What makes us happy (too) ...

Saab can make happy. Anyone who has ever driven a turbo legend out of Trollhättan is in danger of lifelong dependence. Last Friday I was traveling with friend Marco. In his family, two Saab 9-3 have found their home, one last Saab 9 3 Aero Coupe, But of all people, Marco, one of Saab's biggest fans, has to drive the last remaining foreign brand in the family fleet every day. A condition that is untenable!

Saab 9 5 Aero and 9 3 Cabriolet

Remedy can be created solely by a brand change, because a relief of the withdrawal symptoms is only possible through the original. in the Saab center Mainz we picked up new used Saabs again within a few weeks. Saab number 3 and Saab number 4, because the people of Mainz are very agile and organize beautiful Saab everywhere. But organizing is not everything! In Mainz - and now there is kudos from the blog - you sell used cars as if they were new cars. The vehicles have been thoroughly prepared, all the quirks from the previous ownership have been removed, and there is an obligatory bouquet of flowers to hand over. So Marco finally got his long-awaited Saab 9-5 Aero sports suit, with everything that the then surcharge list gave, in very nice condition.

Marcos work colleague Daniel, who was able to pick up his very first Saab with a Saab 9-3 cabriolet, was part of the team on the way to Mainz. Certainly Marco, with missionary zeal, has his share in the purchase decision! But a Saab Cabriolet in the right color, with Hirsch performance enhancement, Hirsch sports suspension and Hirsch carbon leather dashboard is always the right choice.

In formation over the highway: Saab 9-3 Cabriolet, of course, open, and Saab 9-5 Aero

Back from Mainz to northern Bavaria it went in the convoy, because already two Saab`s form meanwhile a formation, so seldom the mark has become in street picture. Marco with his 9-5 Aero as lead vehicle, with a permanent grin on his face, behind us Daniel, of course with the top down. Saab`s stand out, which we were able to experience at the stop at one of the usual American fast food restaurants and at later local crossings. In any case, there were two very happy Saab madmen on Friday. One, because his family fleet is finally 100% Saab, the other because he has a lot of fun with his first Saab and made the right decision!

Saab is increasingly becoming a phenomenon. Since there are no more new cars and, even with the greatest optimism, they won't be around anytime soon, the demand for good Swedes is increasing. I keep getting emails from former Saab drivers who now want to get back into a Saab. Ascending trend…

Marco is not alone with his Saab passion, and nobody can really explain this Saab phenomenon. Because it is blooming strange, and Saab partners who have recognized our passion do good business. Why is it? Is it the individuality of a small brand at a time when there is no longer any real automobile individuality in affordable price ranges, although the manufacturers want to suggest more individuality than ever? Or is it just the fabulous Saab turbo engines that go so well? Or the perfect seats that make long journeys not torture but joy? The list could go on and on. Maybe some of all of the factors play a role. Marco summed it up on Friday. "If I sit in a Saab, then it is this ... Welcome home feeling," he says. Many of us feel like this every day. With a little smile on his face.

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    Have fun with the new owners with the new acquisitions!

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    Hello dear Saab friends,
    As a longtime Saab driver, I can only agree with you: Great cars with that certain something. It's just a shame that there are apparently too few people who do not want to (do) not drive uniformity ...

    In our official vehicle fleet, we have various Mercedes, which certainly meet a high standard. Nevertheless, I'm always happy when I outfit these emotionless and technocratic cars with multimedia system and can go with my 9-5er or 9-3er convertible.



    PS Thanks to the SaabBlog team for the great “Made-in-Trollhättan-by-Trolls” stickers and license plate holders 🙂

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    Congratulations to the proud owners! And always turbospass-like, accident- and point-free ride! With such emotional reports, the desire for the brand increases!
    I dream of an “exploration trip” to the east of the republic, there are still many 900 Turbo in a large hall ...... a restoration must be taken into account ...
    SAABy week

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    Thank you for the lovely article. We have only been driving Saab since November 11 (again) ... but whoever grows up as a child with a Saab 900 turbo, Saab 900i and then Saab 9000turbo 16 V and was allowed to drive with the latter will also come back to Saab after years back! Well, if our Wolfsburg (second car) no longer wants, then a new one from Saab is also up for debate.



