine years old, almost a teenager, although I have traveled around the equator more than three times.

Sabrina in the countryside

Recently I also have a younger sister. Her name is Sophie, like the blonde from the musical comedy “Mama Mia” and she is also blonde. No, not really. She looks more like a “glacier” but is also pretty to look at and she listens to Abba music all the time. Because my sister was already on vacation this year, Tom already has a photo of her. I haven't been on vacation this year. But it will soon be time for me too. Unfortunately, Tom`s photo competition will only be over when I come back. Tom already has a very nice photo of me too. No, not a vacation picture, but one from my home area. I already told you why. And because Tom wrote such a beautiful text for my photo, I'll show you a few more photos of me and my home. I am conceited, do you mean? Yes I am. But that doesn't matter. I'm a rarity now.

Sabrina at dusk

Maybe I'm not the most beautiful in my home country. Not the biggest and the fastest anyway. But I have personality and others often do not even have a name. And you like me, I'm proud of that.
I have never been ill. Ok, once I had a little woe. But that was not so bad and they healed me soon. Much worse it was when I stopped once before a red traffic light and suddenly someone missed me a big hit on my small rump.

Sabrina in front of the Staatstheater Braunschweig

I was not even three years then and was thrown forward by several meters. That was a shock and maybe hurt me, I tell you. My whole ass was no longer visible, he had become so small. But nothing else happened to anyone else, and I am proud of that too. My surgery took a full three weeks back then. And it was also expensive, for the one who had hurt me so much. After the operation I was well again and felt as if nothing had happened.

Sabrina above the rooftops of Brunswick

A few years later, I was standing in a parking lot and dozing in front of me as someone dropped a large wooden box in passing. You may not believe it, it fell on my bottom. But this time there were only a few grazes for which the box carrier was allowed to pay compensation. Today, the abrasions are already healed and I still feel fresh.
I could tell you much more about my short life, but now I have to read business news again. After all, it's interesting to see if I can get any more siblings at some point.

7 thoughts on "Saab Photo Contest: Hello. My name is Sabrina."

  • Nice pictures, nice car !!!

    Somehow this sight of these beautiful cars has become too rare for me, which amounts to a loss of quality of life. There is automotive monoculture or, according to Reinhard Fendrich, “my God, this world is so vulgar…” from the song “the fine ladies”. The only car that normally pleases me is one of my four Saabs when I'm out and about with one, in underground garages or parking lots, so I got out and can look at everything from the outside.

    Everything else is a unit soup, beautiful cars have become rare. When do you see a Saab, Jaguar, Alfa, Lancia, Rover or a big Citroen or Maserati or Ferrari?

    This world is so vulgar ... 😉 😉 😉

  • A really nice story from a relative of our family 😉
    My 9-3 SC was only able to inspire the whole family that night when we had to go on a longer trip on the motorway at 1 a.m. At the end of this trip around 7 a.m. everyone was a bit tired, but somehow the time flew by and I'm already looking forward to starting the turbo for the next big tour ...

    I have also just found a very interesting report on an ancestor of Sabrina and many others. Really worth seeing and well commented.

    Greetings from Lusatia and a saabiges weekend. Marco

  • Children, I don't even know whether minors are allowed to continue reading this? ...

  • Nice story! Take care of your butt!

    🙂 🙂 🙂



  • Sabrina, you know you're very pretty, but? Oh, I hope that Vera isn't jealous of her younger niece and doesn't want to drive me any more soon ... but I think she can cope with that - Saabs have nothing vengeful or envious about them. They are somehow above everything and yet are so loyal in their appearance, in all respects.

  • A nice SAAB story, with a wink

  • I usually don't tend to humanize objects and usually turn up my nose at something like that - but this story was really funny at times, even if Sabrina's bottom had to put up with a lot ...

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