SAAB Dates: Bamberg, Saxon Switzerland, Trollhättan

Bamberg is always worth a visit. The Franconian cuisine and the hospitality are legendary, as well as the Saab-Zentrum Bamberg of the Muckelbauer family. For over 30 years, they have been taking care of the iconic brand from Sweden, and customers are taking long journeys. The proud Saab flags will blow in Bamberg for a very long time, the Saab Spirit is very lively. On Saturday, the 29. September invites you Saab Center to the autumn festival.

The Saab Zentrum Bamberg celebrates autumn festival

From 11.00 clock Saab drivers are welcome in the Fortenbachweg, and in addition to a supporting program and Saab offers the family Muckelbauer then leads Subaru, as a second brand to our Swedes, in Bamberg. But Muckelbauer's heart continues beating for Saab, I'm sure, and I'm looking forward to a nice stay in Bamberg.

In the Saxon Switzerland also meet the Saab fans on Saturday to a common exit. While enjoying Franconia, Mark will probably seek his pleasure around Pilnitz Castle. In front of the official Schlossparkplatz on the corner of Pillnitzer Landstraße / Leonardo da Vinci Street, the Saab drivers meet at 12: 00 to take the beautiful Saxon Switzerland under the wheels together. Saab drivers who want to participate, please register by mail to Florian Brandenburg. Mail:

The season is coming to an end. But only almost, because in the next month there are appointments. In October, the Saab meeting in the Bavarian Forest is still on our schedule. And the Saabsunited friends organize their Oktoberfest in Trollhättan with a lot of Saab spirit and commitment. Sweden can be very beautiful in October and is always worth a visit!



4 thoughts on "SAAB Dates: Bamberg, Saxon Switzerland, Trollhättan"

  • ... but nothing is screwed around or screwed on this SAAB. I wanted to say that ...

    • blank

      Nope ... it's really perfect. Great look with paintwork, rims, exhaust.

      Only one point that bothers me on all 9-5 incl. My: Why the round fuel cap? An angular person would fit in better. But probably GM could not order that up for all models from the Corsa

      • blank

        That's why it rusts on older Saab, as seen on my 9-3 from 1999 and 2002 ... On the lower edge inside the fold ...

  • blank

    Well ... I can only say good things about Muckelbauers. Very competent, very committed and very friendly support. As a hobby screwdriver, I didn't want to go out at first ... but in the area (the "screw connection", ) there is still a lot to discover for lovers of automotive beauties. Unfortunately, I'll be in Göttingen until the next week, otherwise I would come ... but I'll definitely see you again.

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