SAAB 9-3 e-power… .rolls!

Trollhättan remains an automotive location after the end of Saab car production. General Motors books development work for Chevrolet and German Opel derivatives. Jaguar and Land Rover, as well as Scania and Volvo (trucks) are among the customers. And are there more clients who do not necessarily want to be named. A video from Trollhättan shows us what else is going on. After work, at leisure. He comes from Magnus Johansson, is quite up to date, and shows an electric Saab.

Electric Saab 9-3

Friends in Sweden know my Johansson and also his automotive background. Johansson was a development engineer at Saab Automobile AB, a member of the Nordisk Elbil Union and now works for Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions. In his free time, he “tinkers” with friends of “Elbil Sverige” on an electric Saab. The 9-3 has now had its first “roll-out” with minor difficulties, as you can see on the video.

So it's not NEVS 'secret development workshop, which is hidden somewhere in Trollhättan, nor is it the first prototype of the investor rolling through the picture. It is an electric Saab, developed in a craft workshop in the middle of Trollhättan. What a Saab-crazy city!

More pictures of the E-Saab project and videos in the Photostream by Magnus Johansson. Thanks to Kay for mail!


Picture: Magnus Johansson

9 thoughts on "SAAB 9-3 e-power… .rolls!"

  • Yes, our viking friends are always good for surprises.

  • When I first saw only the picture of the article, I hoped for an article such as that a few former Saab engineers in a deserted hut, undeterred and unnoticed continue to screw on old Saab projects to bring a product to the market.

  • Oh, then IKEA will soon have conversion kits! 🙂

    Electromobility: Today our first fully electric bus went into regular service - so far without any problems! The passengers enjoy the peace and quiet in the vehicle!
    Let's see what the press reports tomorrow, radio, TV and print - they were all there!

    • Following the Ikea classic: Bil-E 😉 Although the model shown seems to be a bit weak torque. Or did they forget to take the brake pads?

      I find this silence fascinating, except for the rolling noise ... almost as fascinating as turning down the turbocharger at the end of the journey 🙂

  • Build your own E-SAAB! Who needs NEVS?

  • The additional information on Flickr is also interesting, thanks. The Swedes are car-obsessed and won't give up. OK then !!

  • Who is GM customer for?

    The Americans can say what they want, but GM has a lot of know-how in Sweden and they will not be able to replace it with their own resources.

    It is interesting to me that JLR is also a customer in Trollhättan. Their products are very interesting, and knowing that THN know-how is in them makes them even more interesting.

    • Jaguar is the only real alternative to Saab for me. So the circle closes again, if I want a new car, then just Jaguar 😉

      • Funny, just last week I saw that the Jaguar XF Sportbreak is launched and I thought it is quite an option, if a bit expensive. Since my ordered 9-5 Sportcombi was never delivered

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