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    Thanks, once again I feel confirmed.
    Unfortunately yesterday I was able to listen to an interesting report on accident rescue of electric vehicles by Ö3 (the Austrian tourists know this transmitter) in the morning.
    In summary: the Feurewehr now armed with IPads must go to accidents to cut out the victims without explosions from their electric vehicles. Since every manufacturer builds his extremely flammable silicon batteries differently, it is impossible for the fire department to intervene quickly. which, of course, for the older, not ipad calibrated rather puts to the test.
    I immediately had to think about NEVS, and just hope that the problem can be corrected until the birth of our future E-SAABS.
    lg from Tyrol

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    Yes and we are still grinning!

    Daniel + Marco

    PS: Thanks again to the Saab Zentrum Mainz (Autohaus Scholl) and Hr. Wiener

  • Nice article - THANK YOU! I give the fullest approval:
    I finally returned to SAAB in March after 3 years AUDI in the form of an 9³ TTiD Aero SportCombis. Since then driving is fun again, I just feel good!

    For my wife and me (we have with 2 persons 3 SAABs) there is no alternative!

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    Thank you Tom, once again a post of you almost brings tears to my eyes with emotion. Recently, a colleague told me that he had ordered and paid for a Tesla Model S directly in Palo Alto (where our company is headquartered). Since we also have to deal with a successor to our beloved Saabs at some point, I took a look around the Tesla site. After the Model S will be available in Europe from the middle of 2013, I have activated an online reservation.
    In contrast to hybrid cars, a purely electric car with a supposedly 480km range seems to be quite attractive to me. The price of around 100 Swiss francs, i.e. around 000 euros for such a car, is also quite reasonable.
    Shortly thereafter, I received the payment request for the deposit and it was serious! I'm in my garage, I grabbed the convertible and made a short trip. Hardly at home I immediately canceled my reservation.
    There is nothing like a Saab Turbo! Off done!

    Greetings from Zurich


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      Hi Claudius, very sympathetic, it is probably similar
      all real Saab drivers have already gone.
      We still have 4 pcs in the family.
      Greetings from Thuringia
      (I'm out and about every day with my 9-5 T Sportcombi - just nice despite work!)

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    Hello tpm,

    as always good article.

    After I had to hand over my Saab 9.3 TTid Vector sports car with a heavy heart last month (company car) and was forced into a German brand vehicle due to the lack of New Saab. I can tell you hundreds of points why Saab was the best vehicle I had.

    Apart from the “uniqueness” on some parking lots, it is the configuration that was annoying. One element excludes the other, double functions are still possible, everything is very, very expensive, for example parking heater Saab from 900 € now ~ 1400 € and and and

    Now that I have the vehicle and am forced to deal with it every day, it is above all the “keep it simple” functionality of the Saab controls that I miss.

    In my Saab, 2-3 was just enough leverage to accomplish this or that. Now I have 2 levers with infinite positions to activate the same function. It is nothing to feel the engineering principle make it simple and simple, affordable and correct, but here it says, make it as complicated and expensive as possible.

    Alone the much praised MMI system is a horror. With SID and touch screen of the Navis in Saabi, I have been x times faster at the finish and, above all, safer in road traffic (much fewer glances to control needed).

    As a last point of criticism, I have to note that the car, despite StartStop automatic so far 1l diesel more on 100km consumed than the Saab and although he is sold with the same or even better consumption.
    I drove my Saabi over 142000km in nearly 3.5 years with 6.9 liters / 100km (bookable by bookkeeping).

    Even though the prospects are very bad and women still have a lot of optimism, I still hope that someday I will have the pleasure to get into a Saab again.

    Alone to see every morning again the smile with which the cool barbecue of my 9.3 always greeted me (car with face = sympathetic !!!).

    Greetings, Cetak

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      Hello Cetak.

      Well then we can only hope that there might be a second car with you ...

      Greetings from Oldenburg.


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        Hello Andre,

        Unfortunately not. There is no room and certainly no time to drive 🙁 Otherwise I would have taken over my Saabi immediately.

        But maybe someday….

        Thanks and regards, Katrin

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