SAAB Photo Competition Summer - Sun - Saab: Part 8

The Saab Photo Competition is approaching the final. But before the final selection come more Saab vacation photos that we do not want to deprive our readers. Interesting and pleasing is that both Saab drivers with current vehicles, as well as classic Saabs read our blog. Let's start with the classics. From Ulrich comes a picture of his Saab 95, which is the summer car of his family, in the Finnish Kornfeld.

Saab 95 in the Finnish cornfield. Photo of Ulrich

The ingenious little station wagon from Sweden, with up to 7 seats is one of my favorites. On many small details one notices the knowledge from the aircraft construction.

Saab Sonnet V4 on the road Sweden. Photo of Ralf.

A legend in Saab circles is Ralf with his sonnet V4. The sonnet was already the star of several classic car publications and the blue diva is not the only Saab in Ralf's family. With the small sports car from Trollhättan he was not only at the Saab meeting in Spa, he was also on the road Sweden. Driving Saab Sonnet is a pure driving experience and is incredibly fun!

Saab 9-3 in Styria. Photo of Peter.

Peter is a big fan of the cult brand from Sweden. He was on the road in Styria and Istria with his Saab 9-3 sports suit. There were great photos from the mountains and saabige motifs such as the inn with the Greif, which of course is the overnight accommodation par excellence for us Saab driver. At the roadside there was a waste bin. It has nothing to do with Saab, but bears the name of a car of a brand that we do not really like. The symbolism is perhaps a little mean, but fitting.

Three times 9-5 in Holland. Photo of Alexander.

Alexander from Rheinhessen was with friends in Egmond aan Zee in Holland. No trip around the world, as he thinks, but the picture with the two Saabs has a symbolic value at second glance. Please note the house number. Because that would give us three times 9-5 in the Netherlands.

Saab 9-5 with sunflower. Photo of Peter.

Like the team, Peter was a participant in the Cabriolet Rallye Sachsen. His Saab 9-3 Cabriolet in Lime-Yellow, also a color that I really like, is timelessly beautiful and a stylish way to drive "topless". The pictures of the sunflowers that meet Saab 9-5 chrome glasses are very artistic. A beautiful symbol of the sadly past summer.

Saab 900 II Convertible in Thasos. Photo of Ivan.

There is no denying that Saab built one of the most beautiful convertibles. At times, the Swedes sold more cars with “soft top” than closed vehicles each year. Since the first Saab 900, Saab Cabriolets have always been cars for the whole year and for everyday use. Of course, the Cabriolets are also at home on long journeys. The Saab 900 II Cabriolet from Ivan shows it. His Saab travels at least once a year from Berlin to Sofia, to the Black Sea or to Greece. The picture of the 900 II was taken at 22.00:XNUMX p.m. in Thasos.

Saab 9-5 sports in Sweden are waiting for the ferry. Photo of Thomas.

There are still many Saab on the road in Sweden. Thomas was vacationing in the home country of our cars and while he had to wait for the ferry, the three Saab 9-5 sports cars could certainly tell a lot. Three Saab in a row would be almost a sensation in Northern Bavaria. In Sweden it is (still) everyday.

Saab 90 on airport runway. Photo of John.

Saab drivers like to drive Saab even in foreign countries. For me personally, it is a horror if I am to put myself abroad at the wheel of a rental Koreans. Unfortunately there are no more Saab rental cars. Nearly. Everything is different in Iceland and Johannes enjoyed vacationing with his family in the Saab 90 of a car rental company. Bravely droning, he writes, he drove 2.900 kilometers with the Saab 90 through the country. The Saab 90 is a pleasant travel car, which is unjustly reviled by the fans. That's right, the Saab 90 has unfortunately become an exotic and barely existent. For all travelers to Iceland the home page of car rental, which has three Saabs in the fleet. A Saab 90, a Saab 900 II and a Saab 9000. Brilliant.

Saab 90 with caravan. Photo of Volker.

