SAAB Photo Contest: Deadline

The Saab photo competition, supported by the German branch of Saab Parts AB, exceeded our expectations! Hundreds of images from all over Europe came from the Saab fans, along with many personal Saab holiday stories. But eventually we have to bring the action to an end, and yesterday was the deadline. After midnight, some pictures came and since we are not a public agency, but a blog that writes about the most beautiful hobby in the world, these submissions are hereby accepted.

But since we really have to come to a conclusion, we will no longer include any pictures in the competition from now on. Please no more submissions! The vacation pictures of the last few days are published during the week, and then the jury makes a pre-selection. For the freestyle of the winners - there are several prizes - our readers are once again spoiled for choice.

But a winner is already certain today. For the Saab brand, the community has set a strong example. The brand from Sweden is alive and the turbo heart beats loud! Thanks to all the readers and Saab drivers for the photos!