SAAB Talk: Victor Muller, Kjell AC Bergstrom and the King

Sweden is a transparent country when it comes to taxes. Former Saab CEO Victor Muller has been able to confirm this very closely. In Sweden, anyone on the Internet can see what their neighbor earns and whether he pays the levies to the state on time. Also every journalist, and so the Aftonbladet researched what Muller owed the tax office. The authority in Sweden demands a little more 2010 millions crown income tax for the income of the Dutchman in the years 2011 and 2.

Leannova. Saab knowledge for NEVS

Muller was 2010 Chairman of Saab Automobile AB in February and Chief Executive Officer of 2011 in May. While undisputedly pursuing these positions, he considered himself to be an external consultant for tax purposes. For his work, he presented Saab bills on the Spyker Holding and later on the Latin American Tug Holding on the Caribbean island of Curacao. From there, the money, according to Aftonbladet, landed on Spanish private accounts. The Swedish Treasury disagrees with Muller, stating that executive activities must be taxed where they are exercised. Just in Sweden.

Muller himself was "surprised at the decision" on Friday and told the press that he "never wanted to avoid paying taxes in Sweden". An honorable attitude. He can still file a reasoned objection. Or pay until October 26th.

Kjell AC Bergström to NEVS?

Saab investor NEVS is still criticized in Sweden, and there have been negative articles again in the last few days. Whether justified or not - that is not our topic today. But there are also small rays of hope, because behind the scenes things are slowly, very slowly, moving forward. Former Saab Powertrain boss Kjell AC Bergström is said to be hiring at NEVS, it was heard on Friday. Bergström has been on the administrators' payroll in recent months and is considered a competent Saab veteran. His entry at NEVS could also be a sign of continuity in Sweden.

The fact that NEVS does not want to completely abandon Saab know-how is becoming increasingly apparent. LeanNova, a state-subsidized Saab spin-off, is now working for the investor and plans to move from Innovatum back to the factory to the Stallbacka. The order books are full and you expect more new hires.

Former Saab engineers, who are now being fired from Volvo at the end of the year, could find another job at Stallbacka. Which would be very welcome to the local ex-Saabianer. LeanNova has become the reservoir for Saab Knowledge, and government investment is beginning to pay off.

The king in Trollhättan

King Karl Gustav XVI of Sweden will visit Innovatum on Wednesday and also the Saab Automuseum. Karl Gustav has petrol in his blood and visiting the Saab collection is one of the points he might like. Although the king has not emerged as a fan of the brand, his heart beats more for German brands, but the royal family had in the past quite fans of the cult brand in their ranks.

Prince Bertil of Sweden, a late uncle of the king, took part in motorsport events under the code name "Monsieur Adrian". Of course, the very popular member of the Saab royal family drove, and a Saab 99 EMS and 99 Turbo were at home in his fleet.

The king's side trip to Saab City is more a duty than a freestyle, and it is not the concern for Trollhättan that drives the monarch. Because, like every year at this time, the king goes hunting in a forest near the Saab city. Well then. We wish “Weidmanns Heil”, Your Majesty!



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    In this week's big city district success - available in the ARD media library - one of the main actors also drove a 901 in various settings. With gray in the wrong color for me and as a three-door * impractical *, but at least 😉

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    Exactly! .. and at the Kripo Gothenburg or so they had an immediate weapons warehouse in the trunk sedan. (also yesterday)

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      In the Audi or BMW otherwise the bad guys outside Germany, you bring nothing under 😉

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    Another little piece of news that struck me yesterday: There is another SAAB in film and television. Anyone who carefully followed the new Dortmund “Tatort” yesterday evening will have noticed that leading actor Jörg Hartmann, in his role as investigator “Peter Faber”, drives a wonderful SAAB 900 Turbo sedan ...

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