SAAB fan shop online!

It all started with the “Made in Trollhättan by Trolls” license plate holders for the Saab fans. Then key rings and troll stickers were added, and somehow the story developed its own momentum ... Because the troll story started to be fun for us! And what makes us happy and fun can also be responsible for Saab and Sweden fans.

So it came about that we now also offer troll mugs and more troll ideas in the near future. The number plate holder is now in its fourth edition, and the other parts are also more popular than expected. Our highly “Saab-infected” team therefore decided to put the shop on a professional footing, also to simplify the process for us and the readers.

Because many fan articles go abroad, which always provided for freight cost research and demand. it could not go on like that. Another solution was needed. An integrated online postage calculator now calculates the freight costs from Afghanistan to Zaire, and the customer can see the result immediately.

The new name of the shop could only have something to do with the troll. The decision for “” was made very quickly, almost without discussion, and the name says it all, because it's all about the Troll and Saab!

We have recently added Saab model cars and Saab Expressions articles, and many more ideas with Saab background will follow. Each article has a small history of Saab history or the present. Online is a shop of fans for fans, with a lot of enthusiasm for the brand Saab.

But above all - Saab only!




6 thoughts on "SAAB fan shop online!"

  • The shop is great, there is a lot of SAAB Spirit in it. Did the team do great!

  • Nice that the shop is now. Unfortunately, the font is difficult to read

    But you'll manage that, I'm confident

  • Finally there are also model cars. - Super!

  • Finally clear conditions! THANK YOU! He wonderful shop, have used this immediately and look forward to the delivery for my desk! Then there is always a good mood!
    Nice week….

  • Super-duper!

  • I think the shop is cool

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