A Saab 90 is, as I said, an exotic and I did not want to believe it, when on the same day a submission with Saab 90 Urblaubsbilder came. Volker's 90 has been in his possession for 23 years and has been touring many European countries. This year saw the Saab 90 with caravans in Sweden and Finland, where the pictures were taken. The Saab 90 is likely to be heading slowly towards the H-mark, so be 30 years old. Do you look at the car? I think no. As a typical Saab he is timelessly beautiful.

Saab 9-3 Aero XWD V6 deer. Photo of Fredy.

Saab drivers are known to be above average loyal. Anyone who has ever fallen in love with the Swedish brand will usually be there. Unless the job, the company or the lack of new cars forces you to change. But that is not an issue for today's post. Fredy is from Switzerland and his Saabs are always improved on Hirsch Performance. A sensible decision, because the Hirsch team gets the best out of our cars. His current Saab is a 9-3 XWD V6 with 300 horses and equipped with everything that was possible. A large dose of fun is not in the surcharge list and is there in series with it!

Saab 9-3 in front of the large turbine house of Trollhättan hydropower plant. Photo of Erik.

From Sweden, Norway and Koblenz Erik sends us his pictures of the Saab 9-3. Many of us are always drawn to Sweden and of course to Trollhättan, which is always worth a visit. The Saab 9-3 limousine from Erik comes around a lot and looks good everywhere, no matter where she is.

Saab Bil Museum. Photo of Ivo.

Ivo and Ursula were also traveling in Scandinavia. With a Saab 9-3 Aero V6 XWD they were well motorized and of course the dog of the two was also on board. Together they have covered wonderful 4.574 kilometers in the far north. The two have sent us so many beautiful pictures that we had to make a preselection. Because the journey through Sweden alone would have been worth a report. But we have searched for the most beautiful Swedish impressions for the readers.

The photo contest is almost over. With 250 images he has exceeded our expectations by far, because the blog is only German-speaking and Germany, Switzerland and Austria are not exactly the strongest Saab markets. The interest in the brand is great and the Saab community is very active.

We like our cars and Saab drivers stay loyal to their car for an above average time. Regardless of how the situation in Sweden is developing, the Blog Team is sure that we will have a lot of fun with our cult cars.

Now it's the jury's turn, the DVD with the pictures goes to Saab Parts AB in Eschborn. There is a selection of 10 best motives. To vote then our readers are asked!





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  • Well, the 9-3 is almost as good as a Gripen

    Nice plane ... and nice cars.

  • I have photographed the SAAB Gripen, but unfortunately they do not belong to me ...! But it was still very impressive when a total of 9 Gripen started over our heads for a week on Visby, Gotland (each morning shortly after 8 o'clock!)!

    Since we don't have a Gripen in our garage (in contrast, hopefully soon with the Swiss Air Force, as Walter already noted), yesterday we got an additional Saab 9-3 2.8T XWD SportCombi with full deer performance -Package (HP motor 300 PS, etc.) purchased. That would be 2 practically identical 9-3s with us in “Little Sweden”. SAAB is not dead, SAAB is ALIVE!

  • When I see these pictures, the thought occurs to me: Where do Saab drivers live? -> in Greifenburg! (inspired by Peter!)

  • Somehow crazy. When I look at the pictures I think what great cars. 🙂 They should not be built anymore? What should that be?

  • Hello Tom

    You deserve a huge thank you for your never-flagging coverage and the great idea with the photo contest. Always looking forward to news here in the saabblog.
    Wishes of the whole huge SAAB family accident-free driving and untroubled driving fun with the most different Old and Yountimern.

    Greetings from the SAAB country Switzerland

  • Great pictures! Great idea, this photo competition! It was really fun and the bond with SAAB tightened even more ... We are ready to see what comes from Trollhättan!
    Sunny weekend…..

  • The sonnet is just a dream

  • This Gripen, i.e. the further development, will soon be part of the Swiss Air Force. - Very nice pictures ended up on the blog. Makes you happy ...
    Greetings from Switzerland

  • Of course it's a 95. Sometimes you can't see the Saab for all the pictures :-). Changed it - thanks!

  • Hmmm ... the first picture is actually a 95, and not a 9-5. The car looks as if it was composed of two cars: the front is aerodynamically rounded, the rear as if carved with an ax.

    And who owns the Gripen?

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